Why Roe Must Go, Our Woke & Broke Military, Biden Gets Jabbed

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Why Roe Must Go


You always have to be cautious about making assumptions based on oral arguments at the Supreme Court. But for those of us dedicated to the sanctity of life, it's hard not to be hopeful after today's arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health, the most serious challenge to Roe v. Wade in decades. 


A decision isn't expected until the summer. But judging from the frantic reactions of CNN and the Huffington Post, I guarantee you that those who have profited from the stack of infant corpses will not sleep well tonight.


Few cases in the court's history have had such a negative impact on the United States as Roe v. Wade. That case took a whole class of American citizens, our unborn children, and declared they had no rights we were bound to respect. 


Like the infamous Dred Scott decision that legalized slavery when it declared that black Americans had no rights we were bound to respect, Roe v. Wade treated unborn children like Styrofoam cups to be discarded at will. Since January 1973, more than 60 million children have been destroyed by abortion. 


The Supreme Court was wrong in Dred Scott and it was wrong in Roe v. Wade!


Sadly, America is among just seven countries in the entire world that permit abortion on demand. We're on the fringe of international law, and today's pro-abortion legal regime is on the fringe of American public opinion. The overwhelming majority of Americans oppose abortion-on-demand.


When it comes to COVID, progressives reflexively chant, "Follow the science." Well, if there's one group that is most certainly not following the science, it's the pro-abortion left.


Basic biology tells us that life begins at conception. Beyond that, scientific advances, including advanced ultrasounds, gave us a window into the womb. We more fully understand now the humanity of the unborn child today than we did way back in 1973, especially the unborn child's ability to feel pain


Doctors now operate on babies in the womb. Is the mother the patient? No, it's the child, because there are obviously two people involved.




Abortion Is A Wrong, Not A Right


The fact of the matter is that the Constitution says nothing about abortion. It does say that we cannot be deprived of "life and liberty" without the due process of law. But there's no due process for the unborn baby girl at a Planned Parenthood clinic.


Today's left worships at the altar of abortion-on-demand. Leading progressives claim they aren't "pro-abortion," but they can't name one abortion they would prevent. And Joe Biden clearly wants more abortions because he's trying to force every American to subsidize them. That's pro-abortion!


Progressives claim abortion is about "women's rights" and "women's healthcare." Far too many women have been exploited by the abortion industry. The only people who benefit are the abortionists and deadbeat fathers. And abortion is not healthcare. Its purpose is to guarantee a dead child. 


Among the worst arguments are those suggesting that abortion is a civil right that helps minorities. America's abortion industry began as a form of eugenics that targeted people of color.


The left ties itself in knots over the phrase, "Black Lives Matter." Of course, they do. Those of us who are proudly pro-life believe that all lives matter, including lives in the womb. But the great irony is that "Black Lives Matter" doesn't seem to matter to the left when abortionists are demanding more dead black babies. 




Stand For Life!


Please stand with American Values as we stand for life!


If Roe vs. Wade is overturned or severely limited, it will only happen because Donald Trump appointed three new justices to the Supreme Court. American Values played a critical role in securing their confirmations. We were successful thanks to your support for our work!


I would also note that I was among just a few conservative leaders willing to publicly oppose George W. Bush's nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. In my view, Miers would have been another David Souter. Thankfully, under conservative pressure, Bush withdrew her nomination and then chose Samuel Alito, a stalwart conservative.


We are making a difference, my friends!


Please help keep us going, especially now when you can double your support!




Officer Down


As we slept last night, the men and women on the Thin Blue Line fought, and in some cases were killed, while trying to keep the growing lawlessness away from our doors. 


In Clayton County, Georgia, two officers were shot and one was killed as they attempted to stop a murderer who killed two people and shot a child in the face. Officer Henry Laxson was the third Georgia police officer killed in the line of duty in November.


President Biden and other leading progressives won't say a word today about Officer Laxson. No school will bear his name. 


In Indianapolis, someone called 911 claiming they were being harassed. But it was an ambush. When police officers arrived, they were attacked by a man waiting with a knife.


As I read these stories, a "what if" came to mind. When Darrell Brooks drove his SUV through the barricades and onto the Waukesha Christmas parade route, what if the police officer who opened fire had been able to kill Brooks before he killed six other people? 


I believe many leftists and our "fake news" media would have accused the officer of murdering an innocent black driver.  


By the way, where are Black Live Matter demonstrators demanding an end to the horrific carnage in the streets of Chicago and Philadelphia?




Our Woke & Broke Military


A recent survey found two related and deeply disturbing results. First, a majority of the country believes that communist China is our greatest threat. But at the same time, trust and confidence in the American military has cratered to just 45%, down from 70% in 2018. 


I want to be clear that this has nothing to do with the love of the American people for those who wear the uniform of the U.S. military. This survey was focused on the military as an institution, not only those who serve in the ranks. Undoubtedly, a big reason for the drop is Biden's bungled retreat from Afghanistan.


But the greatest decline in trust and confidence (34 points) occurred among conservative, heartland Americans, who are shocked to see the military going "woke" like the Boy Scouts, corporate America and professional sports. The biggest concern cited among those who lacked confidence in the military was "political leadership."


I'm not surprised. Throughout Trump's presidency, many of our military leaders seemed more interested in fighting the commander-in-chief than they were in fighting our enemies. They were more interested in winning rights for transgendered soldiers than winning our wars. 


Those same generals failed to pushback against Biden's disastrous plans in Afghanistan, and we ended up with 13 flag-draped caskets coming home. 


Unfortunately, many of our top commanders today are educated at our "elite" universities – the same universities that are turning some American youth into raging Marxists. That's why we had to suffer through the spectacle of "Thoroughly Modern" Milley explaining his desire to understand the roots of "white rage," even though he leads the most diverse military in the history of the world!




Biden Gets Jabbed


The Biden Administration got jabbed this week. Not the vaccine jab, but jabbed by courts that actually care about the Constitution. 


On Monday, a federal judge in Missouri overturned Biden's vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. The judge ordered the mandate suspended in 10 states. Yesterday, a federal judge in Louisiana expanded that order, issuing a nationwide injunction covering all 50 states.


But while their onerous vaccine regulations are being knocked down by the courts, there are reports that the Biden/Harris regime is considering onerous regulations on foreign travelers and U.S. citizens flying in and out of the country. 


Among the regulations under debate is a requirement to self-quarantine for seven days – even if you test negative! This also applies to American citizens. 


Is Biden trying to kill our airlines, the struggling tourist industry and the hospitality industry?


Meanwhile at the southern border, Biden lets illegal aliens cross into the country unvaccinated, untested and unapprehended.