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About That Ceasefire, What About The Christians, Honoring Israel

About That Ceasefire
Many pundits are complaining today that Turkey appears to have gotten everything it wanted from the ceasefire Vice President Mike Pence announced yesterday. 
Well, we wanted a ceasefire and we got it.  It gives the Kurds five days to get out of the disputed area.  After that, it remains to be seen whether a permanent ceasefire can be achieved. 

Pence Secures Ceasefire , Pelosi's Meltdown, Kudos To Rubio

Pence Secures Ceasefire
After five hours of intense meetings, Vice President Mike Pence announced that Turkish President Recep Erdogan has agreed to a five-day ceasefire "in order to allow [Kurdish forces] to withdraw from the safe zone." 
"We think the agreement today first ends the violence, which is what President Trump sent us here to do," Pence said.  "We achieved that."

The Trouble With Turkey, Pence Steps Up, Some Debate Observations

The Trouble With Turkey
There are good people on both sides of the decision President Trump made to move a small number of U.S. troops out of harm's way after Turkish President Erdogan said he could no longer allow cross-border attacks to go unanswered.  I am skeptical of those who claim they would have left the troops in place.  

Barr vs. The Secular Left, Schiff's Grand Jury, Debate Night

Barr vs. The Secular Left
With everything that happened late last week, Attorney General William Barr's speech at Notre Dame did not get the attention it deserved.  It was, however, roundly condemned by the left.  Left-wing columnist Paul Krugman attacked Barr's speech as a "witch hunt/pogrom type speech."

Friday, October 11, 2019

Values Voter Summit
The 2019 Values Voter Summit, the year's premier gathering of social conservatives, is underway! 
For those who could not join us in person, you can watch the proceedings live online at valuesvotersummit.org.
If you missed my address to the Summit this afternoon, you can watch it here.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Rotten Apple
The corporate cave in to communist China continues.  Apple bowed to demands of the Chinese government by removing an app sold on iPhones in Hong Kong.  The app enabled Hong Kong's residents to know where the police are. 

Trump Stands Firm, Durham's Delay, Ready For A Rematch

Trump Stands Firm
Impeachment is serious business.  Whenever any elected official, from dog catcher to president, is faced with charges that could overturn an election, it is vital that voters know the process is fair.  But what is happening right now in the House of Representatives is anything but fair.
As we have noted before, House liberals are not following the established rules of impeachment.  The accused has the right to cross-examine witnesses, subpoena witnesses and present their own case. 

Trump's Syria Situation, China Censors The NBA, Day Of Atonement

Trump's Syria Situation
Late Sunday, President Trump announced that he is pulling back U.S. forces in Syria, keeping his promise to get us out of endless wars.  The president is getting a lot of pushback for his decision, and I understand the concerns.  I and the other commissioners on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom have privately shared those concerns with the president.   

A Recycled Smear Campaign, The Cover-up Continues, Better Late Than Never

A Recycled Smear Campaign
Yesterday marked the anniversary of the Senate vote confirming Brett Kavanaugh as a justice of the Supreme Court.  The left still hasn't gotten over that loss.  There were protests at the Supreme Court yesterday.

Ten Hours Of Testimony, Pelosi's Charade, Going Strong

Ten Hours Of Testimony
Kurt Volker, the former U.S. envoy to Ukraine, testified on Capitol Hill yesterday for nearly 10 hours.  He was one of the first witnesses deposed in the House impeachment inquiry.  (More on that below.)