Flaming Open Borders Liberals, Trump & Tariffs, Remembering Reverend King

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Is It Over?  Probably Not

There is a surprising Washington Post story today reporting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller told President Trump's attorneys that the president was not a "target" of the investigation.  However, the president is a "subject" of the investigation, which is a less threatening legal status. 
That Mueller is supposedly not actively seeking to indict the president is good news.  But given the "Deep State" shenanigans we have seen at the FBI, I am not sure if I were the president that I would take any of this at face value. 
There are reports that the president is relieved and that this news may have strengthened his view that if he just agrees to sit down with Mueller, all this could be cleared up.  If I were the president's attorney, I can't tell you all the different ways I would say, "Do not do that."
Nonetheless, the left can't be very happy if this Washington Post report is accurate. 
Flaming Open Borders Liberals
The president yesterday caused liberals all over the country to set their hair on fire when he said the military would guard our borders.  I really don't know what the fuss is all about. 
To begin with, Presidents Reagan, Bush (41), Clinton, Bush (43) and Obama deployed National Guard troops to assist the Border Patrol.  But surely defending our borders is the primary reason why we even have a military at all.
Here's something else to keep in mind.  We have been on a high state of alert ever since 9/11.  That is why we have to take our shoes off and risk getting "patted down" in order to board an airplane. 
Yet the left insists we can't stop unknown people from crossing our border.  How can you reconcile these two things?
Increasingly, the left's agenda is:  Higher taxes, no guns, pay for my abortions, keep your faith in the closet and keep the borders wide open.  Wow!  Who couldn't like that?
While we're on the subject of immigration, 17 states and seven cities announced yesterday that they are joining a second round of lawsuits against the president's plan to add a citizenship question on the 2020 census forms. 
This is yet another example of the left's extremism.  A new poll finds that 66% of Americans believe the census should ask whether respondents are citizens.  Just 25% oppose the question. 
And while the left is going nuts defending illegal immigrants and open borders, I couldn't help but notice that the president's approval rating just popped to 51%.  That's not surprising since most Americans support the Trump's "get tough" approach to illegal immigration.
Trump & Tariffs
China's proposed response to President Trump's proposed tariffs caused another panic on Wall Street this morning.  It quickly subsided on continued good economic news.  (Here, here and here.)
Wherever you are on the question of tariffs, the thought occurred to me this morning that Beijing has one huge advantage over us. 
Xi Jinping, China's new president for life, doesn't have to worry about "fake news" or biased media coverage.  Nor does he have to worry about skittish corporate bosses. 
Xi will do whatever he thinks is best for China without any fear of pressure. 
Meanwhile, our media and our corporate elites are constantly bashing Donald Trump simply because he is putting America first and trying to use our leverage to get a better deal from China for American workers and businesses.
Remembering Reverend King
Today is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Not only is it sad to think back on that terrible day, but it is also depressing in a way.  
On the one hand, all the legislative changes Dr. King wanted outlawing discrimination in housing, employment, voting, etc., have happened.  
On the other hand, while we have made great progress in advancing civil rights, the left is moving in the exact opposite direction when it comes to Dr. King's dream that we not judge one another based on the color of our skin, but instead on the content of our character.
The left increasingly sees skin color as an explanation for everything.  If you oppose Obamacare, you're racist.  If you oppose open borders, you're racist.  Even tax cuts are racist. 
The left is constantly dividing us with identity politics, and even demanding segregation.  Dr. King was all about integration. 
I don't think Dr. King would have much in common with the Black Lives Matter movement, certainly not Antifa and the Nation of Islam. 
Speaking before the Lincoln Memorial, Dr. King declared that "We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence," adding that "militancy . . . must not lead us to a distrust of all white people."
From a Birmingham jail, King warned that certain black nationalist groups, "the largest and best-known being Elijah Muhammad's Muslim movement" were engulfed with "bitterness and hatred" and "perilously close to advocating violence."  
Dr. King was warning us against Louis Farrakhan and the New Black Panther Party

And as a Baptist pastor, I believe Reverend King would be weeping to see the growing hostility to faith and Christianity among the left today. 
Remember when progressives booed the mention of God and Jerusalem?  On the campuses of our elite institutions of higher learning, seminars are being held teaching students how to combat "Christian privilege."
Some privilege.  Christians from all walks of life -- bakers, florists, college administrators, fire chiefs, football coaches, photographers, tech executives, military chaplains and nuns -- have been harassed, forced into bankruptcy or had their careers destroyed simply for following their faith.
Increasingly it seems that the left has rejected the tolerance Dr. King preached about, worked so hard for and gave his life to achieve.

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