Wages Pop, Another Victory, Pleasantly Surprised

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Wages Pop
I hope you saw the great news yesterday. Wages surged in the third quarter -- up 3.1%. That's the biggest increase in ten years. 
It goes to show what can happen when business taxes are cut and regulations are reduced.  As Ronald Reagan used to say, get the government off our backs and get the bureaucrats out of the way, and the American people will get to work and get things done!
Big Media are not touting the good economic news as much as it deserves.  But just in case you have not heard this before, median household income also hit a record high, and the unemployment rate is at a 50-year low.
President Trump is delivering results for hard-working families of all races and ethnic backgrounds.
Another Victory
With everything that is happening domestically right now, we often miss some important victories.  As you know, Pastor Andrew Brunson was recently released from a Turkish prison, in no small measure due to the efforts of the Trump/Pence Administration.  I am pleased to report there is more good news!
Yesterday, I did several TV interviews on Christian outlets mainly because Big Media weren't all that interested. 
Nine years ago, Asia Bibi had an argument with two Muslim co-workers.  They filed charges against her under Pakistan's anti-blasphemy law.  She was sentenced to death and has been on Pakistan's death row since 2010.
First of all, there should not be anti-blasphemy laws anywhere.  Religious freedom is a fundamental human right recognized under international law. 
Such laws are frequently exploited to persecute Christians and other religious minorities.  And the fact that you can be legally executed for your faith speaks volumes about the culture of fundamentalist Islam. 
But more directly to Asia Bibi's case, the facts simply did not prove that she was guilty of anything.  After intense pressure from the Trump Administration and other governments around the world, the Pakistani Supreme Court ordered her release.
While my interviews celebrated her freedom, the fact remains that there are at least 40 other people in Pakistani prisons facing similar charges.  Christians and other religious minorities there live in fear.
Ironically, Europe is going in the opposite direction.  While the Trump Administration is urging Muslim nations to demonstrate more tolerance for religious freedom, the European Court of Human Rights just upheld the conviction of an Austrian woman for allegedly insulting the Prophet Muhammad. 
Incredibly, the court declared that her conviction "served the legitimate aim of preserving religious peace."  How Orwellian!  Exactly who were the judges afraid might break the peace?  I don't recall reading about Lutheran riots in Austria lately.
By the way, do you remember the Taliban 5?  In 2014, Barack Obama released five Taliban leaders from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl.  Well, it was reported this week that the five terrorists have joined radical Islamic forces in Qatar. 
Gee, who could have seen that coming? 
This administration gets innocent Christians out of jail, while the previous administration released guilty Muslims who should have remained in jail.
No Stunts
The left continues to insist that the president is just making things up when he says the migrant convoys are a danger to the United States.  Yet as we noted yesterday, there is plenty of news to support the president's arguments. 
The media also have said that the deployment of troops to the border is just a PR stunt.
At a Pentagon press conference yesterday, a reporter asked Secretary of Defense James Mattis about these latest troop deployments.  She was obviously looking for a certain response, hoping to drive a wedge between the president and the Pentagon. 
But Mattis respectfully answered her question, and added, "We don't do stunts in this department. Thank you."
"Pleasantly Surprised"
Speaking of unexpected responses, CNN's Alisyn Camerota was left speechless yesterday during an interview with Rabbi Jeffrey Myers of Tree of Life synagogue.  When Camerota asked about his time with President Trump, Rabbi Myers said:
"The president was very warm, very consoling.  [He] put his hand on my shoulder, and the first question he asked me was, 'Rabbi, tell me, how are you doing?' And I must say, throughout the time we spent together, I was pleasantly surprised by a warm and personal side to the president that I don't think America has ever seen."
When the rabbi says this is a side of the president America hasn't seen, I thought to myself, "Why is that?"
Well, like a prize fighter in the ring -- and Trump is "in the ring" fighting every day -- he is getting hit and he hits back.  But there are many times when he is "not in the ring," when the Donald Trump the rabbi saw is on full display.  I see it every time I am at the White House.
You see it when Trump visits disaster areas.  When he visits factories and workers thank him for saving their jobs.  Or when he met with Pastor Brunson in the Oval Office, and when he regularly honors military heroes at the White House.
The fact is Big Media does not want you to see that side of President Trump.  Unless you're watching Fox News, most of the networks downplay or completely ignore these moments. 
And the entire Resistance Movement -- which includes the left-wing media -- is all about portraying Trump as a bigot and a fascist. But try as they might, more Americans blame the media for dividing the country than blame Donald Trump.