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Friday, June 8, 2018

Pelosi's Prattling

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi held her weekly press briefing yesterday.  When asked about the historically low unemployment rate, Pelosi was dismissive.  She prattled on about boosting purchasing power, the need to increase wages and restoring consumer confidence. 
She said that the attitude of most Americans to the news of low unemployment was:  "Hip, hip hooray, unemployment is down!  What does that mean to me in my life?"
Well, guess what, Nancy?  It means that more people have jobs, which is usually better for their lives.  But clearly she has also missed some other good economic news.  For example: 

All of this helps to explain why, according to the latest Fox News poll, voters approve of Trump's handling of the economy by an 11-point margin – 52% to 41%.
By the way, here's something else Nancy Pelosi said at her press briefing yesterday:  If she becomes speaker of the House next year, single-payer socialized healthcare will be "on the table."
Left-wing Extremism
The latest poll by Investor's Business Daily shows just how extreme the political left in America has become when it comes to immigration, and especially on the issue of sanctuary cities.  I hope congressional Republicans, who are currently struggling with the issue, pay close attention to this poll.
Here are some of the results: 

  • Americans generally oppose sanctuary city policies that protect criminal illegal immigrants by a lopsided margin of 64% to 31%. 
  • When it comes to motivating activists and voters, intensity is always a key factor.  And the poll found that 45% of Americans "strongly oppose" sanctuary cities, while just 16% "strongly supported" them. 
  • The survey broke down the results among 41 demographic subgroups.  In all but three subgroups, a majority expressed opposition to sanctuary cities.  Yet even among those three groups where support was highest, opposition was also high:  38% of Liberals, 44% Democrats and 46% Millennials opposed sanctuary cities. 
  •  Among Hispanics opposition ran 57% to 39%.

It isn't hard to understand why Americans might object to sanctuary city policies.  As we noted yesterday, nearly 90% of the illegal immigrants that ICE agents arrest have criminal records. 
What is hard to understand is how anyone could defend protecting criminals. 
Another Leak Plugged
Kudos to Attorney General Jeff Sessions!  Late yesterday the Department of Justice charged James Wolfe, the former director of security for the Senate Intelligence Committee, for leaking classified information.
Wolfe was a career staffer who worked for the committee for 29 years.  He is reportedly facing a three-count indictment for lying to the FBI about passing information to at least three reporters.
According to various reports, Wolfe was romantically involved with one of them – Ali Watkins.  It was Watkins who broke the story in the left-wing outfit Buzzfeed about former Trump adviser Carter Page meeting with a Russian spy in 2013, information she most likely received from Wolfe.  Watkins now works for the left-wing New York Times.
By the way, the Page spy story turned out to be non-news.  The Russians were attempting to recruit Page but their efforts went nowhere. Why?  Because Page was fully cooperating with the FBI.  He helped the government convict Russian agent Evgeny Buryakov.
Attorney General Sessions announced late last year, "We have 27 investigations open today. We intend to get to the bottom of these leaks."  In March, the Justice Department indicted a former FBI agent for leaking classified information to the media.
Speaking of the New York Times, kudos to our friends at The Daily Caller for exposing the disgusting anti-American and anti-Semitic bias among some of the so-called "journalists" at the left's flagship newspaper.
Prayers For Charles
I am heartbroken to hear that Charles Krauthammer is in the final stages of a losing battle with cancer.  According to his doctors, he may have only a few weeks left to live.  Krauthammer broke the news in a letter to friends and colleagues.  Here is a brief excerpt of his letter:
"I believe that the pursuit of truth and right ideas through honest debate and rigorous argument is a noble undertaking.  I am grateful to have played a small role in the conversations that have helped guide this extraordinary nation's destiny.
"I leave this life with no regrets.  It was a wonderful life – full and complete with the great loves and great endeavors that make it worth living.  I am sad to leave, but I leave with the knowledge that I lived the life that I intended."
Over the years, I had the privilege of working with Charles Krauthammer on several occasions.  He is fearless advocate for Western Civilization and one of the sharpest minds in the conservative movement.  And very much the decent man that comes through in those poignant words above.
Please join Carol and me in praying for Charles and his family in these difficult days ahead.