Florida’s Election Is Finally Over

Monday, November 19, 2018

Florida’s Election Is Finally Over

Nearly two weeks after Election Day, Florida’s election finally ended over the weekend. Republican Rick Scott beat Democrat Bill Nelson for U.S. Senate and Republican former Rep. Ron DeSantis beat Democrat mayor Andrew Gillum for governor. Both contests were engulfed in controversy over charges of vote tampering and fraud. Boxes of ballots were found and boxes of other ballots were lost, and that was just in Broward County.  We have all gotten used to “early voting,” but the “late voting” cannot be tolerated.

Something is clearly rotten. Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes made multiple mistakes overseeing the handling and counting of ballots. Snipes resigned on Monday amid charges of incompetence. But since all the mistakes benefited the Democrats, is it really evidence of incompetence or does the pattern suggest something much more sinister? An investigation should be opened immediately.

During the recount, eventual winner Rick Scott lost thousands of votes. Long-time observers said this was “kooky” and outside of normal recounts. Usually a recount can shift a few hundred votes, but not thousands. I believe that if the GOP had not flooded Broward County with lawyers this race may well have been stolen.

Meanwhile around the rest of the country more than a dozen conservatives who won on Election Day ended up losing after absentee ballots were counted. I am only aware of one race in which absentee ballots put the Republican in the lead. Does the GOP really have that terrible of a grass roots operation that they can’t match the left in absentee ballots in race after race? Voter fraud is a growing concern, including voting by non-citizens. 

If major election reform does not take place in the next two years, 2020 will be a disaster for conservatives and our Constitutional Republic.