A Father's Plea, The Left vs. Israel, A Sign of Decline

Thursday, March 21, 2024

A Father’s Plea


I hope you remember the name Laken Riley. We must not let this young woman be forgotten. Laken was a strong Christian and a nursing student with her whole life in front of her.


But her life was cut short. She was brutally murdered by an illegal alien because of Joe Biden’s failed and intentionally corrupt policies.


Her family has suffered a harm that is almost impossible to imagine, and they want justice. Yet, at a time when they are still in deep mourning, they went to the Georgia legislature yesterday and exercised their right to petition their leaders.


Here is some of what Laken’s father, Jason Riley, said to Georgia lawmakers yesterday:


“I stand before you, a heartbroken man. Part of my purpose has been taken. God gave me a beautiful daughter to father, protect, provide for, and nurture. A man with an evil heart stole her life. He was in this country and in this state illegally. My vision for every senator in this chamber is that you protect citizens from this illegal invasion.”


Mr. Riley called on Gov. Brian Kemp to follow the lead of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and declare that Georgia is being invaded by illegal aliens. He also urged state lawmakers to take action to block the absurd policies of sanctuary cities that protect illegal aliens and put American citizens in danger.


God bless the Riley family for their courage.


For those of you in Georgia, please rally around this family and make their voice a million times louder than it is. Contact Gov. Kemp’s office and your state legislators. Demand that they take serious action to address illegal immigration in Georgia.


On a related note, this is the reason so many moderate politicians can’t stomach Donald Trump. He shows people what they can do, unlike most politicians, who spend their time explaining to people why they can’t do anything.




The Left vs. Israel


For most of the past 75 years, support for Israel has never been a partisan issue. Sadly, that is changing fast as the progressive left is increasingly infected by anti-Semitism and Jew-hatred.


As I predicted last week, Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer’s outrageous attack against Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now leading more left-wing politicians to publicly oppose Israel.


Yesterday, 19 Senate progressives sent a letter to the White House demanding that President Biden “promptly establish a bold, public framework” for U.S. recognition of a Palestinian state. (See below.)


But that’s not all.


Their letter comes on the heels of more than 100 major progressive donors and activists also demanding that Biden “immediately change course” with respect to Israel and impose conditions on “any further military, financial, or diplomatic aid” to our ally in this time of war.


I’d like to know how many of these progressive donors and activists are demanding an immediate course correction and conditioning of aid to Ukraine. Why is the Jewish state being singled out?


This is what Schumer and Biden have unleashed. They normalized criticism of Israel and support for Hamas, while throwing our ally to the wolves. Former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman agrees.


In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Liberman warns that Schumer “crossed a political red line,” and his remarks are a “troubling and disappointing sign” that liberal politicians are “catering to . . . voters who are hostile to the Jewish state.”


Why is this happening? It should be obvious.


This is the bitter fruit of left-wing policies that tolerated Jew-hatred being imported into our country through uncontrolled mass migration. It is also the result of anti-Semitic neo-Marxist indoctrination in our schools and universities.




About That State. . .


As we have reported, Joe Biden is ratcheting up the pressure on Israel to accept the so-called “two-state solution,” which would create a new Palestinian state carved out of Judea and Samaria. Biden often insists that “Hamas doesn’t represent the Palestinian people.” He’s not just wrong; he’s delusional.


A new poll was just released that should make everyone question the wisdom of creating a Palestinian state. Here are some key results:


  • 71% of Palestinians support the October 7th massacre.
  • 90% do not believe that Hamas committed any atrocities during that massacre.
  • 63% said they want Hamas to remain in control “the day after the war.”
  • 63% oppose returning to negotiations to achieve a “two-state solution.”
  • 71% want Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to resign.


Clearly, Hamas does represent the Palestinian people. The Palestinians voted for Hamas before, and they will do so again. But our elites not only refuse to recognize that reality, they are demanding that Israel reward the terrorists with a new state.


In what world does it make any sense for the United States to support the creation of yet another radical Islamic state in the Middle East? It will not be a beacon of democracy, like Israel. It will be “Hamastan.”




The Double Standard


James Carville, known as the “Ragin’ Cajun” for his hard-edged approach to politics, was on CNN yesterday to talk about the 2024 election. His advice for Biden was to get some people to do the “wetwork” on Donald Trump.


If you’re not familiar with the phrase, “wetwork” is killing someone and spilling their blood.


I read Carville’s remarks, and there’s no doubt in my mind that he was using an edgy, inappropriate word to make a rhetorical point about deploying a really tough negative, slash and burn campaign strategy.


I don’t believe Carville was encouraging violence. The media ignored the meaning of “wetwork.”


That would be the same “lamestream media” that took Trump’s statement about a “bloodbath” in the American auto industry and twisted it into a threat by Trump of violent revolution.


Once again, the double standard in the way the media covers conservatives and the left is on full display. Remember this the next time the media hyperventilates over something Trump supposedly said.




A Sign Of Decline


Two stories this week caught my attention for what they say about the state of our culture and our country.


The first involves Darius Jeremy Pierce, who in 2022 became the first drag queen ever to attend an event at the official residence of the vice president of the United States. Kamala Harris has known Pierce since 2019.


Pierce was later invited to the White House, presumably at Harris’s suggestion, for the bill signing ceremony of the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act.


Well, apparently no one bothered to vet Mr. Pierce. Rolling Stone just published the results of a 16-month investigation and discovered that Pierce has been accused of multiple sexual assaults.


Now, I know some people may say, “Why are you obsessing over stuff like this, Gary? It doesn’t matter.” Well, it’s actually reflective of the mindset of the Biden/Harris administration and the policies they are promoting.


For example, do you really think Sam Brinton was pushing commonsense policies?


That gets me to the second story. It involves a recent edition of The Dive, a newsletter produced by the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Office in the – wait for it – Office of the Director of National Intelligence.


A prominent article in this latest edition of The Dive was submitted anonymously. It begins, “I am an intelligence officer, and I am a man who likes to wear women’s clothes sometimes. I think my experiences as someone who cross-dresses have sharpened the skills I use as an intelligence officer.”


Why is our intelligence community wasting time and resources with “DEI” nonsense? And do cross-dressing intelligence officers really make us safer from our enemies? Putin, Xi, and Khamenei must be laughing their heads off.


Meanwhile, the left is running around screaming about “Christian nationalism” while waging a relentless war on normalcy.