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The Supremes Step In, Root Causes

The Supremes Step In


In a surprising development late yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled 5-to-4 that the Trump Administration’s Title 42 policy would continue to remain in effect at the southern border. 


Christmas Revelations, Speaking Of Communist China

Christmas Revelations


There were more astonishing revelations about the full extent of the Deep State’s involvement with Twitter over the Christmas holiday weekend. 


Federal Biden Intimidators, About That Flag

FBI – Federal Biden Intimidators


The FBI released an extraordinary statement yesterday defending its behavior in the wake of multiple revelations about its efforts to censor free speech and shut down legitimate news about Hunter Biden’s laptop.  Here’s the statement:


Biden's Ominous Spending Bill, The Number One Priority, Threatening Freedom

Biden’s Ominous Spending Bill


While you’re focused on family and faith this time of year, President Biden, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi (with help from Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell) are jamming a massive omnibus spending bill through Congress.  Sadly, this is what “bipartisanship” looks like these days. 


Deceit & Danger, Threatening Oversight, Left-wing Lies

Deceit & Danger


A seventh tranche of information exposing Twitter’s censorship regime was released yesterday by Elon Musk’s team.  Among the latest revelations is the fact that the FBI jumped into action to suppress the news about Hunter Biden’s laptop THE DAY BEFORE the New York Post broke the shocking story.


Pelosi's Revenge, Defending Normalcy, The Friend I Know

Pelosi’s Revenge


Outgoing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is seeking to extract one last act of revenge against Donald Trump. 


Vax Mandate Defeated, The Biden Crime Family, Biden's Open Borders

Vax Mandate Defeated


Last night, the Senate finally approved the annual defense authorization bill, sending the legislation to President Biden’s desk.  Better late than never I suppose.  The fact that Senate liberals prioritized same-sex marriage over the defense bill speaks volumes.  But I digress.


Cry Me A River, Was COVID-19 A Bio-Weapon, Fauci's Fears

Cry Me A River


John Boehner, the former speaker of the House who left Congress to lobby for the marijuana industry, was back on Capitol Hill yesterday.  He was there to speak at the dedication of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s official portrait. 


Once again, Boehner displayed why the GOP accomplishes so little when it has power.  He sounded like a prisoner of war with Stockholm syndrome. 


The Morning After, A Religious Fig Leaf, Biden's Bile

The Morning After


We know more this morning about what was said at yesterday’s White House celebration of same-sex marriage.  First, some quick history.


The misnamed “Respect for Marriage Act” allegedly did two things:  It codified same-sex marriage as well as interracial marriage in federal law.  Do you see what’s strange about this? 


Biden's House Party, The Twitter Files, School Satan Clubs

Biden’s House Party


Joe Biden held a big party at the White House today for the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act.  The bill has nothing to do with respecting marriage.  Its purpose is to restrict religious liberty and rights of conscience.


According to Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, there were hundreds of guests, including Hollywood celebrities and entertainers.  Predictably, the LGBTQ+ movement was well represented.