Hamas High School Pogrom, Confronting Communist China, Another Populist Win

Monday, November 27, 2023

Hamas High School Pogrom


Last Monday, Hillcrest High School in Queens, New York, was locked down for two hours. Dozens of local police poured into the building to restore order after a riot erupted. This wasn’t another out-of-control gang fight. It was a pro-Hamas pogrom in a Queens high school against a female Jewish teacher.


City officials were well aware of this disgusting anti-Semitic outburst, but they did their best to sweep it under the rug. Mayor Eric Adams did not address it until days later and only after the New York Post reported on the pro-Hamas student riot. 


Here’s the background context. 


  • On October 7th, Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, killed babies in ovens, raped women and decapitated people.  They killed the largest number of Jews in a single day since the Holocaust.


  • Israel responded as any nation would. 


  • A Queens high school teacher went to a pro-Israel rally and posted her support for Israel on social media. 


  • Her social media post sent radicalized, pro-Hamas students into a frenzy. They vandalized a bathroom, ripped a water fountain out of the wall and drove the teacher into a locked office until police could rescue her.


Only 27% of Hillcrest High School students are reading at grade level. But somewhere they learned to hate Jews, and they staged a pogrom at their high school. 


Mayor Adams declared that such “ignorance-fueled hatred . . . will not be tolerated in any of our schools, let alone anywhere else in our city.  We are better than this.” Well, apparently in this school you aren’t “better than this.” 


The mayor says this hatred won’t be tolerated. Well, what’s your plan, Mr. Mayor? Will Hillcrest students receive special instruction on the history of anti-Semitism? Maybe they should be taught how the Muslim grand mufti of Jerusalem worked with Adolf Hitler during the Holocaust.


I’m sure these students know very little history, and I guarantee they are being fed a steady diet of “diversity, equity and inclusion,” where the world is divided into “the oppressors” and “the oppressed.”  Under that dynamic, Israel is a “colonial oppressor,” so naturally the students thought the appropriate response was to “get a Jew.”


Their behavior raises a serious question: What would they have done to her? How close did this Jewish school teacher in Queens, New York, come to being raped or beaten to death? 


I’m not exaggerating. This isn’t 1800s Russia, where pogroms were regular occurrences.  This is modern day America, where every day we’re told, “Diversity is our strength.” 


Should we feel stronger today after a mob of pro-Hamas students threatened a Jewish teacher in Queens?  No, we’re clearly weaker, more vulnerable and in greater danger. 


For all the left’s hatred and vitriol aimed at MAGA America, I guarantee you won’t be reading about high school students in a conservative part of the country rioting to harm Jewish teachers.




Confronting Communist China


Speaking on Fox News yesterday, Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) accused the Biden Administration of grossly neglecting our homeland security. Gallagher stated that the CDC and the FBI ignored a rogue biolab in Reedley, California, connected to the Chinese Communist Party, and initially refused to even investigate it.


We first reported on this Chinese biolab in late July. But now there is additional information and none of it makes this story any less disturbing. This should be major news. Yet, the Biden White House and the “mainstream media” don’t want you to know about it.


Local officials begged the CDC and the FBI to investigate what was going on at the Reedley facility. But the bureaucrats literally hung up on them. It was only after a local building inspector took action and a local congressman got involved that the whole thing was exposed. 


According to Rep. Gallagher, who chairs a special House committee investigating the Chinese Communist Party’s activities in the United States, the lab was being run by a Chinese citizen, Jiabei “Jesse” Zhu, who was in the U.S. illegally. 


Zhu, who has an outstanding arrest warrant in Canada related to $330 million in intellectual property theft, received millions of dollars in “unexplained wire transfers” from communist China while he operated this secret biolab.


Somehow, he bought at least 20 lethal pathogens online, including a deadly form of malaria, HIV, tuberculosis, and possibly even Ebola. How is that even possible? Several lab workers identified themselves as Chinese citizens and the building inspector noticed many vials labeled in Mandarin Chinese.


The national security threats involved here are obvious. Asked how many more secret biolabs may exist in the U.S., Gallagher replied, “The honest answer is we don’t know,” adding, “This has revealed a huge soft underbelly in our domestic national security.  It’s incredibly troubling.”


This is another example of the Biden Administration putting America last. It’s also more evidence of the fact that communist China is not a normal country. It’s not just another “trading partner” we can do business with. It is an enemy that is actively working to undermine us every single day.




Biden Forgot Something


While millions of Americans gathered together around the Thanksgiving table last week, Joe Biden forgot something rather important – and I don’t mean the cranberry sauce. 


His Thanksgiving Day proclamation totally neglected God as the reason for the holiday.


Of course, this was not an accident. Biden really didn’t forget. Thanksgiving proclamations from the Obama/Biden White House routinely omitted God, and that’s a reflection of today’s progressive left, which hates Thanksgiving.


There are a few things that define the modern progressive movement. It is overwhelmingly committed to abortion.  It believes America is evil, socialism is good and it is increasingly secular. 


Joe Biden needs every progressive vote he can get. Plus, he shares many of the left’s radical views. He’s doing everything he can to promote abortion. He believes in bigger government. He’s constantly putting America last. 


So, even though Biden claims to be a devout Catholic, he knows his political base. And the one thing he could not recognize about Thanksgiving without offending that base is our need to thank God.


And while the Biden White House was neglecting God, Biden’s reelection campaign was doing its best to politicize your Thanksgiving dinner with leftist talking points.




Another Populist Win


While Americans were celebrating Thanksgiving, Dutch political leader Geert Wilders was celebrating a surprising election victory. Known as the “Dutch Donald Trump,” Wilders’ Party of Freedom won the largest number of seats in parliamentary elections based on a campaign to rein in immigration and protect Dutch sovereignty and values.


Wilders, who now has the difficult task of attempting to form a coalition government with other center-right parties, has been openly critical of the European Union and radical Islamism. His victory comes on the heels of Javier Milei’s stunning upset election in Argentina.




Tune In To Family Talk


Please tune in to Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk radio show today for part one of my interview with actor Kirk Cameron. Kirk and I discuss his faith journey from an atheist to a follower of Jesus Christ and his popular “See You at the Library” campaign to provide a family-friendly alternative to the radical indoctrination taking place at many public libraries today.


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