Caravan Day 4, Iran Threatens Israel, Stand With Thomas

Friday, October 19, 2018

Caravan Day 4
The migrant caravan from Central America has reached Mexico's southern border.  So far, Mexico seems to be cooperating with U.S. demands that it stop the caravan from going any further.
Heeding warnings from President Trump, the Mexican government sent two Boeing 727s packed with police officers to the border yesterday.  In addition, the Mexican government is requesting support from the U.N. Refugee Agency
The Mexican Foreign Ministry issued a statement yesterday indicating that Mexico would attempt to identify and process legitimate refugees.  But those "who enter the country irregularly" would be sent back to their home countries.
This is a key point to keep in mind. 
Anyone from Central America who claims to be a refugee fleeing violence can and should make that claim in Mexico.  There is no need to make their claim in the U.S.  
By virtue of having reached Mexico, they have escaped whatever violence they were fleeing in Honduras, El Salvador or wherever else they came from.
There are also reports that the director of Pueblo Sin Fronteras (People Without Frontiers), was arrested yesterday as he led some migrants across the Mexican border near Ciudad Hidalgo.  That's good.  It is unfortunate, but these people are being manipulated for a political agenda.
The Crazy Left
Rosie O'Donnell was on MSNBC yesterday speaking with former Bush Press Secretary Nicole Wallace.  (That speaks volumes about GOP elites, but I digress. . .)  Not surprisingly, Rosie is not a fan of Trump's suggestion that he might use the military to secure the border.
Instead, O'Donnell called for a coup, saying, "I want to send the military to the White House to get him!" 
Senator Cory "Spartacus" Booker was preaching from the Gospel of Socialism yesterday.  He found it depressing that other countries like Canada were "out-Americaning us."  What does that even mean? 
Canada is not a world power.  When a crisis strikes anywhere in the world, no one's first thought is to call Canada for help.  Canada's economy is not driving the world. 
But thanks to Donald Trump, the World Economic Forum just ranked America as the most competitive economy once again.  That hasn't happened since 2008.  
Today's political left simply does not like America. They praise France.  They praise Canada.  The used to praise Venezuela and Cuba
Iran Threatens Israel
Fox News reports that U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies this week tracked an Iranian flight from Tehran to Damascus, Syria, that eventually landed in Beirut, Lebanon.  The plane reportedly carried GPS devices that would enable Hezbollah to turn "dumb" rockets into precision missiles capable of "striking deep inside Israel."
These missiles have one purpose.  They are meant to kill thousands of Israeli civilians.  They are financed by a regime that chants "Death to Israel!" and whose leaders routinely vow to annihilate Israel.  That is what these missiles are for.
Today's news comes on the heels of reports that Iran has doubled the range of its land-to-sea missiles, posing a serious threat to U.S. ships in the Persian Gulf. 
Sadly, I suspect this news will be buried by the media as they continue to obsess over the fate of one journalist who had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and called for Israel to "die by force."  This is also the same media complex that also supported giving Iran $100 billion in sanctions relief. 
Stand With Thomas

The fallout from the Kavanaugh confirmation battle has spread to Georgia.  Left-wing students are demanding that Savannah College of Art and Design remove Justice Clarence Thomas' name from the Clarence Thomas Center for Historic Preservation. 

They want the building where he once served as an altar boy to be renamed after Anita Hill.

Clarence Thomas is a personal friend of mine.  As you may know, I led the Citizens Committee to Confirm Clarence Thomas during his 1991 Supreme Court confirmation battle.  It is outrageous that the left is trying to purge this good and decent man from history.

Please stand with Justice Thomas.

Sign this petition urging the Savannah College of Art and Design to ignore the radicals and to continue honoring a great African American justice.