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Victory For Life, Obama's Obstruction Of Justice, A Big Liberal Scandal

Victory For Life
Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion business, suffered a big legal defeat yesterday in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. 
In 2016, Ohio passed legislation that cut off taxpayer funding to organizations that promote or perform abortions.  Predictably, Planned Parenthood sued the state, arguing it had a constitutional right to perform abortions with taxpayer dollars.  Planned Parenthood prevailed in lower federal courts.

Pelosi Passes On Impeachment, Biden vs. Bernie, Thomas's Growing Influence

Pelosi Passes On Impeachment
Fresh off of one controversy dividing the left (anti-Semitism and support for Israel), Speaker Nancy Pelosi lobbed a proverbial hand grenade into the Democrat caucus. During a recent interview with the Washington Post Magazine, Pelosi came down squarely against impeaching President Trump. 
Here's what she said:

AOC Hates The USA, Taxpayers First, A Reckoning

AOC Hates The USA
According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 51% of voters agree with this statement:  "Right now we have people in Congress who hate our country."  Only 34% disagree, and 15% aren't sure.  But that a majority of voters, and perhaps as many as two-thirds of voters, feel that way should be cause for alarm.

A Worthless Resolution, What Was Missing, The Brave 23

A Worthless Resolution
After repeated fumbles, the House Democrat leadership finally got their resolution against bigotry across the goal the line yesterday evening.  The vote was 407-to-23. I am not going to applaud those who supported this resolution.  It was worthless. 

Divided Over Anti-Semitism, Progressive Anti-Semitism, Free Speech On Trial

Divided Over Anti-Semitism
How in the world did we get to the point where it is now a political crisis in the Democrat Party to simply condemn anti-Semitism on the left?  But that's exactly what's happening.
Consider this Washington Post headline:  "House Democrats Splinter Over Response To Rep. Omar's Alleged Anti-Semitism."

Border Emergency, Baker Takes The Cake, There Is Hope

Border Emergency

Anti-Semitism In Congress, Left-wing Hypocrisy, The Left's Projection

Anti-Semitism In Congress
Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) continues on her anti-Semitic jihad.  I will not say that she is simply anti-Israel.  She is obsessed with Israel.  Her repeated criticisms of the Jewish state fit the classic definition of anti-Semitism. 

Trump Defends America, Reclaiming The Campus, The Intolerant Left

Trump Defends America; The Left Howls
President Trump delivered an epic two-hour speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference Saturday.  If you missed it, you can watch it here
As you can imagine, the president covered a lot of ground.  He highlighted several themes, which I expect we will hear frequently in the days ahead, including this one:

The Thin Blue Line, The Useless U.N., The Left's Embrace Of Socialism

MS-13 vs. The Thin Blue Line
Last year, President Trump triggered the left when he referred to MS-13 gang members as "animals."  He said, "You wouldn't believe how bad these people are. These aren't people. These are animals." 
The media and open borders advocates went nuts.  They falsely accused Trump of denigrating Hispanics and immigrants generally.

Trump's Reykjavik, Meadows Fights Back, Guns For Illegals

Trump's Reykjavik
We awoke this morning to the news that no deal was reached at the Hanoi Summit.  During a press conference that took place around 2:00 AM ET, President Trump explained what happened:  The issue was denuclearization, which is why we are having these talks.