The Left's Strategy, A Left-wing Show Trial, Vote This Week

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Left's Strategy
Every other day, the left is coming up with another charge against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Some are so grotesque as to be unbelievable
Who could possibly believe Kavanaugh was part of a rape gang and we're just now finding out about it in spite of multiple FBI investigations?  Not to mention the Clintons' private investigators who dug through Kavanaugh's background when he served on Ken Starr's team.
Now we're learning that 35 years ago, during a bar altercation, Kavanaugh threw ice at a guy.  The New York Times felt it was really important to tell us that.
The left thinks that barring ICE from deporting illegal aliens is a qualification for office, but throwing ice at a guy in a bar disqualifies you from the Supreme Court!
Kavanaugh and his defenders have to knock down every one of these idiotic attacks.  While his enemies -- and I use that term intentionally because they are trying not just to defeat him but to destroy him -- are simply piling on one attack after another. 
The cumulative weight of each charge is the weapon.
That is the left's strategy -- every 24 or 48 hours there is a new charge.  The left counts on its media allies to act as an echo chamber amplifying each charge until Kavanaugh's supporters are worn down.
We've seen this before during the Alabama Senate race.  And if this smear campaign works again on Judge Kavanaugh, we will see it over and over and over until the conservative movement in America is destroyed.
Help me fight back!
Vote This Week
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was accosted by left-wing activists yesterday at Reagan National Airport, declared that a vote on Kavanaugh's confirmation will take place this week.  Here's what Leader McConnell said:
"The time for endless delay and obstruction has come to a close. Judge Kavanaugh's nomination is out of committee. We're considering it here on the floor and . . . we'll be voting this week."
Meanwhile, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), who made a backroom deal with Senate liberals, gave a speech in New Hampshire yesterday in which he attacked the Republican Party and suggested that the FBI should take its time as it investigates Kavanaugh yet again.
Here's what I want to know: What was that deal Sen. Flake made with progressive senators?  In a deal, both sides give up something.  I know what Flake gave up. 
He threw Kavanaugh under the bus and gave up his vote so the left could have another week to smear Kavanaugh.
But what did the liberal senators give up?  If the FBI clears him, will Sen. Schumer support Kavanaugh?  Will Kamala Harris support him?  Of course not.
Please, Sen. Flake, tell us what you got that justifies putting this man and his family through even one more day of this hell!
Several years ago, the conservative mantra on judges was "No More Souters!"  Now it should be "No More Flakes!"
A Left-wing Show Trial
In yesterday's report, we linked to a photo of Brett Kavanaugh and his wife during last week's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.  Last night, I happened to be watching the video of Kavanaugh and his wife during the July White House announcement of his nomination. 
They say a president ages tremendously over eight years.  But just think about what has happened to Brett and Ashley Kavanaugh in the past eight weeks.
If we treated Gitmo prisoners this way, the left would be screaming.  Kavanaugh and his family have been psychologically water-boarded.  Thirty years of service to his country has been erased.  His name has been ruined. 
Before the hearings even began, leftist politicians called Kavanaugh and his supporters evil.  They said millions of people would die.  He's been accused of being an alcoholic and a gang rapist, not to mention the beneficiary of white privilege.
His family has been inundated with hateful messages that are so vile reporters cannot read them on the air.
If Kavanaugh is voted down, his life will be ruined. 
Harvard has cancelled the class he has taught for nine years.  He will never be able to step foot on a university campus again.
He could well be forced off the court he is currently serving on. 
What law firm would hire such a radioactive person?
And after all of that, when he dared to show emotion in defending himself and his family, the left is now accusing Kavanaugh of lacking judicial temperament
No facts have been presented because the charges against him are lies.  But Judge Kavanaugh has been put through a show trial that would make any dictator blush.