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Biden's Plan, Chinese Spies & California Politicians

Stand With American Values


Not Over Yet, The Left's Pro-Abortion Agenda

Stand With American Values


Reduced To Tears, Santelli vs. Sorkin, Remembering Pearl Harbor

Stand With American Values


Biden's Bizarre Answer, A Troubling Video, Confronting Communist China

Biden's Bizarre Answer


Communist China Targets Biden Team, Fighting For Fair Elections, A Clear Pattern

Communist China Targets Biden Team


Top intelligence officials are warning that China is stepping up its influence operations inside the U.S. while also moving aggressively to challenge U.S. interests overseas.


What Barr Said And Didn't Say, What Barr Did

What Barr Said And Didn't Say


Attorney General William Barr made headlines late yesterday afternoon after discussing the status of the presidential election in an interview with the Associated Press. Many media outlets, including some on the right, ran headlines that pitted the attorney general against the president. And, predictably, they grossly distorted what Barr said.


The Real War On Women, A Divisive Choice, Twitter Bows To Communist China

Giving Tuesday


Denigrating Faith, Supremes Step Up, Media Malfeasance

Denigrating Faith


During a recent interview, Barack Obama lamely attempted to explain why President Trump made gains with Hispanic voters in this year's election. Of course, the fear of socialism was nowhere in his answer. 


To Give Thanks

To Give Thanks


Tomorrow the nation will pause as we spend time in a day of thanksgiving for the tremendous blessings of this land.  Some years, when things are going well and life glides along smoothly, celebrating is easy.  


This Thanksgiving, however, may be tough for some.  Our country faces difficult times, economically and politically, and we are facing tremendous threats to our national security from rogue regimes like China and Iran.


Where Is The Church, A Historic Visit, More Radical Appointments

Where Is The Church?