Biden's Failed Foreign Policy, No Deal, The Useless U.N.

Monday, January 29, 2024

Biden’s Failed Foreign Policy


The attack this weekend in the Middle East against our brave military was a reminder of the growing dangers to the United States. Three U.S. military personnel were killed and more than 40 were wounded in a drone strike against U.S. forces based in Jordan.


Joe Biden’s weakness and his cowardly foreign policy put them in harm’s way. Biden and left-wing progressives, going back to the Obama/Biden era, have spent years attempting to appease Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.


While the left is trying to appease Iran, they continue to wage a culture war against Middle America. They have made that clear in their constant attacks on our country and our founders. Maybe that’s why the Biden administration doesn’t defend us at the border or overseas.


Biden expressed less anger at the radical Islamists who killed three Americans and wounded dozens more than he routinely shows against those who want to make America great again.


We desperately need a clear, commonsense America First foreign policy. The foreign policy establishment’s approach over the past 20 years has failed.


When we went into Afghanistan and Iraq, our soldiers did everything they were told to do. We won on the battlefield, but we ended up not winning the conflict in either country because our brave men and women in uniform were undercut by our politicians.


We refused to identify the enemy (radical Islam) and instead declared war on a method of warfare (terrorism). They refused to let our troops fight to win. The politicians and bureaucrats drained our treasury with these “no-win wars.”


Predictably, the policies fail to sustain public support. All we get out of this type of weak-kneed interventionism is dead heroes, more debt and our sons and daughters returning home without limbs.


I want to strike back hard against the radical Islamists who killed our soldiers. But, ultimately, that alone is not going to work unless we rediscover the basics and are prepared to follow through to victory.


America is tired of nation-building in Third World hell holes. We’re tired of sacrificing our sons and daughters on the battlefield when our political leadership will not back them up. No wonder the Pentagon can’t meet its recruiting goals.


That’s what Senator Lindsay Graham and other hawks should be focused on: Why does the diplomatic and military leadership keep failing us?




Is It Contagious?


We know Joe Biden struggles to speak coherently. Last week, he even had people guessing what language he was speaking. But maybe it’s contagious.


As a former prosecutor, Kamala Harris used to go into courtrooms and make strong arguments. Now, we’re getting meaningless “word salads.”


Even the “professional” communicators at the White House appear to be struggling with some affliction. Here’s what Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said this morning when asked to comment on the attack against U.S. troops in Jordan:


“Obviously our deepest condolences go out and our heartfelt condolences go out to the families who lost three brave, three brave, three folks who are military folks, who are brave, who are always fighting, who were fighting on behalf of this administration, of the American people.”






No Deal


Oklahoma Senator James Lankford was in full damage control mode this weekend. He was on two Sunday talk shows, desperately trying to defend the immigration deal he’s negotiating with Chuck Schumer and the Biden White House.


The Oklahoma Republican Party passed a resolution slamming Senator Lankford and cutting off all support for him until he stops this futile exercise. And it really is completely pointless.


Right now, House Republicans are moving to impeach Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas because he has refused to enforce existing immigration laws over the past three years. One more new law isn’t going to make any difference.


For three years, Biden has refused to utilize the authority he already has to secure the border. They should demand he do so immediately. Then, and only then, should new measures be considered.


The only thing Lankford and some other Senate Republicans are accomplishing is giving cover to Joe Biden and open borders liberals on the biggest weakness they have. They are also writing the talking points for Biden and his media allies to accuse House and Senate conservatives of being “obstructionists.”


I am pleased to report that grassroots opposition to this Senate border deal is growing. Virtually every major conservative leader, including me, has signed a letter to the congressional leadership opposing this betrayal.


In addition, Speaker Mike Johnson has announced that the Senate border deal is “dead on arrival” in the House of Representatives. Speaker Johnson also rejected Joe Bien’s false claims that he needs congressional authority to act, saying that Biden “can and must take executive action immediately to reverse the catastrophe he has created.”




Don’t Mess With Texas


The latest Rasmussen poll highlights the stark contrast confronting the country in the immigration debate.


As we have reported to you, Joe Biden is insisting that Texas must have open borders. He even ran to the Supreme Court to get an emergency order allowing the Border Patrol to cut security wire put up by Texas officials.


Well, guess what? The vast majority of Americans (69%) support efforts by Texas officials to do what Biden is refusing to do – secure the border! Only 27% support Biden’s position.


Yet some clueless Senate Republicans are trying to give up a 70% issue by bailing Biden out.




The Useless U.N.


Multiple countries around the world, including the United States, have temporarily cut off funding to a leading U.N. relief agency (UNRWA) that supposedly provides assistance to Palestinian refugees.


They took this action after reports emerged that UNRWA employed at least a dozen Hamas operatives who participated in the October 7th massacre. Of those 12 terrorists, seven were school teachers.


We have known for years that UNRWA was hopelessly corrupt and biased against Israel. That’s why Donald Trump cut off all UNRWA funding in 2018.


Joe Biden, in his infinite wisdom, chose to restore funding to the radical organization, just as he chose to restore funding to Iran after Trump spent years tightening sanctions on the radical regime.


By the way, Donald Trump also put the Iranian-backed Houthis on the list of foreign terrorist organizations. But Biden took them off, only to put them back on after they started attacking Israel and our ships. (Are you seeing a pattern here?!)


But the situation at UNRWA is a lot worse than just a dozen “bad apples.”


According to the Wall Street Journal, there are intelligence estimates indicating that around 1,200 UNRWA employees in Gaza “have links to Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad,” while many other UNRWA employees “have close relatives who belong to the Islamist militant groups.”


But that’s not stopping far-left, anti-Israel progressives, like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, from demanding that UNRWA funding be immediately restored.




Israel Isn’t The Problem


There was a disturbing report this weekend that the Biden White House may ratchet up the pressure on Israel even more by slowing down weapons deliveries. Biden is desperate to force Israel into a ceasefire with Hamas, and he wants to force Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept a Palestinian state.


In a recent interview, Netanyahu responded to some of the criticism that most often comes up in Western media. He said:


“Anyone supporting Israel and who also supports a two-state solution should ask themselves some questions. Do they support the Palestinians having an army? The answer is, of course, not.


“Should the Palestinians be able to bring in weapons? The answer is, of course, not. Should they be able to make military pacts with Iran? Of course, not. . .


“Some in the United States believe that the obstacle to peace with the Palestinians is me. They don’t realize that I reflect the view of most Israelis. . .


“The problem is that the Palestinians don’t want peace with Israel, but peace without Israel. There has been a persistent opposition among Palestinian leaders to the very existence of the state of Israel. [It’s] not the absence of a Palestinian state but the opposition to a Jewish state that is the obstacle to peace.”