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Drone On, Reparations Now, Trump's Pro-Refugee Travel Ban

Drone On

Iran has shot down a U.S. drone over international waters. This is not one of those drones you gave your husband for Christmas. These babies are filled with significant technology. The cost for each one range in the millions of dollars.

The media this morning are engaged in their usual charade. It goes something like this: “Iran says they shot down a U.S. drone over their territory. The U.S. claims the drone was in international air space. Who to believe?” Let me help them: Believe your country even when you don’t like your president.

A Happening, America’s Concentration Camps

A Happening

Tune In Tonight, Good News,  Trump's Tweet

Tune In Tonight

Tune in tonight at 8 PM EST. President Trump is set to announce his reelection campaign  in Orlando, Florida. 

Good News

There is plenty of bad news and discouraging headlines.  And I should know since I often write about it in this daily report.  But today I want to focus on some positive news that is too often overlooked.

A Win For Now, China's Courageous Christians, The Extreme Left, Goodbye Ken

A Win For Now
Today the Supreme Court overturned a ruling against Christian bakers in Oregon based on last year’s narrow decision in favor of Colorado baker Jack Phillips. It is a win for now.
But the Court continues ducking the fundamental issues at stake. And it cannot continue to do so for much longer.  Mr. Phillips is being sued yet again.

Censoring Conservatives,How To Fight Back, Flag Day

Censoring Conservatives
I've reported in the past on China's social credit rating system.  It's George Orwell's Big Brother in real life.  And now it's coming to America.

Another Tanker Attack, Pro-Abortion Extremism, Barr vs. The Deep State

Another Tanker Attack
The Middle East is on high alert today after two oil tankers were attacked in the Gulf of Oman.  A massive fire broke out on the Front Altair, forcing sailors to abandon the vessel.  Another ship, the Kokuka Courageous, was also evacuated.  U.S. naval ships quickly responded to two distress signals and were able to rescue the crews of both vessels.

Smearing Pro-Life America, Silencing Conservatives, Confronting China

Smearing Pro-Life America
In an interview this week, one progressive senator repeated a demand that all judges be committed to abortion on demand.  When a reporter asked the senator about undermining judicial independence, this progressive did us a favor by once again showing us where the left is headed.  Here's what the senator said:

Dean Flop, Acosta's Conspiracies, Flag Flap

Dean Flop
Yesterday's House Judiciary Committee hearing featuring former Watergate felon John Dean was a complete flop.  Conservative members of the committee were well-prepared and they peppered Dean with tough questions. 
Dean has made a career out of attacking every Republican president since Nixon, declaring that some event in their administration was "worse than Watergate." 

Trump Gets A Deal, Immigration & Identity Politics, China Protests

Trump Gets A Deal
Under the threat of tariffs, the Mexican government reached an agreement with the United States late Friday to increase their cooperation to secure our border.  Kudos to Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who ably represented President Trump in the negotiations.

Politicizing The Fourth Of July, Left-Wing Extremism, Chag Sameach

Politicizing The Fourth Of July
A left-wing Washington Post columnist is REALLY upset with President Trump.   (Shocker, right?!) 
What's his offense this time?  The president plans to deliver a speech at the Lincoln Memorial during the July 4th celebrations.  According to this columnist, Trump's presence will be "a stain on the Lincoln Memorial."