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The American Values Agenda

Here are ten issues where most Americans find broad agreement. I call them "The American Values Agenda." Use this platform in discussions with friends and family members. Share it with local activists and officials in your community. Urge them to take action on issues that unite us around our shared values.

Biden v. Holt, Another Warning, Concerned Consumers

President Joe Biden recently sat down for an extended interview with Lester Holt of NBC News. Inflation hit a record high this week, so Holt reminded Biden that he said months ago inflation would be temporary. He then said to the president, "I think a lot of Americans are wondering what your definition of temporary is."

Biden wasn't amused.

The Totalitarian Left, Undermining Trust, Sowing Discord

Yesterday, we told you about the Soviet-style KGB tactics of the Capitol Hill Police. They've gone from protecting members of Congress, their staff and Capitol Hill visitors to investigating members of Congress, their staff and anyone they meet with.

Well, here's the latest example of the left's ongoing effort to weaponize big government against normal Americans.

Beijing Eileen, Biden Blew It, Pelosi's KGB

Beijing Eileen


Remember the name Eileen Gu.  She just won the gold medal for the communist Chinese team in the women's big air event at the Beijing "Genocide Games".  Now she's a celebrity in communist China and an international sensation. 


Google her name and there's more than 39 million hits.  The American media are fawning all over her.  But here's the odd thing:  Gu was born in San Francisco. 


A Lesson From 1979, Reclaiming Our Freedom, Left-wing Hate

Forty-three years ago this month, the Washington, D.C., political establishment was faced with a different grassroots revolt. Angry famers, being driven out of business by Jimmy Carter's lousy economy, were convinced that no one in Washington understood their plight or cared about their families.

Mask Mandate Madness, Gerrymandering Madness, Fundraising Madness

The coronavirus has caused many of us to mask up for the last two years. Ironically, it has unmasked the authoritarian impulses and hypocrisy of our political class, particularly those on the left.

While your five year-old is forced to wear a mask and produce a vaccine passport to go to McDonalds, hardly a day goes by when we don't see some liberal mayor, left-wing member of Congress or progressive Hollywood celebrity flouting the rules by going maskless and lying through their teeth about it.

The Genocide Games, Wrong About Rights, FreedomCivics

The 2022 Winter Olympic Games began today in Beijing, China. The Games kicked off with a summit of our enemies between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping conspiring against America.

The Olympic Games should never have been held in communist China.

Biden, Crime & The Border, ISIS Leader Dead, Free For How Long

President Biden went to New York City today to talk about crime. The timing of his trip is very revealing. He didn't go last week to attend the funeral of Officer Jason Rivera. He didn't go yesterday to attend the funeral of Officer Wilbert Mora.

He can't find the time to attend the funerals of cops murdered in the line of duty, but he has the time for a photo-op to gaslight the American people.

A Crisis Of Courage, Correct The Lie, Left-wing Censors

In Texas yesterday, Officer Charles Galloway was laid to rest. Galloway was shot in the head by an illegal alien during what should have been a routine traffic stop. Captain Ted Heap spoke at the funeral. His eulogy should be required reading for every elected official.

Clueless On Crime, Caught Red-Handed, Whoopi's Whopper

There's another funeral today in New York City for a police officer killed by a thug. In Texas, they are mourning a deputy sheriff gunned down by an illegal alien. In Stockton, California, they are mourning a firefighter who was shot and killed while trying to put out a fire.

Recent polling shows that the growing crime wave is the top concern among voters, tied with inflation. But the Biden White House is clueless.