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No Laughing Matter, The Radical Left Rallies, Chaos In Paris

No Laughing Matter
Comedian Jim Carrey is a funny guy on the big screen.  But give the man a paintbrush and he starts to act like something out of a horror movie. 
Carrey recently shared a grotesque depiction he created of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey on social media. It portrays Ivey as a fetus undergoing a type of late-term abortion procedure in which the brains are sucked out of the baby's head.

The "Equality Act", Amash vs. Trump, Christian Extremism

The "Equality Act"
The so-called "Equality Act" passed the House of Representatives Friday.  It does many things, like amending civil rights law to include "gender identity."  And it contains the kind of broad language that the courts have used for decades to force radical social change on the American people. 

Friday, May 17, 2019

Immigration & Assimilation
The White House has released a fact sheet on President Trump's new immigration reform plan.  You can read it here.

Trump's Immigration Plan, Trump's Immigration Plan, Abortion Extremism

Trump's Immigration Plan
I was honored to be back at the White House today for the unveiling of President Trump's immigration reform plan.  As part of the president's unofficial faith advisory group, I have had some input into the broad outlines of this proposal. 
I am pleased to say that it is an America First immigration reform package.  As the president said, "It's just common sense."  It focuses on six broad goals:

Honoring Fallen Heroes, Rewriting History, More Warnings

Honoring Fallen Heroes
Today the country observes National Peace Officers Memorial Day to honor the law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty over the past year.  If you noticed flags in your community flying at half-staff today, that's why. 

Durham vs. The Deep State, It's Not About Trade, Sabotage & Drones

Durham vs. The Deep State
Drug stores in deep state neighborhoods around Washington, D.C., reported a run on Maalox last night after news broke that Attorney General William Barr had appointed Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham to investigate the origins of the Trump/Russia collusion hoax.

Pence's Warning, Iranian Sabotage, Radical Islam In The House

Pence's Warning
Vice President Mike Pence delivered the commencement address at Liberty University in Virginia on Saturday.  I urge every Christian in America to watch this speech.  Share it with your children and grandchildren.

UN Farce, Confronting Judicial Supremacy, Kudos To Santorum

UN Farce

A Contrived Crisis, An Encouraging Backlash, Defending Faith

A Contrived Crisis
Yesterday, the House Judiciary Committee approved a contempt of Congress citation against Attorney General William Barr.  The citation was approved along party lines and was based on Barr's refusal to comply with a subpoena demanding the release of the full, unredacted Mueller report.

Colorado Shooting, A Surprising Win, Happy Independence Day

Colorado Shooting
News broke late yesterday of another terrible school shooting in Colorado.  One student was killed and eight were injured.  I am curious as to why we haven't heard more or why we aren't hearing the usual demands for gun control that often follow these tragic events.
There's plenty of information coming from local press and other outlets, yet there is a virtual blackout by the "mainstream media."