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Biden Lies Again, RIP CNN+, Battling Big Tech

Biden Lies Again


President Biden went to the Left Coast yesterday for a fundraiser in Portland, Oregon. Incredibly, a recent poll found his approval rating had fallen to 35% in Oregon, a state he won by 16 points.


Battle In The Boardroom, Chaos On Capitol Hill, Demonizing Israel

Battle In The Boardroom


We're all used to the biased media, the left coast Hollywood liberals and the campus crazies who dominate our colleges. But it's been a real shock to see many of America's iconic, supposedly capitalist companies suddenly go woke. 


The Culture Of Death, Liberalism Kills, Speaking of Communist China

The Culture Of Death


Those of us in the pro-life movement have long argued that the Supreme Court's legal embrace of abortion in the 1973 Roe v. Wade case created a "culture of death" in America. That culture of death not only poisons the minds of those in the abortion industry, it also corrupts others as well to the point that they become "pro-abortion."


Many liberals object to that term. "No one is 'pro-abortion,'" they insist. Really?


No More Masks, Trump Calls For Talks, America's Political Prisoners

No More Masks


The left's love affair with face masks was dealt a fatal blow yesterday when a Trump-appointed judge ruled that the CDC exceeded its authority by requiring masks on airplanes and public transportation. This decision certainly took long enough, but it couldn't come at a better time.  


Cultural Barbarians Attack Faith, He's Not Helping, Coons Releases Trial Balloons

Cultural Barbarians Attack Faith


Just in time for Easter 1966, the secular media published a controversial article entitled, "Is God Dead?" As you can imagine, it caused considerable outrage. 


But in its own way, it was a significant moment because secular elites thought then that the Christian influence was waning in America, and they've been trying to undermine Christianity ever since. 


Musk Makes His Move, The Fight For Freedom, American Racism


Musk Makes His Move


Another Known Wolf, Fake Agents Freed, Pence Speaks Up For Freedom

Biden: Leading The Free World?


Joe Biden is using every horrible day of the carnage being inflicted on Ukraine by Vladimir Putin as a political opportunity for himself and the left. 


The globalists that dominate the U.S. government and left-wing political strategists see the Ukraine war as an opportunity to distract the American people from the damage they're doing to our country. 


Bidenflation Surges Again, The Shanghai Shutdown, Baal Worship In America

Bidenflation Surges Again


Inflation surged in March. The consumer price index (CPI) soared 1.2% last month. That brought the CPI for the last year to 8.5%. If March's 1.2% increase is annualized going forward, inflation would jump to 14.4%!


Deep State Blues, Transforming America, Biden's Cultural Extremism

Deep State Blues


Our politicized federal law enforcement agencies have suffered two setbacks in the last week. 


China's Chemical Warfare, Disney's New Hire

China's Chemical Warfare


Drug Enforcement Administration chief Anne Milgram made a shocking statement this week, which has not gotten nearly the coverage it deserves. She said: