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BREAKING NEWS, Biden Lied & Americans Died, FBI Election Meddling

BREAKING NEWS: Affidavit Released


The Justice Department today released the affidavit allegedly justifying the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Predictably, about half of the pages were either mostly or entirely blacked out. We will have more analysis on Monday.




Biden Lied & Americans Died


Silencing Debate, Biden’s Bribes

Silencing Debate


The left is at it again. When corruption in the FBI is exposed and demands for reform are made, leftist bureaucrats and their media allies immediately scream, “You’re going to cause violence!”


When conservatives opposed the massive increase for the IRS in the Manchin/Schumer climate bill, leftist bureaucrats and their media allies screamed, “You’re going to cause violence!”  


Biden’s Voter Payoff Scheme, Ukraine & Mar-a-Lago, Bowser vs. Biden

Biden’s Voter Payoff Scheme


Faith Under Siege, Fighting For Our Values, Fauci’s Farewell

Faith Under Siege


Kudos to Grace Christian School in Valrico, Florida!


As many schools do at the beginning of the school year, Grace Christian School sent out a reminder to all parents about the school’s standards of conduct. Included in that notice was a statement that sexual activity outside of marriage was not permitted by the school. 


The Anti-Constitutional Left, Liz’s List

The Anti-Constitutional Left


Wake Up, America!, The Big Question, The Deep State Director

Wake Up, America!


There were two very revealing and disturbing statements this week by important people that I want to bring to your attention. I don’t know why these people are openly saying such things, but it’s extraordinary and it deserves more consideration.




The Atheist Philosopher


DC Reset, A Tale Of Two Tapes, Speaking Of Phone Calls

CDC Reset


Bye Bye Liz, Biden’s Massive Climate Bill, Alaska Results

Bye, Bye Liz


Liz Cheney’s political career went down in flames last night. The extent of her utter defeat in the Wyoming Republican primary is absolutely stunning! 


She lost by 37 points to Trump-endorsed conservative Harriett Hageman – 66% to 29%. As an incumbent officeholder, it’s shocking that Cheney couldn’t even break 30%! 


Liberty Under Siege, Recall Fail, Remember Afghanistan

Liberty Under Siege


Last week amid intense pressure, Attorney General Merrick Garland made a big display of going before the cameras to tell us that the Justice Department was asking a court to make public the details justifying the FBI raid on Trump’s home. 


Trump Urges Calm, Garland’s Gaslighting, Biden Negotiates With Terrorists

Trump Urges Calm


Former President Donald Trump responded over the weekend and again today to the simmering controversy involving the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago home.