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Car-a-Lago Continues, No Regrets , Censoring History

Car-a-Lago Continues


March For Life, Pro-Life America, Sanctity Of Life Sunday

March For Life


Today is one of the highlights of my year. It's the annual March for Life. Hundreds of thousands of people, including many young women, came to Washington, D.C., braving the winter weather, to defend innocent preborn babies. I was honored to join them on the National Mall.


It’s All About Joe, The Gatekeepers Failed, Resisting The Rainbow Mafia

It’s All About Joe


I want to bring to your attention perhaps the most comprehensive analysis that I have seen recently regarding the severity of the Biden scandals. And I want to reiterate that this has never been about “getting” Hunter Biden. It’s all about Joe Biden and the integrity of the presidency itself.


The Deep State Double Standard, Our Unexpected Pedestrian Crisis, The Battle To Save America

The Deep State Double Standard


It must be really great to be a liberal in Washington, always knowing that the Deep State has got your back.


We’ve noted before how it was so odd that Biden’s personal attorneys were the ones who carried out the searches of his homes and former offices looking for classified documents, and not the FBI. 


Biden vs. MLK, Car-a-Lago Continues, The Trans Supremacy Agenda

Biden vs. MLK


Biden’s Document Scandal, Blue Anon Is Back, The Great Betrayal
More Biden Documents, Pro-Life Victories, Putting America

More Biden Documents


Watching The Watchers, Major Battles Ahead, North American Nonsense

Watching The Watchers


True to their word, the new Republican House majority voted yesterday to establish a special committee to investigate the abuse of power by the Deep State. 


The Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government will be led by House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, one of the most stalwart conservatives in Congress today.


Biden’s Secret Documents, Academic Reparations, Chicago’s Children At Risk

Biden’s Secret Documents


Speaker McCarthy, Biden's Border Photo Op, No To Amnesty

Speaker McCarthy


As you know, the impasse among Republicans in the House of Representatives was broken early Saturday morning. After a modern day record of 15 roll call votes, Kevin McCarthy was finally elected speaker of the House.


The breakthrough came after tough negotiations with House conservatives that stretched on into the wee hours of Saturday morning.