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A Widow's Righteous Anger, Easter Without Jesus, Insulting & Dangerous

Stand With Me


Our values are under attack like never before. That’s no exaggeration, my friends. America is at a tipping point.


Please help me fight back!  Stand with me now!




A Widow’s Righteous Anger


Good News

The Good News


A Striking Contrast, Goodbye Joe, Insane Senate Vote

A Striking Contrast


Every day we get another example of the growing disconnect between normal Americans and the “governing class” who are infected with globalism, neo-Marxism, and moral relativism.


The Intolerant Left, The Tolerance Trap, Off The Rails

The Intolerant Left


Well, that didn’t last long. On Friday, NBC News announced that it had hired former RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel to be a conservative voice on the network.


She was immediately savaged by the network’s leading hosts. Facing a major rebellion, NBC’s leadership reversed course and fired McDaniel yesterday.


Official Story, Biden's Flag Fight, Mysterious Ways

Official Story


A cargo ship on its way out of Baltimore Harbor lost power, lost backup power, and then crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing its collapse and the loss of life. Baltimore police and rescue officials immediately assured us there was no evidence of terrorism or foul play. Accidents do happen.


But. . .


Ronna's Bad Reception, A Bad Spending Bill, A Missed Opportunity

Ronna, We Hardly Knew You


Former RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel was “shown the door” at the Republican National Committee and promptly landed on her feet – at NBC/MSNBC. What should we conclude from her signing up with the most anti-conservative, anti-Trump network? 


That’s easy. Her heart was never really with us.


Biden's Border Invasion, Biden Betrays Israel, Schumer's Shame

Biden’s Border Invasion


Hundreds of illegal aliens massed outside of El Paso, Texas, and marched toward our border. Members of the Texas National Guard attempted to block them, but the mob attacked our troops and stampeded over the border.


The fact that these illegal aliens felt they could get away with this assault on our country is proof of just how much the open borders left has weakened our country.


A Father's Plea, The Left vs. Israel, A Sign of Decline

A Father’s Plea


I hope you remember the name Laken Riley. We must not let this young woman be forgotten. Laken was a strong Christian and a nursing student with her whole life in front of her.


But her life was cut short. She was brutally murdered by an illegal alien because of Joe Biden’s failed and intentionally corrupt policies.


Jewish Leaders Slam Schumer, Clarifying Our Commitments, Legal Whiplash

Jewish Leaders Slam Schumer


The fallout continues from Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer’s speech last week attacking Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Schumer called Netanyahu “a major obstacle to peace” and demanded the overthrow of his coalition government through new elections in the middle of a war.


Back To That Bloodbath, Chinese Warn Of Bloodbath, Faith Under Siege

Back To The “Bloodbath”


As we reported yesterday, the left-wing media went into disinformation overload because of one word Donald Trump said during a weekend rally in Ohio.


Referring to the potential threats the American auto industry is facing, Trump warned of a “bloodbath” in lost jobs if he loses the election and is, thus, unable to change policy and protect American jobs.