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What Happened?, A Warning For 2018

What Happened?
No, this isn't a review of Hillary Clinton's new book.  Here's my take on last night's off-year election results.

First, I'll dispense with New Jersey.  Democrat Phil Murphy won by 13 points, which surprised no one.  This was never really a competitive race. 

Media Bias, More Media Manipulation, Air Force Dropped The Ball, Comey Gets Caught

Media Bias

Don't Let The Left Silence You, Brazile's Bombshell, Follow Me

Don't Let The Left Silence You

Trumponomics Is Working, Worshipping Death, Another Clinton Scandal

Trumponomics Is Working

Tax Cuts & Jobs, What Binds Us?, Houston, We Have A Winner!, Balfour At

Tax Cuts & Jobs

House Republicans unveiled their tax reform plan today, known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  (Or as Trump refers to it, the Cut, Cut, Cut Act.)  While it is not as bold as many conservatives might prefer, on balance it appears to be a good compromise that should spur economic growth. 
Unfortunately, the failure of some Senate Republicans to repeal Obamacare greatly affected what could be done in terms of tax reform.  With that in mind, here are some key details:

ISIS Wins The Lottery, The Religion Of Peace Strikes Again, Russia News

ISIS Wins The Lottery

Antifa & ISIS, Speaking Of Our Founders. . ., A Disgusting Smear, Good News

Antifa & ISIS

Mueller vs. Manafort, Trump Was Right, Another Radical Imam

Mueller vs. Manafort

Justice From Justice, Collusion Confusion, Bible Museum

Justice From Justice

It is often said that elections have consequences. And every day the Trump Administration is proving that axiom to be true. One of the great frustrations of the Obama era was that when there was obvious corruption, as during the IRS targeting scandal, nobody got punished.

Collusion Against Trump, Breakthrough?, Bashing Bannon, In Defense Of Christians

Collusion Against Trump