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Packing The Courts, Trump To The Bronx, Pandemic Replay

Packing The Courts


The “Progs” (progressives) have not been shy about their desire to “fundamentally transform” the courts. They have repeatedly called for packing the Supreme Court with additional left-wing activists in order to end the court’s conservative majority.


Biden's Gestapo, Marxist Coup, Rewarding Terror

Biden’s Gestapo


There was an extraordinarily disturbing development yesterday that barely got any notice. Newly released court documents show that the FBI was authorized to use deadly force during the unprecedented raid at Mar-a-Lago.


ICC Absurdity, Biden's Blunders, Trump's Trials

ICC Absurdity


Yesterday, we reported on the outrage triggered by the decision of the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) chief prosecutor to seek arrest warrants against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli defense minister.


Divider In Chief, One Less Tyrant, International Outrage

The Divider In Chief


Joe Biden doesn’t seem to like America all that much. The man who claimed he wanted to unite the country just gave a speech that did nothing but trash the country and inflame racial tensions.


Alien Base Invaders, Trump's Good Day, What's He Hiding

Alien Base Invaders


“Open Borders” Biden may have a big problem on his hands. But it remains to be seen if the American people will ever know about it.


Did you know that over the last few years, there have been repeated attempts by Chinese nationals to gain access to American military bases? This isn’t just a couple of random incidents. It’s happened more than 100 times.


Biden's Border Baloney, Beijing's Influence, The Intolerant Left

Biden’s Border Baloney


There are reports that President Joe Biden is about to issue an executive order to close the southern border when illegal crossings are exceeding 4,000 a day.


Biden’s handlers obviously understand how badly the immigration issue is hurting him, and they’re desperate to show some “action.” But this plan is total baloney.


Children At Risk, Biden Lies Again, Debate Deal

Children At Risk


It is impossible to exaggerate the extent to which the left is willing to go to indoctrinate our children with the LGBTQ agenda.


For example, Joe Biden is using the federal government to force every school in the country to allow boys into our daughters’ bathrooms and locker rooms. It is also impossible to exaggerate the great lengths they will go to in order to hide what they are doing.


Bad News, Leftist Lies, Radical Mosques

Bad News For America – And Biden


We got a report this morning on the latest measure of inflation, and it was bad news for Joe Biden. The producer price index, which measures the cost of goods and services being produced, went up much higher than expected.


Wild Time At Wildwood, Blinken Bashes Israel, Chaos In Chicago

A Wild Time At Wildwood


Donald Trump held an unbelievable rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, Saturday. Some Trump enthusiasts said as many as 100,000 people turned out. Seems high.  


An official for the city of Wildwood estimated the group was at least 80,000 strong. Some New Jersey papers said the crowd was 12,000 people. No way!


Israel-Hating Official Directs U.S. Intelligence, The American Taliban, 2024 Update

Israel-Hating Official Directs U.S. Intelligence


There is an old adage in Washington: “Personnel is policy.” The meaning is obvious enough: The people appointed to top positions make policy through their daily actions, and those actions and policies are often influenced by their own agendas, biases, and ideologies.