America's Got Buyer's Remorse, He's No FDR, Pelosi's Power Trip

Friday, July 30, 2021

America's Got Buyer's Remorse


A lot of insiders here in Washington, particularly at the White House, were privately shocked this week. New polling from the Biden-friendly left-wing media showed that optimism about America's future and the direction of our country dropped by 20 points. That's an unprecedented decline in confidence. Additional polling shows it's not a fluke. (Here and here.)


The Washington insiders just can't figure it out. Why are Americans so upset and worried? Let me help them sort it out.


In the last 24 hours, 6,000 people crossed our southern border. This has been happening every single day since Joe Biden took office. Many of these illegal aliens have COVID. And Biden won't do anything to stop it. 


But Biden was busy yesterday spreading fear to American citizens. White House officials are telling us to mask up again and suggesting that more lockdowns could be coming soon. None of that rhetoric is based on science. They're fearmongering because COVID has enabled the left to massively move America toward big government socialism. 


By the way, let me remind you that during last year's campaign Joe Biden said he had a plan to stop COVID. Biden lied, and people died.


But it doesn't stop there.



In short, it's hard to be optimistic in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris's America. And their falling poll numbers show that many Americans are having buyer's remorse.




He's No FDR


As I noted above, Biden's fearmongering is totally unjustified. Some in the administration are now comparing the Delta variant to Ebola


Maybe it has a similar rate of transmissibility, but that's where any comparison ends. It would be more accurate to say it's like the common cold or spreads like the flu, because if you're vaccinated the outcome is about the same. Conjuring up images of Ebola, a super deadly virus, is a deliberately irresponsible effort to scare people.


Yes, the Delta variant appears to be more contagious. Perhaps at some point we'll discover that it's more dangerous. But right now, the data do not support that conclusion


COVID deaths are at their lowest levels since the pandemic began. If you're vaccinated, you're at greater risk from lightning strikes, bee stings and car crashes.


While it's not entirely clear what the CDC is basing its decisions on, the buzz is that it involved a study that was rejected after peer review and based on a vaccine that isn't used in the U.S. If true, the agency is destroying whatever credibility it has left.


Meanwhile, as one sensible journalist points out, the experience in other countries suggests that the Delta variants comes on fast and disappears just as quickly. A leading European economist noted, "The current Delta wave in the U.K. is turning out to be much, much milder than we anticipated." 


Yet, the Biden Administration is ranting about Ebola.


During the depths of the Great Depression, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt rallied the American people by telling them, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Joe Biden's no FDR. This president is telling us the only thing he's got is fear. 


If Biden isn't fearmongering over COVID, he's race baiting or setting his hair on fire over climate change. The only messages we're getting from the White House are:


"COVID is going to get you!"


"If you escape COVID, white nationalists are going to get you!"


"And if you escape the Klan, the sun is going to get you!"


I'm surprised confidence in the future fell only 20 points!




Pelosi's Power Trip


Nancy Pelosi is on a real power trip. First, she blocked GOP appointments to a special committee and then picked her two favorite RINOs to sit on the committee. Now, she's threatening to arrest anyone who doesn't follow her mask mandate. Arresting members of the opposition party is a hallmark of dictatorships.


House GOP Whip Steve Scalise tweeted, "To be clear: Pelosi is directing police to ARREST vaccinated people who aren't wearing masks. This isn't about science -- it's about power and control."


The American people want Congress to work productively in a bi-partisan manner. But Pelosi has destroyed any chance that the House could function that way. Just the other day, she called Kevin McCarthy, the House Republican Leader, a "moron." 


I was pleased to see that dozens of House Republicans and their staff members protested Pelosi's new mask mandate by walking maskless through the Capitol Building, daring the petulant Pelosi to arrest them all.


Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) tweeted, "If Kamala can pay bail for violent Antifa rioters, then I can pay the bail for any Republican staffer arrested for not wearing a mask."




My Body, My Choice?


The modern political left has been deeply committed to abortion on demand for decades, and the intensity of their commitment gets greater every day. Indeed, House Democrats voted unanimously yesterday to kill the Hyde Amendment, forcing every American to subsidize abortions.


For years, the left's pro-abortion mantra has been "My body, my choice." But when it comes to vaccines, their commitment to personal choice disappears. 


They say, "Well, if you don't follow medical advice you could kill someone else." That's not likely if other people are vaccinated. But when it comes to abortion, it's not merely hypothetical.  Another innocent person always dies in every abortion. 


Life must be so easy for liberals who don't seem bothered in the least by little irritants like logic.




Other Headlines


  • More than 200 congressional Republicans filed an amicus brief calling on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.


  • Hundreds of state legislators filed an amicus brief calling on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.


  • New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu signed a "medical freedom" bill into law banning vaccine mandates.


  • Georgia Republicans began the process of "cleaning house" when it comes to elections in the Atlanta area.


  • Homeschooling soars due to the pandemic and as more parents express outrage over radical curricula infected with racist and Marxist theories.


  • The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals declared Gov. Gavin Newsom acted illegally and exceeded his authority when he ordered private schools to close during last year's lockdowns.



  • Several lawsuits in Minnesota are challenging state-imposed policies based on racist, Marxist critical race theory. Here's the kicker: The lawsuits are being filed on behalf of minorities who were punished by the racist policies.