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Climate Change Hysteria, Save Our Schools, Desperately Seeking Answers

Climate Change Hysteria


A Sad Observation, Back To Biden, The Fear Mongering Left


A Sad Observation


I apologize for missing the fact that yesterday marked the 60th anniversary of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic speech at the Lincoln Memorial. This is a late but important observation about that anniversary, which got very little attention. 


Crazy In Chicago, Manipulating Maui

Crazy In Chicago


Trump’s Arrest, Triggered By The Truth, More Left-wing Lunacy

Trump’s Arrest


The GOP Debate, Fox Is Off The Rails, The Trump/Tucker Show

The GOP Debate


The Real Threat, Debate Night, Crucial Court Victories

The Real Threat


Biden’s Maui Mess, Standing For Life, The Stage Is Set
Biden Corruption Revealed, More Corruption Revealed, 2024 Update

Biden Corruption Revealed


American Dunkirk, U.S. Aid for Atheism, D.C. Viewpoint Discrimination Takes a Hit

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Atlanta’s Attack On The Constitution

Atlanta’s Attack On The Constitution
For reasons that are obviously political, Fani Willis, the brutally partisan district attorney in Fulton County, Georgia, returned a fourth round of indictments against Donald Trump at 10:30 p.m. last night. By now I’m almost out of words to explain this latest attempt by allies of the current figurehead president, Joe Biden, to take out his most likely opponent next November. Maybe no explanation is needed. Trump is not the real or even primary target.