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What The Fourth Of July Means To Me

"What The Fourth Of July Means To Me"
As many of you know, I had the honor of serving all eight years in the Reagan Administration, ultimately serving as the president's chief domestic policy adviser in the White House.  Ronald Reagan was all about putting America first, and he helped to restore our nation's pride after years of strife, scandal and malaise. 

The Left vs. America, Confusion Over The Census, Demonizing Law Enforcement

The Left vs. America
Here we are on the eve of the Fourth of July.  I'll be sharing some thoughts later this afternoon about our great country, ways we can honor America and how you can resist the left's efforts to undermine our country.  But first, I want to comment on the ongoing culture war over the meaning of America. 

Nike & The Flag, Progressives vs. The Holocaust Museum, 2020 Update

Nike & The Flag
Nike had a great idea to celebrate America's upcoming 243rd birthday with a new shoe design sporting a patriotic look by featuring the Betsy Ross flag.  Unfortunately, you can't buy it. 

A Walk Into History, Another Breakthrough, CUFI Washington Summit

A Walk Into History
In recent days, President Trump has commanded the world stage during a trip to Asia. 
On Friday, Trump tweeted, "I will be leaving Japan for South Korea. . .  While there, if Chairman Kim of North Korea sees this, I would meet him at the Border/DMZ just to shake his hand and say Hello(?)!"
The media, foreign policy establishment and armchair diplomats everywhere mocked Trump's tweet, essentially saying, "Doesn't he realize these meetings require months of preparation?" 

The Defining Moment, Medicare For All, About Those Cages

The Defining Moment
There will be many defining moments in the presidential campaign over the next 17 months, but there was a big one during the second round of Democrat debates last night. 
Sen. Kamala Harris turned to Joe Biden and said, "I don't believe you are a racist, but. . ."  She then proceeded to slice and dice him.

A Mixed Day, Round One, Winners & Losers

A Mixed Day
The Supreme Court ended its session today with a mixed bag.  On the one hand, the Court's conservative majority correctly decided that the drawing of political boundaries for state and federal offices was an inherently political issue and, thus, not a matter for the courts.  The drawing of political districts is best left to the people and their elected representatives, not unelected judges.

Mueller To Testify, Crisis Mismanagement, 2020 Update

Mueller To Testify
Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller has agreed to publicly testify on July 17th.  This announcement comes after Mueller said in his "final statement" that his final statement was his final statement.  In his much-hyped press conference to reporters last month, Mueller declared:

Troops To The Border, A Growing Crisis, Ratcheting Up The Rhetoric

Troops To The Border
Mexico's defense minister announced yesterday that his country has deployed nearly 15,000 National Guard and Army troops to its northern border in order to stem the flow of illegal immigration into the United States.  This deployment is in addition to the 6,000 troops sent to Mexico's southern border.

Tackling Tehran, Trump Derangement Syndrome, Left vs. Left

Tackling Tehran
The same critics who for the past two years have been insisting that warmongering Trump would get us into a war are continuing to attack him as "erratic" for not getting us into a war last week with Iran.    

The “Peace” Cross Can Stay, Big Pro-Life Victory, Trump as Commander-In-Chief

The Peace Cross Can Stay
The Supreme Court’s 7-to-2 decision yesterday allowing a large cross in Bladensburg, Maryland, to remain on public land is a significant victory.  The cross was erected in 1925 in honor of 49 local heroes who gave their lives in World War I.  Kudos to Kelly Shackelford, President and Chief Counsel of First Liberty Institute, who argued the case before the Supreme Court.