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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Stop The Hate
Last night, while discussing immigration reform, a leading left-wing politician called the brave men and women of ICE "a bunch of thugs." 
Former ICE Director Tom Homan called the attack "ridiculous" and "disgusting," saying, "ICE arrests 'thugs' -- MS-13 members, gang members, drug traffickers. . . It's anti-law enforcement, it's anti-President Trump, it's anti-America."
I agree completely.  ICE agents are risking their lives every day to keep real thugs off our streets.  And for that we owe them and all the men and women of law enforcement a tremendous debt of gratitude.
You'll recall that President Trump referred to the murderers and rapists of MS-13 as "animals."  He was immediately set upon by the left.  One leading progressive even declared them to be children of God
I'm certain no liberals will take time today to point out that the men and women of law enforcement are children of God too.
The bottom line is that these so-called "progressive" politicians are increasingly willing to use more damning words about law enforcement, Christians, conservatives and America itself than they would ever use against radical Islamists, illegal immigrants, gang members and real thugs.
The left's hate toward law enforcement must stop!
Left-wing Extremism
A new poll by the Associated Press finds that only 24% of Americans support what is fast becoming a major litmus test issue for the left -- abolishing ICE.  Previous polls have found remarkably consistent results.  (Here and here.)  No doubt that's because 68% of voters, unlike the left, believe illegal immigration is a serious problem.
I raise this issue because our staff recently discovered a tragic coincidence that speaks volumes about the extremism of left. 
On July 18th, the day Mollie Tibbetts was abducted and murdered, the House of Representatives voted on a resolution expressing support for the officers and personnel of ICE.  You would think a resolution like this would get unanimous support.  Incredibly, it did not.
While 244 members of the House voted for the resolution and in support of ICE, 35 House members voted against it.  And 133 voted "present." 
Unfortunately for her, Mollie Tibbetts can never vote again. 
Graves For Lobsters?
Here's another example of the left's insanity:  On the one hand, there are left-wing groups trying to remove crosses from the graves of soldiers who died for America.  On the other hand, another left-wing group, PETA, is trying to force the state of Maine to put up graves for lobsters
So glad everyone on the left has their priorities straight!
No Deal Yet
In a conference call with Jewish leaders yesterday, U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman walked back reports suggesting that the White House was on the verge of releasing a Middle East peace plan, perhaps at the upcoming U.N. General Assembly meeting scheduled for next month. 
Here's what Ambassador Friedman said:
"There's no schedule. . . I hesitate even to put a month on it because it has shifted as we continue to listen and talk to people. So it's not imminent.  There are some rumors that we might present something at the UN [General Assembly]. It's not going to happen."
I know there has also been some concern about President Trump's recent comments suggesting that "Israel will have to pay a higher price."  Ambassador Friedman addressed that remark too, saying:
"It's not that he has something specific in mind, but just that under the circumstances that the United States has engaged in really significant good faith efforts to strengthen Israel and strengthen its historical multi-thousand-year connection to Jerusalem, maybe the Israelis could make it clear by leaning in a little bit as well. That’s all it meant. . .
"I was there when the [Jerusalem] decision was made.  I was there watching it and advocating for it in real time.  There is not and there never was any demand made of Israel that they do anything in exchange for the Embassy move."
Other Headlines

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