The Swamp Strikes Back, Day 3

Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Swamp Strikes Back
The New York Times has hit a new low.  It regularly relies on anonymous sources for its hit pieces, overstates their real authority and often turns out fake news in the process. 
But now it has printed an entire column from an anonymous source -- someone claiming to be a "senior official" in the Trump Administration who is "working diligently from within to frustrate parts of [Trump's] agenda."
It would be interesting to know just what it is that this individual is "working diligently to frustrate."  Is it the president's attempts to secure our border by building a physical barrier?  Is it his obvious desire to fire Obama operatives and deep state denizens at the Justice Department? 
Was it his often stated desire during the campaign to pause Muslim immigration until we figure out how to better vet those who mean us harm and hate our values?  Is it Trump's desire to rollback Obamacare, end the government's hostility to faith or stop the flow of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood?
Here's what we know for sure:  This individual, whoever he is, is a coward. 
If you disagree vehemently with what the president is doing, your options are simple:  Do what you are told or resign.  Anything else is treachery and political sabotage.
This sanctimonious author claims to be protecting the republic.  But the author is actually undermining the republic, just like the rest of the deep state, by admittedly thwarting what 63 million Americans wanted when they elected Donald Trump. 
Some on the left today are actually arguing that this was written by the vice president of the United States.  Based on my 20-plus year friendship with the vice president, I can assure you that Mike Pence would never do anything like this. 
The people promoting that absurd narrative do not know Mike Pence.  I suspect that they are hoping to paralyze the administration by making the president feel isolated.
I worked in the White House with President Ronald Reagan. Every week he made decisions that some of us agreed with and others disagreed with.  We argued our case, but when the president made it clear what he wanted to do, we had a simple choice: Salute and implement the president's policy decision, as well as defend it publicly. 
Or you had the honor of requesting to meet with the president to let him know that in good conscience you could not do what he asked and you were resigning your post. 
The author of the Times piece invokes John McCain's name and writes about "restoring honor to public life."  Honor and courage do not permit a third option of lying to the president while you sabotage his agenda.  No president should have to tolerate this kind of betrayal. 
Yet it is becoming commonplace for bureaucrats to leak information, whether to the left-wing media or our enemies, whenever they vehemently disagree with administration positions. 
That's what Edward Snowden did.  That is what Reality Winner did.  That is what Bradley Manning did.  And all of them thought they were being noble in the process.  Those traitors put our constitutional republic at risk. 
This political traitor is also putting our republic at risk by sabotaging a duly-elected president and deciding that he knows better than the 63 million Americans who put Donald Trump in office.
An unelected bureaucracy acting without the consent of the governed by thwarting the will of the elected leadership is essentially a coup.  It is also the best evidence of the urgent need to drain the swamp and shrink the size and scope of government.
Day 3
It's Day 3 of the Kavanaugh hearings, and this morning the most outrageous protests came from the left-wing senators on the committee. 
Commentators across the ideological spectrum generally agree that Democrats have failed to land any punches on Kavanaugh.  And the far-left fringe is furious
So committee leftists changed their tactics this morning and wasted an hour arguing over the process and about documents at the National Archives.  It's absurd.  More documents on Judge Kavanaugh have been released than on the last five justices COMBINED.  Yet progressives keep demanding more.
But Sen. Cory Booker decided to go even further.  He joined the obnoxious demonstrators -- yes, there were more today -- in his own act of "civil disobedience" by violating Senate rules (or so he thought) when he publicly released confidential documents.
I hope Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell are re-examining the rules that govern how hearings are conducted.  The protestors are not exercising their free speech rights.  If it was free speech, the Capitol Police would have no right to remove them from the hearing room, and government would not be able to function. 
They are intentionally disrupting legitimate government proceedings, and should face far more severe penalties than a $35 fine.
And kudos to Lindsey Graham for defending circuses!  Responding to complaints that leftists were turning the Kavanaugh hearings into a circus, Graham said that circuses are "entertaining and you can take children to them.  These hearings are neither entertaining nor appropriate for children." 
Maybe the Senate just needs a former auctioneer on the Judiciary Committee!