The War On Christmas, Muzzling Christians, Secular Globalism

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

The War On Christmas


Have you noticed that every Easter someone in Big Media or some scientist, maybe a professor or even a theologian makes headlines when they claim wrongly that the resurrection of Christ is a myth or just a nice story? 


This annual Easter attack on our faith is as predictable as the first flowers of spring.


Well, it’s not Easter, it’s Christmas.  In recent decades, there’s been a similar approach taken to the Christ child in the manger.  They try to debunk the whole story of salvation.  “A virgin can’t give birth,” the leftists say.  Of course, the modern left insists that a man can give birth!  But that’s a subject for another time.


On the few occasions when Jesus is embraced by these naysayers, it’s only to try to exploit Him.  For example, they will claim Jesus was a refugee, so we should all support open borders.  That’s ridiculous.


Now a new weapon has been deployed from the arsenal of those at war with Judeo-Christian Civilization. 


A whole lot of people in America love Jesus and we love our country.  For our entire history, being a Christian and being patriotic were considered positive attributes. 


People who love America are patriots.  They are willing to sacrifice their lives to defend our country.  That’s a good thing.


People who love Jesus are Christians and they try to be better neighbors, better spouses and better employees.  Throughout our history, they have also disproportionately volunteered to defend our country, motivated by a selfless desire to defend others and what is good and just.


But now, all of a sudden, loving Jesus and loving America is being labeled a bad thing.  The left and even some misguided Christians call it “Christian nationalism.”  Hollywood actor and producer Rob Reiner is making a new movie about it. 


If “Christian nationalism” sounds like something right out of 1930s Germany, that’s exactly what it’s supposed to make you think of.


This bizarre attack on Christianity and patriotism has been building for years, and it is getting more and more aggressive with every passing day.  Yet for most of our history, Americans who loved our country and loved God were the overwhelming majority in our country.




Muzzling Christians


Now think about this.  All our elites insist that we need more people involved in the election process.  They want 16 year-olds to vote.  They want universal and same-day voter registration.  


They want ballots mailed to everybody, even those who don’t ask for them.  They are passing laws to allow convicted felons to vote.  They’re even passing laws in liberal cities so illegal aliens can vote in local elections.


They have expanded Election Day to be an Election Month so that every single breathing person has time to vote.  But not if you’re one of those nasty “Christian nationalists” who loves Jesus and America. 


In that case, they really don’t want you involved at all.  You’re dangerous to democracy.  So, get back in your pews, shut up and stay out of politics and government.


Sadly, there’s a group like this with a similar mindset even within the church.  (Here, here and here.)  They provide aid and comfort to the radical secularists who want us out of the public square. 


One of my great frustrations has always been pastors who tell me they don’t address certain issues, like the sanctity of life or the definition of marriage, because those are so-called “political issues.” 


No, they are moral issues!  And conservatives didn’t make them political.  The left did when it declared war on America and our traditional values.


So, at a time when depravity and moral confusion are sweeping the country. . .


When there is corruption in every area of life. . .


When we’re confronting issues (like the transgender mania in our schools) that we couldn’t imagine just 10 years ago. . .


When suicides and drug overdoses are at record highs. . .


When we are seeing the institution of marriage collapsing and the family breaking down. . .


Some Christians are spending all their time attacking other Christians who want to make our government and our country better and more moral.  We just want America to be great again.


They want to convince Christians who believe we should take our Christian values with us into the voting booth -- the one thing that could save America -- to retreat instead.




Secular Globalism


These “surrender Christians” are siding with radical secularists to shame us and shut us up.  They say that if we love the idea of Jesus, we can’t love the idea of America -- a  nation founded on the idea of ordered liberty under God. 


A nation whose founding idea is, as stated in the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


A nation that has sent more missionaries around the world than any other nation in history.


Well, if “Christian nationalism” is a bad idea, then is “Christian globalism” a good thing?  Should we all be supporting one-world government and neo-Marxist unelected bureaucrats at the UN and the World Health Organization dictating how we live our lives? 


Were all the Americans in our history who fought communism and Nazism, often giving their lives, were they engaged in “idol worship” because they loved America enough to fight for her?


And if “Christian nationalism” is bad, exactly which part is bad?  Is it being a Christian?  Is being a patriot? 


It’s not just that they are combined together. The neo-Marxist left really doesn’t want either one. 


They want some kind of secular globalism, where nothing competes for your allegiance to the state and your faith is in Big Government alone -- like communist China.


Not surprisingly, these are the same people who bristle at the idea of American greatness.  They insist that “America was never great.” 




Defending Our Values


Christian nationalism is a perfect combination.  We love America, but as Christians we are willing to correct our country when it goes off the rails.  For example, Christian abolitionists led the fight against slavery. 


And pro-life Christians have led the fight for the sanctity of life because America wasn’t founded on the idea that abortion was a cherished right.  And now, thank God, we have corrected that.


By the way, the smearing of Christians who love our country isn’t new.  For years, many on the left tried to smear and marginalize us by calling us “the American Taliban.”  “Christian nationalist” is just another version of it. 


Former Bush CIA Director Michael Hayden recently raised eyebrows for suggesting there was no real difference between a patriotic Christian and a jihadi terrorist.


Those pushing this absurd theme of “Christian nationalism” control many things in America, including the mindset that dominates our university campuses. 


For example, today we have many professors like Athena Butler.  She teaches religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania.  She says that white evangelicals “pose an existential crisis” to the country and “may end up killing us all.”  She wrote a whole book about it. 


Sadly, her worldview is the rule on most university campuses today, not the odd exception.  I guarantee that the professors who love Jesus and who love America at any major university could all fit into a closet with room to spare. 


In fact, there are more open Marxists teaching on our campuses than there are Christian conservatives.


It is precisely because there is such a shortage of professors and leaders in those institutions who love God and America that we have seen this shocking outbreak of raw Jew-hatred on our university campuses that just got university presidents into a heap of trouble. 


That would not be happening on campuses if the prevailing worldview was a love of Jesus and a love of America. 


And that’s why we must all redouble our efforts to defend our Judeo-Christian values.


Please stand with me now!