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Biden’s Big Lie, Biden’s Police State, Biden’s Obstruction

Biden’s Big Lie


In the closing years of my mother’s life, when she was living with Carol and me, she suffered from a form of dementia or perhaps Alzheimer’s. One of the indications there was something wrong was that she would say something to us and just a minute or two later, she would bring up exactly the same subject and repeat exactly what she had just said.


Confused Christians, Confronting Communist China, Tuberville vs. Schumer

Confused Christians


NYC vs. History, Biden’s Climate Hysteria, Trump’s Abortion Fumble

NYC vs. History


A Big Win, An Illegal Alien Colony, Impeachment Watch

A Big Win


Pray Vote Stand, Biden Attacks, Crushing The Pro-Life Movement

Pray Vote Stand


The Pray Vote Stand Summit, sponsored by the Family Research Council and my non-profit organization, American Values, took place this weekend.  I wish all of you could have been there!


About That Indictment, When Will It End, 2024 Update

About That Indictment


While many cheered the news of Hunter Biden’s indictment, there are plenty of reasons to remain skeptical. This one act does nothing to reestablish the concept of equal justice under the law, which the left has eviscerated. Consider these points:


Biden Indicted, The Most Important Issue, Combatting Anti-Semitism

BREAKING NEWS: Biden Indicted


The COVID Cover-up, Defending Life, Biden On The Brink

The COVID Cover-up


The breaking news of new whistleblower allegations that the CIA essentially bribed its own officers to cover up the facts on the origins of COVID-19 in order to cover for communist China is deeply troubling.

McCarthy Makes His Move, Biden Rewards Terrorism, Our Forrest Gump President
Never Forget, Harris Embraces Infanticide, Biden’s China Conundrum

Never Forget