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Nazis In The Streets, Getting Closer To Clinton, Real Threats

Nazis In The Streets


Domestic terrorists were in the streets of Washington, D.C., yesterday. They were not parents on their way to a meeting to voice their concerns with elected officials. 


Left-wing Lies, Great Camouflage, No Good Explanation

BREAKING NEWS: Another Durham Arrest


Special Counsel John Durham continues to unwind the Russia collusion hoax that was used to undermine the Trump presidency. 


America Votes

America Votes


In the middle of Republican Glenn Youngkin's victory speech last night, a sleepy Joe Biden landed at Joint Base Andrews. Perhaps he should have considered going back up the stairs of Air Force One and flying back to socialist Europe. On a number of fronts yesterday, the American people rejected socialism, Marxism and wokeism.


Here are ten key takeaways from yesterday's elections.



Election Day, Progressive Priorities

Election Day


Voters are headed to the polls in New Jersey and Virginia today. Both states are known for their "off-year" elections for governor and the state legislature. The results often carry national significance because they are seen as an early measurement of the national mood and a referendum on the party controlling the White House heading into the midterm elections the following year. 


Wrong Direction, Scary News, Manchin's Moment

Wrong Direction


Biden's Alien Millionaires, Overwhelming Outrage, D-Day In The Old Dominion

Biden's Alien Millionaires


Biden Battles His Base , We Must Fight Back

Biden Battles His Base


As the ongoing Democrat civil war threatened to derail President Biden's entire "Build Back Better" agenda, the White House announced late last night that the president was delaying his flight to Europe so he could present a "framework" deal to the House Democrat Caucus this morning. 


Garland Gets Grilled , Misinformation & Fear

 Garland Gets Grilled


Attorney General Merrick Garland appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee today to answer for his administration of the Department of Justice. 


The hearing got off to a rough start when the Democrat chairman of the committee, Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, raked Garland over the coals for failing to respond for months to issues he and other senators have raised over the course of the year.


The Caravans Are Coming , A Message To Conservatives, Confronting Communist China

The Caravans Are Coming


Another caravan comprised of thousands of illegal immigrants is headed our way. They're breaking laws all over Mexico as they clash with police and law enforcement on their march north toward our border. 


The Gathering , Obama's Big Lie, Taxing Wealth

The Gathering


I was honored to speak at this year's "The Gathering," an annual event hosted by Dr. James and Shirley Dobson, where they bring together leaders in the fight for Judeo-Christian values and many generous people who have supported their efforts. 


There was an all-star lineup of speakers, including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Eric Metaxas, General Michael Flynn, and former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.