Left-wing Lectures, What Are They Afraid Of, Left-wing Extremism

Monday, August 6, 2018

Left-wing Lectures

If there is one thing the left is good at it is lecturing the American people.  Over the weekend, we got another lecture from the left, this time from a New York Times photographer.  You see, his heart breaks every time he sees children at Trump rallies.
When did the left start worrying about what our children are exposed to?  The left has led the way in the coarsening of our culture, which is saturated with sex and violence. 
Liberals think it is okay to subject first graders to explicit sex education and books like "Heather Has Two Mommies."  It is progressives who are confusing young children with issues like "gender identity." 
The leftists running our libraries think it is a great idea to bring in drag queens for storybook time.  Many progressives proudly took their young daughters to rallies after Inauguration Day in which they wore obscene hats.
They think it is a cherished constitutional right for 13 year-old girls to get abortions without their parents' knowledge, never mind consent.  And have you picked up a copy of Teen Vogue lately?  I don't recommend it, and especially not when your kids are present.
Meanwhile, progressives are adamant that children not hear about God in the classroom or see the Ten Commandments on a school wall. 
With all due respect to the New York Times photographer, the last thing Americans need or want is parenting advice from progressives!  Frankly, we should be more concerned about our children being exposed to the tweets of New York Times reporters and editorial board members.
What Are They Afraid Of?
I get why progressives don't want children at Trump rallies.  Progressives are afraid that our kids will hear that America is great, and they want to maintain their monopoly on left-wing professors telling our children that America is evil. 
Progressives are afraid the kids will hear that hard-working, tax-paying, God-fearing, patriotic Americans are the true elites of society, the ones who keep America going, not the political and chattering classes on the coasts. 
Progressives don't want kids being told about the sacrifices of our police officers, ICE agents and soldiers, when every message from the left is that law enforcement is "racist" and our military is "imperialist."
Progressives are afraid that our children might hear a free market message about the benefits of capitalism, which could be the antidote to the socialism that increasingly dominates our educational institutions.
Progressives don't want our children to hear to hear the Trump refrain, "We are one people, we are one family, and we are one glorious nation under God," when they are so invested in identity politics and dividing us by any and every means possible.
Left-wing Extremism
Remember Therese Okoumou?  She's the naturalized citizen from the Congo who scaled the Statue of Liberty on July 4th and forced Park Police to shut down the historic landmark.  She's facing 18 months of jail time for her stunt. 
Well, after her hearing Friday, Okoumou made the case for President Trump's policy of "extreme vetting" or even any vetting of new immigrants.  Evidently, she thought it would be a great idea to scream obscenities about her adoptive country. 
Okoumou repeatedly yelled, "America, you motherf*ckers, you drug addicts, you KKK, you fascist U.S.A." 
If that's really how she feels about America, I don't think we'd have any trouble raising funds for a one-way ticket back to the Democratic Republic of the Congo!
Meanwhile, "The Diary of Anne Frank" is getting a progressive reboot.  Next month a Los Angeles theater will perform the play from the perspective of a Hispanic family hiding from ICE agents in a Jewish woman's attic.
While the director claims his contribution honors the memory of the Holocaust, it seems more like another left-wing smear effort aimed at equating ICE agents with Nazis, which is wrong in so many ways.
Speaking of Nazis, real fascists attacked conservative activists Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens this morning as they were having breakfast in Philadelphia.  Owens tweeted:
"ANTIFA, an all-white fascist organization, just grew violent and attacked an all-black and Hispanic police force.  Because I, a BLACK woman, was eating breakfast. Is this the civil rights era all over again?"
Owens is fortunate that she was able to tweet anything at all.  Over the weekend her Twitter account was temporarily shut down after she brilliantly demonstrated the bias and double standards that Big Tech employs against conservatives. 
Owens retweeted comments by radical columnist Sarah Jeong, who was just hired by the New York Times.  But Owens substituted "Jewish" and "black" for "white" and, sure enough, Twitter quickly suspended her account.
Good News
There is good news, my friends.  Here are a few headlines you may have missed.
"Small Business Hiring Hits 12-Year High"
"Manufacturing Jobs Up 400,000"
"Food Stamp Enrollment Down By 2.8 Million"

"Trump Is Putting Indelible Conservative Stamp on Judiciary"

What The Media Ignore
We got a lot of positive feedback from my reflection on the Honorable Carry Ceremony in Hawaii last week.  In fact, our friends The Daily Caller liked it so much, they published my remarks today. 
If you missed my comments about last week's ceremony and how the media are dividing America, click here to read them at The Daily Caller.