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Blood On His Hands, Biden’s Message, Pence “Leans In”

Blood On His Hands


Back in April, I wrote an opinion piece making the case for why Joe Biden deserved to be impeached -- just for his outrageous open borders policies alone. 


Another Great Victory, The Left’s Insurrection, Left-wing Hate

Another Great Victory


The Supreme Court today issued a decision in the case of Coach Kennedy. You may recall that Coach Kennedy was fired from his job as a high school football coach by the Bremerton, Washington, school district because he prayed by himself on the 50-yard line after each game. 


Overtime, students voluntarily joined him and that’s when school officials tried to muzzle Coach Kennedy. First, he was ordered to stop praying on the football field, and eventually his coaching contract was canceled.


A Great Victory For Life, The Real Extremists, Biden’s Malarkey

A Great Victory For Life!


God Is Good! 


Today is a day many of us wondered if we would ever see. After nearly 50 years of prayers, marches, heated debates and brutal confirmation battles, the Supreme Court has finally overturned Roe v. Wade!


Congratulations to the millions of Americans who would not accept the destruction of innocent life!


Thank you Clarence Thomas, Joe Biden’s America, Media Notice

Stand With Me!


Biden’s Gas Gimmick, Biden’s Recession, Election Results

We Need You!


Victory For Religious Liberty, A Challenge To Churches, The Fall Of Biden

We Need You!


Chaos On Juneteenth, Night Of Rage, Common Sense Prevails

Fight The Pro-Abortion Left!


Left-wing Hate, Attacking America, People First

Left-wing Hate


Jane’s Revenge, Another Threat, Changing Lives

“Jane’s Revenge”


In yesterday’s report, we outlined some of the pro-abortion domestic terrorism that has been taking place around the country. Steel yourselves. It’s going to get worse in the days and weeks ahead. 


Election Results, Speaking Of Values, Pro-Abortion Terrorism

Election Results