Israel-Hating Official Directs U.S. Intelligence, The American Taliban, 2024 Update

Friday, May 10, 2024

Israel-Hating Official Directs U.S. Intelligence


There is an old adage in Washington: “Personnel is policy.” The meaning is obvious enough: The people appointed to top positions make policy through their daily actions, and those actions and policies are often influenced by their own agendas, biases, and ideologies.


The Biden administration’s shocking betrayal of Israel is raising serious concerns about Maher Bitar, the White House Coordinator for Intelligence and Defense Policy.


That post is almost always filled by a senior CIA officer. All intelligence from all agencies sent to the White House goes through Bitar’s office. This left-wing extremist decides what goes on to Biden, who is losing mental acuity by the hour.  


For years, Bitar was deeply involved in anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, and pro-Palestinian activism. He was a leader of Students for Justice in Palestine before he launched his Washington, D.C., career. Students for Justice in Palestine is a seriously compromised organization that is linked to Hamas.


If Bitar was at Berkeley or Columbia today, he would be lowering the American flag and replacing it with the Palestinian flag or the banner of Hamas.


In 2006, he led a seminar on how to turn churches against Israel. In 2007, he assisted with an event featuring Joseph Massad, a radical professor who praised the October 7th massacre as “awesome” and “a stunning victory.”


He would later go on to work for UNRWA, a corrupt U.N. agency that is riddled with Hamas sympathizers and terrorists.


Before his White House assignment, Bitar was a top aide to Rep. Adam Schiff on the House Intelligence Committee, and played a major role in the first impeachment of Donald Trump. 


Conservative legal experts are constantly under attack by progressives. They are being bankrupted and trying to stay out of jail. In contrast, the left takes their radicals and promotes them to top positions to make policy. They are playing hardball, while many on our side are playing checkers. 




The Fallout Continues


The stunning news that Joe Biden has imposed an arms embargo against Israel continues to reverberate all over Washington, D.C., and Jerusalem.


Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL) announced that he is drafting articles of impeachment against Biden based on the precedent Nancy Pelosi established in her war on Trump.


Biden is withholding military assistance, approved by Congress and that he signed into law, for Israel because he is afraid that he will lose the election if Israel finishes off Hamas. That is exactly what Pelosi accused Donald Trump of doing with aid to Ukraine.


Buckle up, congressman! You will soon be denounced for being “counterproductive” and “dividing the country.”


Some unnamed people in the White House are attempting to spin the weapons embargo by saying the media is misrepresenting the policy. They are scrambling for cover because they are now hearing from some very important Jewish supporters, and they aren’t wishing the White House a happy Passover.


Meanwhile, I spoke with a source in Israel who is well-connected with the Israeli government about Biden’s decision to cut off aid to Israel. I asked him, “What are you going to do?”


He replied, “Gary, we will fight these death-worshipping animals in Hamas if we have to do it with our bare hands.”



A Random Observation


Joe Biden removed sanctions on the Houthi terrorists.


He removed sanctions on Qatar, which supports Hamas, and Lebanon, which supports Hezbollah.


He removed sanctions on the terrorist Iranian regime.


He removed sanctions against the Marxist Venezuelan regime.


But he is now imposing sanctions on our democratic ally, Israel.


Ponder that for a moment.




The American Taliban


The Islamic supremacists of the Taliban are known for destroying monuments. Well, our “American Taliban,” who also share some religious beliefs with the Taliban,” also destroy monuments.


One of them defaced a monument to our soldiers who fought in World War I. He was arrested yesterday. He’s 16 years old. Reports this morning indicate that he is still in jail and the full force of the law will be brought down on his head. Good! But I’ll believe it when I see it.


But it got me wondering: If there was another attack like 9/11 on New York City, how many people would run into the streets and celebrate like they do in Gaza? If 1,000 Jews were slaughtered in New York City, I wouldn’t be surprised if Professor Massad praised the attack as an “awesome victory.”


The barbarians are inside our gates.




The Double Standard


Here’s another sad reason why more and more people are losing confidence in the American legal system.


We all saw the video several weeks ago when hundreds of illegal migrant men decided they were coming into the United States no matter what. They pushed barriers out of their way and assaulted law enforcement agents who attempted to stop them.


They believe they have a right to invade our country, and no National Guard soldier, or Texas Ranger, or state trooper is going to stop them. That’s how committed they are to breaking our laws.


The public outrage was so strong that Texas officials started arresting them. More than 200 migrants were arrested on rioting charges.


But a judge in Texas just released them all. Someone forgot to file the appropriate paperwork. So, a couple hundred men who began their lives in America by attacking law enforcement officers are out of jail due to a technicality over paperwork.


At the same time, a trial in New York City is underway based on an alleged paperwork technicality for which the statute of limitations has long since passed. This trial violates the rule of law every second it continues. Every rule of justice is being violated.


But it ends up that the former president of the United States has less protection under the laws of the United States than a bunch of guys born in barrios south of the border who think you owe them a living.  Maybe Donald Trump could hire their lawyers!




2024 Update


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s presidential campaign announced yesterday that he will be on the ballot in Oklahoma. According to various reports, that would put him on the ballot in at least 13 states.


Kennedy also made news this week for his position on abortion. Asked if there should be any limits on abortion, Kennedy said, “We should leave it up to the woman. . .  Even if [the baby is] full-term.”


That caught Kennedy’s running mate, Nichole Shanahan, by surprise. When she was asked about his “full-term” abortion position, Shanahan responded, “I don’t know where that came from. That’s not my understanding of his position.”




Other Headlines


  • Seven more states joined federal lawsuits against Biden’s radical rewrite of Title IX regulations.


  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation preventing the use of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” materials in teacher training instruction.


  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology formally ended the “diversity statement” requirement (essentially left-wing loyalty pledges) in its faculty hiring process.



  • A New York judge blocked a pro-abortion constitutional amendment from appearing on the November ballot.


  • A West Virginia judge overturned the suspension of female athletes who refused to participate in a shot put contest against a boy pretending to be a girl.


  • The Soros-funded Tides Foundation is being sued for $33 million by the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.