Acosta Should Apologize, Human Shields, Compassion vs. Common Sense

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Acosta Should Apologize
Over the past 48 hours, more information has come to light that seriously undermines the left-wing narrative that Big Media is trying to spin regarding the migrant caravan at the southern border. 
Let's start by revisiting the post-election White House showdown between President Trump and CNN's Jim Acosta.
As you may recall, Acosta took umbrage with the president's description of the caravan as an "invasion."  He complained about an ad the president produced "showing migrants climbing over walls," and insisted, "They're not going to be doing that." 
Acosta also accused Trump of having "demonized immigrants."  In short, this "journalist" was mocking the president for suggesting that the migrants would attempt to storm the border. 
Fast forward to the events of this past weekend when a large number of migrants attempted to climb the border fence, storm the border and invade our country -- everything Jim Acosta assured us they would not do.
Watch this video.  Pay very close attention to the violence that is shown throughout.  Clearly, Trump was right.  Acosta owes the president an apology.
Human Shields
Did you happen to see the human shields at the border?  If you think you missed them, look again.
This picture of a woman and her children went viral yesterday.  Google ran it under the headline, "Photos Of Migrant Children Fleeing Tear Gas Spark Online Outrage At Trump." 
And, of course, that's exactly what it was intended to do.  The perpetrators of the violence at the border got the photo-op they wanted.  But that's not journalism.  That's propaganda.  
(By the way, this is exactly the same kind of biased media manipulation that Israel faces all the time.  Palestinian terrorism gets a pass while Israel is portrayed as the aggressor.)
That woman and her children were being used as human shields by the "good people from Central America just seeking a better life."  But Jim Acosta won't tell you that.  The open borders politicians won't tell you that.
Don't take my word for it.  Here's what San Diego Border Patrol Chief Agent Rodney Scott said happened at the border:
"I kind of challenge that it was a peaceful protest. . .  Similar to what we saw with the first wave of the caravan that came up about a week or so, a group immediately started throwing rocks and debris at our agents. . . 
"Once our agents were assaulted . . . they deployed tear gas to protect themselves and to protect the border. . .

"What we saw over and over yesterday was the group, the caravan, would push women and children towards the front and then, basically, 'rocking' our agents . . .  We tried to target the instigators, specifically those assaulting the agents. . ."
With all the photographers and journalists at the border, why are the American people not being shown pictures of our Border Patrol agents being attacked?
All we saw was the photo of this one woman and her children, who represent a small percentage of the thousands of people massed at the border.  Even some left-wing reporters are not able to hide this fact any more
And where was the left's outrage when the Obama Administration routinely gassed migrants at the border?
Nielsen Responds
Late yesterday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen responded to the torrent of fake news.  Here are some of the points she stressed: 

  • The violence was predictable. This caravan had already entered Mexico violently and attacked border police in two other countries.
  • Self-defense for our Border Patrol officers isn't debatable.
  • This caravan is far larger than previous ones.  More than 8,500 people are already at the border and thousands more are on the way.
  • The vast majority -- 90% -- of these migrants are not eligible for asylum and they have refused multiple opportunities to seek protection in Mexico.
  • Caravan members are overwhelmingly male. Women and children are being exploited as "human shields."
  • DHS officials have confirmed that there are over 600 convicted criminals traveling with the caravan.  Mexico has already arrested 100 caravan members.

You can read her entire statement here.  I encourage you to share it with friends and family members.
Compassion vs. Common Sense
Here's something to think about:  Millions of people in Central America are watching how this drama at the border plays out.  A recent Gallup poll found that five million Central Americans want to come to the U.S.
In view of this violence and this poll, I have not heard one prominent progressive voice one word of concern about the urgent need to secure our borders. 
So it begs the question, if 25,000 people were marching north, would the left be at all concerned?  What if 50,000 or 100,000 people were marching north?
Would social justice Christians be concerned about 500,000 migrants demanding entry into the United States? 
How many migrants could your church afford to take in -- 100, 1,000, 5,000? 
The compassion argument is fatally flawed. 
Where is the compassion for millions of Americans whose salaries have been undercut by unskilled illegal immigrant labor and whose taxes have gone up because their local hospitals, schools and social services are being overwhelmed?
What Bible verse is the left relying on to force their neighbors to pay the price of their compassion?
Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently compared these economic migrants to Jews trying to escape the Holocaust.  Sen. Lindsey Graham rightly suggested that she take a tour of the Holocaust Museum. 
Someone looking for economic opportunity is not the moral equivalent of someone trying to save their family from being murdered in concentration camps. 
Unfortunately, Cortez wasn't finished. 
She later suggested that instead of sending 5,000 troops to the border we should send 5,000 bureaucrats to review and process all the people trying to come in.  And when 100,000 migrants show up at the border, I guess we'll just send 20,000 bureaucrats to the border!
By the way, have you noticed that the people saying we need to let everyone in are the same people promising free everything for everyone?  How are they going to pay for it all?
Shocking Survey
As one of President Trump's appointees to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, I have been pushing the Commission to put a greater emphasis on the virulent anti-Semitism that is spreading throughout Europe. Now a shocking new poll by CNN shows clear evidence of the problem. 
Here are some of the findings: 

  • A third of Europeans said they knew a little or nothing about the Holocaust.
  • 28% of Europeans blamed Israel for the anti-Semitism in their country.
  • 18% blamed the everyday behavior of Jewish people for anti-Semitism in their country.
  • More than a quarter of Europeans polled believe Jews have too much influence in business and finance. 
  • Nearly one in four said Jews have too much influence in conflict and wars across the world.

The ancient hatred of anti-Semitism is a sign of deep societal sickness.  It must be exposed and rooted out.  All men and women of faith and goodwill must speak out against anti-Semitism in all its forms.  And I promise to do that as long as God grants me breath!