Exploiting Mother Nature, Record Obstruction, Prosecute John Kerry

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Exploiting Mother Nature
There was some good news this morning: Hurricane Florence weakened overnight.  The National Weather Service downgraded Florence to a Category 2 storm.  Hopefully it will continue to weaken and "underperform" as it hits the Carolina coast.  We are praying for all those in the storm's path.
Sadly, the left is politicizing everything.  It politicized the Boy ScoutsFast foodThe NFLEven pronouns
And, as we know, it has been politicizing the weather for years.  Florence is no exception.  They are already blaming the hurricane on Trump!
In spite of Obama's hubris, politicians cannot control the weather.
But you sense that the left is hoping for the worst when it comes to Florence.  The Washington Post editorial board declared:  "Another Hurricane Is About To Batter Our Coast. Trump Is Complicit."
A note to the "scientists" on the Post's editorial board:  Trump can't be complicit because climate change is a long process and he's been in office less than two years. 
I checked and only three Category 4 hurricanes have hit the Carolina coasts since the 1950s, well before climate change was on anyone's radar.  The last was Hugo in 1989.  If climate change has gotten so much worse, why haven't there been more?
Here's the simple truth:  There were terrible hurricanes before Donald Trump and there will be terrible hurricanes after Donald Trump. 
The left's real issue, of course, is that Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris climate accords, which even if fully implemented would have done very little. 
But the exploitation doesn't end there.  Left-wing politicians are accusing the administration of not being prepared.  That is absurd.  President Trump has repeatedly warned people to evacuate.  He has signed disaster declarations to speed up the response. 
Unfortunately, Florence will likely cause horrendous damage.  The Carolina coast has been massively developed in recent decades.  And even with thousands of utility workers already headed to the region, there will be places with no power for days. 
That does not mean there was a lack of preparation.  That is simply the reality of Mother Nature in spite of man's best efforts.  But that won't stop the left from trying to turn Florence into "Trump's Katrina," just like it did with Hurricane Maria.
Record Obstruction
Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court was scheduled to receive a vote this morning in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  But, anticipating more progressive obstructionism, Chairman Charles Grassley took the unusual step of delaying the vote himself. 
Senate rules allow any member of the committee to delay a vote for one week.  If Grassley did not do it, any of the committee's ten liberals certainly would have.  Even still, committee leftists spent an hour trying to shut down today's meeting with motions to adjourn and threats of subpoenas. 
But that is not the only example of unnecessary obstruction from the left. 
After his hearings last week, Senate liberals submitted written questions to Judge Kavanaugh, which they are permitted to do in order to cover issues that did not come up in the hearings or to clarify issues that were discussed.
Incredibly, they demanded Kavanaugh answer 1,278 questions.  That's more questions than the number demanded of every previous Supreme Court nominee in the past 75 years combined!
Let's review.
First, hundreds of protestors were arrested for attempting to disrupt the hearings. 
Then they tried to ambush the nominee. 
Next, they smeared him with out of context quotes and deliberately tried to break Senate rules by releasing confidential material. 
Progressives also falsely accused a Hispanic Jewish woman who once clerked for Kavanaugh of being a white supremacist! 
Now they are attempting to intimidate Senator Susan Collins of Maine.  Yesterday, Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) called on Minority Leader Charles Schumer to publicly denounce the vitriol from the left.  Cornyn said:
"The increasingly aggressive behavior being employed by liberal activists and opponents of Judge Kavanaugh is extremely concerning. . . Senator Schumer's continued silence sends a dangerous message to the Senate and country. It's time for Senator Schumer to make clear where he stands and disavow the mob rule of the radical Left."
But that's not all.  We may be on the verge of yet another desperation move by the left. 
Sen. Dianne Feinstein confirmed today that she received a letter from an individual who, in Feinstein's words "declined to come forward or press the matter further."  The letter allegedly details some kind of misconduct by Judge Kavanaugh. 
Reports indicate that the author of the letter is relaying second-hand information, which probably explains why they didn't want to come forward.  Nevertheless, Feinstein has now referred this letter to the FBI
Some media outlets are reporting that the letter alleges something happened between Kavanaugh and a woman -- brace yourself -- when they were in high school.  That would be in the early 1980s. 
We will keep you posted.
Prosecute John Kerry
Former Secretary of State John Kerry is peddling a new book.  And in a series of interviews, he acknowledged that he has consulted with the Iranian government on several occasions since Trump became president. 
Asked whether he was encouraging the ayatollah to simply wait out Trump, hoping he loses in 2020, Kerry said, "I think everybody in the world is talking about waiting out President Trump."
That certainly is not the case with Israel, which had to wait it out until 2016.  Nor is that the case with South Korea and Japan, which are excited to see us engaged in the Pacific.  Many Cubans and Iranians are happy to see an American president speaking up for their rights.
I couldn't help but notice that Kerry, who is admittedly giving advice and counsel to the world's leading state-sponsor of terrorism, is engaged in Iranian collusion. 
General Michael Flynn was accused of violating the Logan Act during the transition period, a time when incoming administrations traditionally reach out to foreign governments.  The Logan Act prohibits private citizens from conducting their own foreign policy against the interests of the United States.
Well, John Kerry is not part of any administration, yet he is giving Iran advice against the interests of the United States.  If the Logan Act ever applied to anyone, it should apply to Kerry now. 
Paul Manafort is being prosecuted for, among other things, failing to register as a foreign agent.  Is John Kerry registered as a foreign agent?   
Perhaps we need another special counsel to investigate progressive meddling.
Speaking Of Meddling. . .

  • President Trump yesterday signed an order to automatically impose sanctions on foreign governments or agents who attempt to meddle in U.S. elections.
  • Sen. Richard Burr, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said yesterday, "I can say as it relates to the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation that we have no hard evidence of collusion" between Russia and the Trump campaign.
  • George Papadopoulos, the former Trump campaign aide who was just sentenced to 14 days in jail, wants to testify before Congress.  But not about Russian collusion.  Instead, Papadopoulos believes "he might have been set up by Western intelligence officials seeking to incriminate Trump or his campaign."