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Transforming America, Remaking History, Values Voter Summit

Transforming America
The left is not shy when it comes to telling us what it thinks about America.  From Hillary's "basket of deplorables" to progressive declarations that the country was founded on racism and genocide, it's clear that the left just doesn't like America all that much.
Make no mistake about it, my friends.  The radical left wants to completely remake America. 

More Anti-Semitism At The Times, Trump Helps Our Troops, Cutting The Anchor

More Anti-Semitism At The Times
Kudos to Breitbart for conducting an investigation of New York Times Senior Staff Editor Tom Wright-Piersanti

Israel vs. The Progressive, Ending Catch And Release

Israel vs. The Progressive Left
I cannot believe that Israel is still getting hammered for its commonsense decision to deny entry to Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. 

Planned Parenthood Exposes Itself, Fighting For Normalcy, Rooting For Recession

Planned Parenthood Exposes Itself
As you may recall, the Trump Administration has reinstated tough regulations from the Reagan era that prohibit family planning clinics receiving federal funding under Title X from promoting abortions. 

The War On Cops, Truth Matters, The Protests Continue

The War On Cops
Remember a few weeks ago when videos went viral of people dousing New York City police officers with water while onlookers cheered their approval?  It was pointed out that this would inevitably lead to more violence against cops.

Lessons From Philadelphia

Lessons From Philadelphia
Thank God that all six of the officers shot last night in Philadelphia appear not to be seriously injured.  They were ambushed as they were attempting to serve a warrant.  But the eight-hour standoff holds lessons relevant to all of us.

The Left Responds

The Left Responds
As we reported yesterday, the Trump Administration issued new rules defining what a public charge is under our immigration laws.  As we also noted, this is not a new concept. 

Tackling Public Charges

Tackling Public Charges
The Trump Administration announced new rules today designed to protect U.S.

A Hero Comes Home, What Is Killing Us, Other Headlines

A Hero Comes Home
Fifty-two years ago at Dallas Love Field Airport, Major Roy Knight, Jr., said goodbye to his family, including his five year-old son, Bryan.  He was heading off to Vietnam.  His family never saw him again. 
Major Knight was shot down in combat, and his parachute failed to deploy.  Rescue teams could not find him.  In 1974 he was declared killed in action and promoted to colonel.

An Inconvenient Truth, Enforcing The Law, Iranian Deception

"An Inconvenient Truth"
As you know, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump went to Dayton and El Paso yesterday, where they met with the victims of the mass shootings and their families, as well as first responders and local leaders.  There were many photos of people greeting the president and thanking him for his support.