The Deep State Double Standard, Our Unexpected Pedestrian Crisis, The Battle To Save America

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

The Deep State Double Standard


It must be really great to be a liberal in Washington, always knowing that the Deep State has got your back.


We’ve noted before how it was so odd that Biden’s personal attorneys were the ones who carried out the searches of his homes and former offices looking for classified documents, and not the FBI. 


Reportedly, the Department of Justice considered having FBI agents at least tag along so they could monitor and supervise the searches, but Biden’s “wingman” Merrick Garland decided against it. We wouldn’t want to cause an embarrassing scene for Uncle Joe, would we?


It’s been noted that Biden’s personal lawyers did not have security clearances to handle the documents they discovered. Moreover, the FBI raided Trump’s house armed with the authority to seize virtually anything that came in contact with alleged classified material. Biden (Joe and Hunter) certainly couldn’t risk that!


Speaking of Hunter, the amount of “rent” he paid Joe for the Wilmington, Delaware, house is curiously identical to the amount of a security deposit he paid for an office the Bidens shared with Chinese energy company executives. What are the odds?


It’s bad enough that the Deep State was spying on Donald Trump before he took office. But there appears to be absolutely no firewall between Joe Biden and the Justice Department, which is accommodating his personal legal team at every turn! 


As constitutional law Professor Jonathan Turley put it, this is “a level of accommodation that would make a Kardashian blush.”


Once again, the double standard for Washington liberals couldn’t be more obvious and unacceptable!




Our Unexpected Pedestrian Crisis


There are a lot of euphemisms or code words in American politics. For example, “undocumented worker” is a euphemism for illegal alien. “Comprehensive immigration reform” is really code for amnesty. 


The latest euphemism appears to be “unexpected pedestrian.” Signs are popping up all around El Paso, Texas, warning drivers to “Watch for unexpected pedestrians.” 


Sadly, this is just another tragic result of Joe Biden’s open borders policy. As illegal aliens cross the border in record numbers, they’re also crossing highways and area roads. Some are being struck by vehicles. Late last year, a 12 year-old Mexican girl was killed attempting to cross a busy street with a group of migrants. 


That poor little girl was just one of a record number of illegal aliens who died last year attempting to cross Joe Biden’s wide-open border




The Battle To Save America


Everyone wants more Americans to be more involved in politics. Many states are making it easier for people to register to vote and cast their ballots. Boosting voter registration and civic participation is a constant theme . . . except for one category of voters – Christians. 


While so many voices are urging more Americans to get involved, Christians are being told, “You shouldn’t get involved. Haven’t you heard of the separation of church and state?” 


Some even see Christians as a dangerous threat, denouncing them as so-called “Christian nationalists.”


Sadly, many pastors are reinforcing the message by telling their congregations, “I don’t get involved in politics” or “I don’t address political issues like abortion or marriage from the pulpit” or “Saving America is not the mission of the church.”


The latest effort to confuse Christians is coming from a slick, well-funded media campaign that’s pushing the theme, “Jesus was fed up with politics, too.” Maybe you’ve seen their ads. 


The message is obvious: Jesus wouldn’t be involved in politics, so Christians shouldn’t be either.


So, is that the way to go? Should Christians just sit on the sidelines with their heads in the sand and ignore the culture war raging around us? 


I don’t think so. In fact, that mindset is dangerous. The secular, globalist, neo-Marxist left would love nothing more than for Christians to take a pass on politics as men and women of faith remain the last obstacle to their “fundamental transformation of America.”




A Little History


In the 1730s a revival known as the Great Awakening swept Great Britain’s North American colonies. The passionate sermons preached from America’s pulpits inspired the desire for freedom and the American Revolution.


There was a second Great Awakening about 100 years later. Without Christians leading the Abolitionist movement, there never would have been a reckoning for the evil of slavery.


Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., whose legacy we recently celebrated, was a Christian pastor, who led the great Civil Rights movement. Should he have stayed out of politics?


The Moral Majority swept Ronald Reagan into office. As a result of that surge of patriotic Christian involvement, the evil empire of atheist, inhumane Soviet communism was defeated and millions of people trapped behind the Iron Curtain were freed from oppression.


Reagan also began a concerted effort to transform the Supreme Court. Now Roe v. Wade is gone, and thousands of innocent lives are being saved.


Without Christians being involved in politics, none of that would have happened.


America is in deep trouble today, and if Christians continue to listen to false prophets telling them not to be involved in the great battles of our time, then our country and our future will be canceled.


We are at a major tipping point in history. 


Every Christian who takes a pass on politics and every pastor who refuses to address the moral issues of our day, including the threats to our cherished God-given rights, is hastening the day when this great experiment in ordered liberty under God ends in tyranny.


Do not fall for the siren song that suggests it doesn’t matter or that we are driving people away from Jesus. If some of the forces loose in America today prevail, the cause of Christ and the cause of freedom will be in grave danger.


That’s why we are here at American Values. That’s why I am proud to partner with the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute to help educate Christians about the public policy issues impacting our values.


This is not a time for the faint of heart, “summer soldiers” or “sunshine patriots.” I covet your prayers in these difficult days ahead.