End of Day Report

Chill Out! 

Our government handlers are earning their paychecks today, particularly in the Big Apple.  You think you have a tough job?  Just imagine if you had the assignment today of telling agitated citizens that it was perfectly logical and prudent to not quarantine a doctor who had just returned from Africa. . . where he had been treating Ebola patients.  

Instead he self-monitored and voluntarily stayed out of crowds. . . except when he rode the subway. . .and when he ate at a restaurant. . . and when he went bowling . . . and had his fiancee over to his apartment (who is also now quarantined, giving her lots of time to think about whether she wants to marry a guy who was this cavalier about putting her at risk).

New York sent out a bevy of health care officials whose main job seemed to be not fighting Ebola but to console, patronize and calm the plebeians known as the American people.  "Ebola is not the danger," they said. "Fear is!"

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