About That Caravan, Fake Financial News, Public School Propaganda

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

About That Caravan. . .

The caravan of more than 1,000 migrants from Central America is now about 400 miles into Mexico.  As we noted yesterday, the caravan is being organized by a group called "People Without Borders."  Well, that is simply chaos.  But it is reflective of the left's open borders philosophy.
Last week the organizers issued a list of demands to the governments of Central America, Mexico and the United States.  Some made sense, like an end to corruption. 
But immediately following that was a demand to end violence against "the LGBTQIA community."  I wonder how many of the marching refugees could identify all the words in that acronym.
Other demands specifically to the U.S. government (or you the taxpayer) were:  "That they recognize our right to dignified work" and "That they open the borders to us because we are as much citizens as the people of the countries where we are and/or travel." 
In other words, they are demanding that we recognize them as citizens and provide them jobs.  But what about jobs for America's actual citizens? 
President Trump's strong rhetoric over the weekend got the attention of the Mexican government, which announced late yesterday that it plans to halt and disband the caravan.  But the organizers are defiant.  They denounced President Trump and vowed to press on.
At the White House today, President Trump said that our immigration laws "are so weak and so pathetic.  It's like we have no border."  Sadly, he is right.  The good news is that his administration, against massive resistance from the left, is taking steps to change that.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered immigration judges to speed up deportation hearings in order to clear a backlog of cases that tripled during the Obama years.  This is a big step toward ending "catch and release."
The president also announced today that he is speaking with Secretary of Defense James Mattis about "guarding our border with our military."  The president has repeatedly and correctly stressed that border security is national security.
This caravan is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with our immigration policies.  It is because of our lax immigration laws that thousands and thousands of people think they can enter the United States and demand rights, citizenship and jobs!
It's also a good example of why we need a serious border wall.  By the way, 89% of Border Patrol agents, whose job it is to police the border, believe that a "wall system in strategic locations is necessary to securing the border." 
Fake Financial News
All day yesterday, commentators on the financial network CNBC were blaming the stock market's steep fall on President Trump.  At one point, the Dow fell more than 750 points before eventually giving up 458 points.  The talking heads specifically cited the president's tweets for the collapse of Amazon, which fell 5% yesterday.
Well, for eight years Barack Obama attacked one industry after another.  He routinely went after the banks.  He despised the energy industry.  Fortunately, technology overcame him and fracking ensured the survival of our oil and natural gas companies.  He did his best to bankrupt the coal industry.  And he really went after health care companies. 
Obama's socialist policies frightened small business owners and depressed the economy.
I was watching CNBC then too, and those same commentators thought it was really cool when Obama was showing the corporate chiefs who was boss.  But if Donald Trump tweets mean things about Amazon, he's a fascist and he's tanking the stock market.
Here's the important point to keep in mind:  The stock market went two years without a correction, a temporary decline of 10%.  Historically, the market "corrects" once or twice a year. 
What is happening right now is not mean Donald Trump.  It is a "reversion to the mean."  In other words, things that have been going up, up, up, day after day after day, are finally correcting to a more normal level.
The talking heads aside, the financial markets have clearly endorsed Donald Trump.  On November 7, 2016, the day before the election, the Dow closed at 18,259.  Yesterday it closed at 23,644 -- up nearly 5,400 points or 30% since Election Day. 
By the way, Amazon is not suffering.  On the day before the 2016 election, Amazon closed at $784 a share.  Yesterday it closed at $1,372 a share.
I don't know what will happen next.  But if there is an earthquake in California, I'm fairly certain the pundits will blame it on the "Trump fault."
Public School Propaganda
The use of schools to teach liberalism and anti-American history continues.  Parents must wake up, and they must be watching what their kids are learning.  For example:

  • In one Georgia middle school, a teacher required students to write legislators in favor of gun control, but not the Second Amendment.   
  • In another class at the same school, a teacher went on an anti-Trump rant, telling students that America has never been great for minorities.   
  • At a Seattle Mariners baseball game Sunday, students from a local elementary school were invited to sing the national anthem.  Two of the elementary-aged students took a knee during their performance.  
  • Pronouns are under attack at educational institutions all the across the country as gender lines are increasingly blurred.  
  • And as I noted last week, a California teacher who introduced her kindergarten class to transgenderism was named Teacher of the Year.

Parents should ask their children every night what they are being taught about America, faith and human sexuality.  If you are not vigilant, you are risking the tremendous heartbreak that has already happened to millions of parents who have watched their children reject the values they cherish.
If you are a parent or grandparent of high school or college students between the ages of 16 and 25, I strongly encourage you to check out Summit Ministries.

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