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Patriot Graves

Patriot Graves


Monday marks Memorial Day, a national observance first known as Decoration Day. The first Memorial Day was observed on May 30, 1868, on the orders of General John Logan, commander of the Grand Army of the Republic. Flowers were placed on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery.


Initially meant as a time to remember those who fell during the bloody battles of our brutal Civil War, the holiday's significance has been extended to honor all those who paid the ultimate price for our nation.

Left-wing Lunacy, A Frightening Coincidence, Tuesday's Results

It's generally accepted that one of the ways to measure a person's character is to see how they react in a crisis. Do they rise to the occasion or are their worst instincts magnified?

Well, the past two days have been very revealing. Leading progressive politicians have contributed little of value to the national debate, and have only done their best to exacerbate our pain.

Texas Elementary Massacre, Godless America, The Breakdown Of The Family

Texas Elementary Massacre


Today, I want to only address the deadly shooting in Texas. Everything else pales in comparison. 


Once again, the country is mourning the senseless murder of innocent Americans, including 19 of our children. These scenes of death at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, are heartbreaking. It is impossible to imagine the grief of the parents who had to wait for hours to learn the fate of their children. We all grieve with them.


Biden's Incredible Transition, Biden's Modern Military, Resisting Biden's Bad Treaty

Biden's Incredible Transition


Putin Hits Me, Biden Does It Again, Monkeypox Fear

Putin Hits Me!


The Left Targets You, The Criminalization Of Politics, The Battle Against Big Government

The Left Targets You


Wednesday night, the House of Representatives rammed through a disturbing bill under the guise of "fighting domestic terrorism." 


Left-wing Hate, Speaking Of Left-wing Violence, Biden Is Costing You

Left-wing Hate


Biden On Steroids, Bad News For Biden, Tuesday's Results

Biden On Steroids


The left-wing media outlet Politico reports that Joe Biden has had an epiphany, and White House insiders are really excited because big changes are coming to the way he governs. (I hope you're sitting down for this.)

Biden In Buffalo, Left-wing Lies, Telling The Truth About Abortion

The White House announced yesterday that President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden are traveling to Buffalo, New York, today to comfort the families of the victims of Saturday's mass shooting. That is exactly what a president should do after such horrible events.

The quickness with which the White House moved to get Biden there is impressive. What is inexplicable, however, is why the Biden White House is so selective in responding to hate crimes.

Evil In Buffalo, Thomas's Warning, WHO Wants More Control

The terrible mass shooting at a Buffalo grocery store over the weekend is a tragedy. We must pray for the victims' families and for the city of Buffalo.

The shooter left a rambling manifesto calling himself a "white supremacist" and expressing hatred for Jews. He was previously questioned by authorities and examined for mental illness after making statements about wanting to murder someone and kill himself.

Almost immediately the left started to exploit this horrible event to demonize mainstream conservatives. Fox News, Tucker Carlson and conservative members of Congress were all smeared. Anyone who has opposed the mass illegal migration of two million people into the United States in the past year is being blamed for the shooter's racist rantings.

The leftists engaged in this demagoguery are political vampires. They feed off the blood of dead Americans to advance their radical, socialist agenda.