What Barr Said, Fighting For Life, The Left's Big Lie

Friday, February 14, 2020

What Barr Said
Did you hear Attorney General William Barr diss the president?  He told ABC News that Trump should tweet less about certain cases because it makes his job harder.  I'm sure you heard that because the media can't stop crowing about it. 
The White House said the president had no problems with Barr's comments, and that Trump has "full faith and confidence in Attorney General Barr."  Now here's the rest of the story, which the media aren't talking about.
Barr said that he met with Justice Department officials days ago to discuss the sentencing in the Roger Stone case.  When they told him that prosecutors were pushing a sentence of seven to nine years, Barr said that was out of line. 
He suggested that the department should make no recommendation at all, while making the point that Stone was no threat to the public.  That would argue for significantly less jail time, but the decision would be up to the judge. 
Barr left the meeting thinking everyone was on the same page, and was stunned when he heard media reports that prosecutors were asking for seven to nine years.  He told his staff Monday night that the department's position needed to be "clarified." 
The president's tweet condemning the sentencing recommendation came Tuesday morning.  Barr said he "never" discussed the Stone case with the president or the White House.  You can watch the entire interview here.
This looks like another example of Deep State resistance.  The holdovers from Mueller's team wanted another Trump scalp, and didn't care what the attorney general said.  They assumed that once it was done, once the recommendation of seven to nine years was filed, there was no way Barr would dare to undo it.
Well, there's a new sheriff in town, and this president and this attorney general are determined to drain the swamp.  Barr told ABC he wouldn't be intimidated by anybody – not the president or even the Deep State bureaucrats who think they run the government.
Fighting For Life
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell yesterday scheduled votes on two key pro-life bills – a ban on late-term abortions and a bill to ensure that babies who survive abortions are provided emergency medical care.
These should be easy votes.  Polling shows that Americans overwhelmingly oppose late-term abortions and infanticide. 
Unfortunately, left-wing politicians are all in on abortion on demand.  Colorado liberals voted down similar bills this week, and I expect liberals in the U.S. Senate will filibuster McConnell's bills when they come up for a vote. 
The Left's Big Lie
A constant theme on the left is that the president and his conservative supporters are racists.  It's one thing to have hard fought debates over policy and hot-button issues.  But casually throwing around accusations of "racism" does nothing to improve our political discourse.  Moreover, it is demonstrably false.
First, the president's economic policies have clearly benefitted minority communities.  Unemployment rates for blacks and Hispanics are at record lows.  A recent Gallup survey found record confidence in the economy.
His crackdown on illegal immigration has boosted minority employment, and wages are rising fastest for those at the bottom of the pay scale.  Many minorities are asking themselves why the left seems to care more about illegal immigrants than it does about native-born blacks and Hispanics.
Second, President Trump accomplished a number of important achievements that Barack Obama did not.  Trump pushed through record funding for historically black colleges and universities, and he met with their presidents during the first weeks of his administration. 
Even liberal activist Van Jones gives the president credit, saying, "Black colleges have been struggling for a long time, a bunch of them have gone under, he threw a lifeline to them in real life in his budget."
Trump signed historic criminal justice reform, giving many minorities like Alice Johnson a second chance at life. 
Not only has Donald Trump done these things, he's proud of it.  He talks about it at his rallies in front of tens of thousands of people.  At every one of these raucous events, Trump proudly declares how blacks and Hispanics are better off.
If his supporters were all racists, they should be booing and heading for the exits.  But you don't see that.  Instead, they are cheering and applauding.
Of course, many Americans can and do disagree with the president on a whole host of issues. That's to be expected.  Democrats and Republicans will have significant differences of opinions on many issues.  But we should all be united when it comes to rejecting racial bigotry.
Left-wing Hate
Last weekend a deranged leftist tried to run down conservatives in Jacksonville, Florida. 
The same day, a liberal vandalized the GOP headquarters in Eureka, California, and attempted to burn it down. 
On Monday, a retired New York police officer celebrating his 50th birthday was punched in the face by a crazed progressive who assumed he was a conservative because he was wearing a red hat.  
In New Hampshire Tuesday, a bitter leftist assaulted a teenaged boy in a MAGA hat and then broke the jaw of another man who intervened.
On Thursday, an angry liberal threatened a group of conservatives with a cane sword, and, of course, that happened in Florida.
Sadly, such outbursts of left-wing hate and intolerance are happening all the time all over the country, like the Jewish man who was called Nazi by a loony leftist. 
Now, if there were five attacks against liberals in the past week, I guarantee you the media would be connecting THOSE dots.  There would be bold headlines on every front page and breathless reports on every nightly news broadcast.  They would all be condemning Rush Limbaugh and his listeners. 
Yet when the violence comes from the left, there's none of that.  Political violence of any kind is unacceptable, and media's double standard is disgusting.
2020 Update

  • Bernie Sanders is getting a boost from winning New Hampshire – he's now up 10 points over Joe Biden in the latest national poll.
  • With the Nevada caucuses just eight days away, the state's powerful Culinary Union declined to endorse a candidate. 
  • Elizabeth Warren is pulling her ads in South Carolina and betting it all on Nevada.