Penn Statue Stays, The Left Hates America, Proud Patriots

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Penn Statue Stays – For Now


Thank you to everyone who responded to our Action Item in yesterday’s report regarding the Biden Administration’s plans to tear down a statue honoring William Penn, the founder of the Pennsylvania colony.


We reported this outrageous story, as did many others, and the National Park Service clearly got an earful. They ran for cover as fast as their neo-Marxist legs could carry them.


Translation: We won this round. The National Park Service has since posted this updated notice:


“Independence National Historical Park has withdrawn the review of a draft proposal to rehabilitate Welcome Park and closed the public comment period. The preliminary draft proposal, which was released prematurely and had not been subject to a complete internal agency review, is being retracted. No changes to the William Penn statue are planned.”


Sadly, I guarantee that they haven’t completely abandoned the idea. They will be back at some point when they hope we aren’t paying attention.


Here’s something to keep in mind. The Biden Administration is effectively giving back land to indigenous peoples every day. In addition to telling us their pronouns, Interior Department spokesmen routinely acknowledge that they are “standing on the ancestral ground” of whatever tribe before beginning their formal remarks.


This perfunctory virtue signaling may seem meaningless and absurd, which it is. But it’s all part of the bigger neo-Marxist assault on Western Civilization and the left’s effort to deconstruct and destroy America. (See below.)




Austin Update


Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is still in the hospital, although he is now out of the intensive care unit. We still don’t know when he will be released.


Austin apologized for the lack of transparency, as did the Pentagon press secretary. Austin’s chief of staff has ordered a 30-day review of the incident to develop better procedures for the future.


I’m not buying it. The left plays these games all the time and issues these absurd apologies when they get caught.


Austin didn’t merely fail to keep people informed. He intentionally kept information from the American people. He made a series of decisions, presumably hoping to hide his medical condition. 


Well, if that was the goal, it didn’t work out for him, as his actions only ended up drawing attention to his condition, which we now know involved complications from treating prostate cancer.


While many Biden apologists are making excuses for Austin’s behavior and attempting to minimize the situation, his disappearance is not a minor matter.


A top diplomat from the Obama administration told CNN that Austin and several Pentagon officials should resign for “serious breaches of trust and transparency” that “ultimately affect our readiness as a nation.” There is even talk about impeaching the secretary of defense.


I guarantee that the enemies of the United States likely knew more about Austin’s situation than the president did. Our enemies monitor every cabinet secretary, especially the secretary of defense.


When the Chinese spy balloon flew over the United States, the administration knew about it and intentionally tried to hide it. They claimed they didn’t want to give away our capabilities by announcing where it was.


The communist Chinese knew where it was, and they knew we knew where it was. But there was an intentional effort to deceive the American people because the Beltway elites don’t trust you.




The Left Hates America


If you needed more evidence of the left’s disdain for America, recent comments by former Democrat Congressman Tulsi Gabbard should infuriate every patriot.


Gabbard recalled the time when she was first invited to participate in a reading of the Constitution on the floor of the House of Representatives. She eagerly accepted, saying, “What a great tradition.”


But when the day of the reading arrived, she noticed very few of her liberal colleagues took part. When Gabbard asked why they didn’t join in, she was told, “We don’t participate in that because that’s a right-wing Republican thing.”


Gabbard said she was “shocked, disheartened and saddened by that response.” But it later made sense as she watched the left “year after year” and realized, “They don’t care about the Constitution.”


Indeed, they don’t. During the Obamacare debate, Nancy Pelosi dismissed concerns about the Constitution. More honest leftists will tell you that the Constitution is “trash” to them.


Here’s more evidence.


When the Biden/Harris regime came into office, they made a big deal about rooting out extremism in the U.S. military. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced a “60-day stand down” across all branches.


Do you remember that? There were all kinds of breathless media reports with left-wing talking heads and pundits telling us how awful the military was; that it was full of white supremacists and bigoted extremists.


In fact, the New York Times reported that the problem was so bad that senior officials in the Biden Pentagon “acknowledged that one thing is clear: Rooting out extremist views from a military of 1.3 million active-duty troops drawn from Alaska to Florida will be an uphill slog.”


Well. . .


The Pentagon recently released its final report on the matter. Did you hear about it? Of course not, because there was NOTHING to report.


The bottom line of the two-year study finds that the Pentagon likely inflated the problem (no kidding?!) and that the greater risk to the military stems from “widespread polarization and division in the ranks,” likely driven by the neo-Marxist ideologies that have infiltrated our military academies.


This was yet another false narrative from the left meant to tear America down and another indication of how the left looks down on normal Americans “from Alaska to Florida.”


But don’t hold your breath waiting for Biden to apologize for smearing our servicemembers and veterans.




Proud Patriots


Congratulations to the U.S. National Junior Hockey team! Team USA defeated Sweden 6 to 2 to win the International Ice Hockey Federation World Junior Championship last week.


In stark contrast to privileged leftists who can’t stand America and literally refuse to stand for America by taking a knee during our national anthem, these young athletes made us all proud when they stood shoulder-to-shoulder and belted out the Star-Spangled Banner!


Sadly, but predictably, left-wing ESPN cut away from their proud demonstration of patriotism.




Congratulations, Wolverines


Two great college football teams battled it out last night for the 2023 NCAA National Championship. The Michigan Wolverines defeated the Washington Huskies 34 to 13. Congratulations to the Wolverines for their hard-won victory!




Tune In To Family Talk


Please tune in to Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk radio show today for Part Two of my conversation with Pastor Gary Hamrick of Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg, Virginia. In today’s broadcast, Pastor Hamrick and I discuss the critical role of the Church in proclaiming the truth to a confused culture.


You can find station listings here. Or you can listen online here.