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The Intolerant Left, More Left-wing Nonsense, Values Voter Summit

The Intolerant Left
Famed New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is under attack by the radical left and its media allies.  Why is Brees suddenly the subject of so much attention? 
Did he protest the national anthem?  No.  Did he tweet something nasty about Donald Trump?  No.  For those things, he would be applauded by our cultural elites.

Selling Socialism, Aiding The Recovery, McConnell & The Courts

Selling Socialism
Anyone who tuned in to CNN yesterday witnessed an incredible spectacle.  There was a "marathon town hall" on climate change, of course, using Hurricane Dorian as the backdrop. 
One thing was abundantly clear from the hours and hours of hot air: The left and its media allies are all in on using fear to sell socialism. 

The Assault On Normalcy, The Green New Menace, Don't Be Fooled

The Assault On Normalcy
Yesterday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved a resolution labeling the National Rifle Association a "domestic terrorist organization."
This is so insane that one might be tempted to laugh it off.  DON'T

Confronting China, Dorian Peaks, Can We Stop Politicizing Hurricanes

Confronting China

Comey's Corruption II

Comey's Corruption II
I share the frustration many people feel about the lack of punishment, as of now, for those in our intelligence and criminal justice agencies who conspired to destroy a duly elected president.  But James Comey hasn't been entirely cleared. 
He's been called a "leaker" and a "liar," so I expect he'll be hired by CNN or MSNBC in the next 48 hours.  Nevertheless, other investigations could still impact Comey, Brennan, Clapper and others.

China's Elite Apologists, Comey's Corruption, More Anti-Semitic Violence

China's Elite Apologists
If you needed another example of the growing divide between cultural elites and the American heartland, look no further than William Dudley, former president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. 

Defending Americanism, Selling Recession, Taxpayer Abuse

Defending Americanism
Yesterday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressed the American Legion's 101st National Convention.  He spoke about what it means to promote America's interests in today's world. 
Pompeo began his remarks by noting that the American Legion is dedicated to fostering "one hundred percent Americanism."  Undoubtedly many progressives were "triggered" by his remarks!  Below are some excerpts.

A Disturbing Poll, Lincoln's Warning, Defending Religious Liberty

A Disturbing Poll
This week, the Wall Street Journal produced yet another poll that, sadly, shows what other recent polls have told us.  There is a virtual collapse in the fundamental, unifying values of faith, family and freedom, and it does not bode well for our nation.

The G-7 Summit, Iran Lashes Out, CNN Jumps The Shark

The G-7 Summit
As President Trump left the United States last week to attend the G-7 economic summit, one media outlet wrote that Trump was heading "into a summit of world leaders in an increasingly isolated position."  But virtually everything about the news coverage is wrong. 

Transforming America, Remaking History, Values Voter Summit

Transforming America
The left is not shy when it comes to telling us what it thinks about America.  From Hillary's "basket of deplorables" to progressive declarations that the country was founded on racism and genocide, it's clear that the left just doesn't like America all that much.
Make no mistake about it, my friends.  The radical left wants to completely remake America.