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Communist China Advances, Sound Of Freedom Surges, What Pence Actually Said

Communist China Advances


The Left’s War On America, The Culture War Is Real, House Passes Defense Bill

The Left’s War On America


Hunter’s Ultimate Purpose, The Deep States Strikes Back, Musk vs. The Left

Hunter’s Ultimate Purpose


House Republicans this week released another round of damning messages related to Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. And, yet again, Joe Biden is implicated in Hunter’s schemes.


Unfit For Office, Wrestling With Wray, Curious Changes

Unfit For Office


Musk vs. Zuck, Reality vs. Ideology, Go Woke Go Broke

Musk vs. Zuck


Yellen’s Bad Bow, Left-wing Hate, Biden Family Values

Yellen’s Bad Bow


A Christian Woman’s Courage, Cocaine Gate

A Christian Woman’s Courage


Box Office and Neglect of Office, Pray For African Christians

Box Office and Neglect of Office
A remarkable movie premiered this week and topped the July 4 box office. The Sound of Freedom, a gripping account of one man’s fight against the brutal trade in child sex trafficking, brought in $2.5 million more than the much-anticipated Indiana Jones finale starring Harrison Ford.

A Fourth Of July Victory, Snow At The White House

A Fourth Of July Victory


A Supreme Win For First Freedoms, The Rule Of Law Prevails, The Trump Court

A Supreme Win For First Freedoms


It was a good day at the Supreme Court today for free speech, religious liberty and the rule of law. The justices handed down their last major decisions for this term and the conservative majority held firm.