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Communist China's Genocide, Is China Our Future, The Deep State Does It Again

Communist China's Genocide


There is growing pressure around the world to hold communist China accountable for the genocide that is taking place against the Uighurs and other ethnic minorities. 


The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, which I serve on, has been warning for years about communist China's growing human rights atrocities. (To call them "abuses" would be a gross understatement.) 


A Grim Milestone, Power Grabs & Policy Disasters, Redefining Equality

A Grim Milestone


A few days ago, America hit the grim and undesired milestone of 500,000 COVID-19 related deaths. Our hearts and prayers are with all the families who lost loved ones.


As is often the case, politicians rushed to exploit the suffering. The Biden Administration used the news as a cudgel to once again attack Donald Trump, while its social media allies have shut him down so he cannot respond. Sounds fair, right? No!


Appeasing Iran, Liberal Hostage Takers, Garland Unfit For Justice

Appeasing Iran


As the Biden Administration steps up its efforts to reengage Iran, the radical Islamic regime is feeling emboldened and is ratcheting up its pressure on the Biden Administration to make more concessions.


Biden's Emergency Bill, Mixed Messages, Biden's Model

Biden's Emergency Bill


President Biden's COVID relief bill – a massive $1.9 trillion emergency spending bill – is expected to come up for a vote in the House of Representatives this week. It's not difficult to justify additional resources to help struggling small businesses, families, and unemployed workers. 


Biden's Amnesty Bill, The Left's Priorities, More Biden Extremism

Biden's Amnesty Bill


The amnesty bill introduced in Congress yesterday with President Biden's support is the most radical immigration bill ever. As one immigration policy expert put it, "It's extraordinarily radical. You can't even call it left-wing."


Biden claimed that his bill will "restore justice, humanity, and order to our immigration system." He couldn't be more wrong. There's no justice, humanity or order to rewarding illegal behavior. And this legislation will only encourage more illegal immigration.


A Legend In His Own Time, The Hateful Left

Limbaugh: A Legend In His Own Time


It is impossible to overstate the impact of Rush Limbaugh on the American media and public life. He dropped out of college to get into the radio business, and he dominated the medium like no one else. 


He was the epitome of the American Dream, a self-made man with little else but "talent on loan from God," as he liked to say. As Mark Steyn wrote yesterday, that talent has now been returned to God.


Goodbye Rush, Trump vs. McConnell, Going Forward

Goodbye, Rush


By now you have probably heard the heartbreaking news that Rush Limbaugh passed away this morning from the consequences of the lung cancer he had been battling. His wife, Kathryn, opened his radio show today to make the announcement. 


Texas Tragedy, Trump Acquitted Again, About Those Republicans

Texas Tragedy


Our prayers are with people of the Midwest and Texas who are suffering through a terrible winter storm. President Biden, who wants to be known as the environmental president, has apparently solved global warming in three weeks! But this really isn't a joking matter. 


Liberals say never let a crisis go to waste, which is very cynical. I say we should learn from this crisis and there are lessons to be learned.


DeSantis vs. Biden, Someone Lied & Seniors Died, Biden Bows To Beijing

DeSantis vs. Biden


Cuban Changes Course, Killing America, Biden's Border Blunders

Cuban Changes Course


Yesterday we reported that Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, had decided to ban the national anthem before home games at the American Airlines Center.