Governors Against Open Borders, Polling As Propaganda

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Governors Against Open Borders


We’ve all been cheering the efforts of Governors Doug Ducey (AZ), Greg Abbott (TX) and Ron DeSantis (FL) to push back against the open border policies of the Biden/Harris Administration. It seems they are now engaged in a friendly competition to one-up each other.


In a recent interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Vice President Kamala Harris said, “The border is secure. . . We have a secure border in that that is a priority for any nation, including ours and our administration.”


Texas Governor Greg Abbott decided to show the vice president just how “secure” the border is. He sent two busloads of illegal aliens to the Naval Observatory. That’s the official residence of the vice president of the United States. 


Since “Border Czar” Harris won’t go to the border, Abbott is sending a small part of the border to Harris. Good for him!


Will Harris invite the illegal aliens into her home, just as she has been inviting them into our country? I’m not holding my breath.


Meanwhile, Gov. Ron DeSantis sent two planeloads of illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard, where the rich and famous – like Barack and Michelle Obama – hang out. (Don’t they realize Martha’s Vineyard will be under water from global warming?!) 


The Obamas live in a $12 million mansion on a 29-acre estate. Surely, they can take in a few “undocumented migrants.” Again, I’m not holding my breath. 


Most people on Martha’s Vineyard live in gated communities. The Obamas have plenty of security to protect them. Harris is protected by multiple layers of gates and armed guards at the Naval Observatory.


But Americans living along the southern border are now arming themselves because they know criminals, gang members, drug traffickers, human traffickers and terrorists are among the thousands of people pouring across the border each and every day, seven days a week.


Governors Abbott, DeSantis and Ducey have been sending illegal aliens to Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago and other so-called “sanctuary cities” because the “progressive” politicians who run them insist that they welcome everyone. A spokesman for Gov. DeSantis called their bluff, saying:


“States like Massachusetts, New York, and California will better facilitate the care of these individuals who they have invited into our country by incentivizing illegal immigration through their designation as ‘sanctuary states’ and support for the Biden Administration’s open border policies.”


Meanwhile, a Fox News reporter was outside the Naval Observatory this morning when the Texas buses arrived. Most appeared to be from Venezuela. None spoke English. Many were laughing and smiling when they got off the bus. The reporter told them that Harris said the border was closed. They all said it was open.


This is no laughing matter, my friends. Border security is national security.




Keep It Up!


New polling today shows that the American people strongly support what Governors Abbott, DeSantis and Ducey are doing to call attention to the problems of open borders. I hope the governors step up their efforts because it’s making these leftists politicians squeal like stuck pigs. 


These so-called “progressives” push policies that make us less safe and unfairly burden the taxpayers, and they have the audacity to lecture us about “compassion.” But as soon as they have to bear the burden of illegal immigration, they freak out. The hypocrisy is disgusting!


Last week, the mayor of Washington, D.C., declared a “state of emergency” after receiving about two days’ worth of illegal immigration (11,000 people) from the southern border. One left-wing city councilmember whined that Gov. Abbott was turning Washington into a “border town.” 


Thanks to Joe Biden’s open border policies, every town in America is a border town!


The governor of Illinois declared a state of emergency today and called out the National Guard after Chicago received about two hours’ worth of illegal immigration (500 people) from the southern border.


One Massachusetts politician who represents Martha’s Vineyard, tweeted, “Republicans who call themselves Christians have been plotting for some time to use human lives -- men, women, and children -- as political pawns. It is evil and inhumane.”


That’s a perfect example of liberals accusing conservatives of doing exactly what they are doing! 


The left’s open borders policies are all about using people as pawns in an evil and inhumane bid to import new voters so the left can maintain political power.


Eric Adams, mayor of New York City, says his city is “nearing its breaking point. . . The city’s prior practices, which never contemplated the bussing of thousands of people into New York City, must be reassessed.”


Well, Mr. Mayor, I’m sure the governors of Arizona, Florida and Texas never contemplated that any administration would simply refuse to enforce our immigration laws and allow thousands of people to walk across the border EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


Perhaps if enough big city politicians begin to appreciate the problems of mass illegal immigration, maybe then the left will reassess its support for open borders. 




Polling As Propaganda


I was surprised this morning when I saw the latest poll from the Associated Press. It shows Joe Biden’s approval rating surging nine points to 45%. Then, I looked at the poll’s “internals.” 


It was poll of “adults” only, not registered voters or likely voters, so it has no predictive value on the midterm elections. It oversampled liberals, and an unusually large percentage of respondents were unemployed.


While this poll seems seriously flawed, there are other polls showing an uptick in Biden’s numbers. As I have been explaining to my friends in Washington, D.C., Biden’s low approval rating is not the result of the country suddenly swinging to the right. America remains a deeply divided nation. 


The issue is that many leftists were angry that Joe Biden wasn’t being progressive enough and wasn’t delivering what they wanted. And they registered their disapproval in the polls.


So, what’s changed? Well, look at the past few weeks. 


  • He’s signed a massive Green New Deal bill into law. 
  • He’s raising taxes. 
  • He’s hiring tens of thousands of new IRS agents. 
  • He’s attempting to buyoff young voters by magically making their college debt disappear. 
  • He’s aggressively pushing abortion on demand. 
  • And he’s attacking Donald Trump and conservatives, calling them “semi-fascists” and “domestic terrorists.”


Left-wing progressives love it! So, their opinion of Biden is going back up.