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iden's Border Crisis, Left-wing Priorities, Major League Blowback

Biden's Border Crisis


The crisis at the border gets worse with each passing day. More than 20,000 migrant children are currently in custody. 


Punished For Compromise, Georgia vs. H.R. 1, Stop The Panic


Punished For Compromise


Georgia & Hong Kong, Major League Hypocrisy, Fighting Back

Georgia & Hong Kong


Murder On The Hill, A Clear Pattern, Major League Lies

Murder On The Hill


Capitol Hill came under attack Friday. A car rammed a security barrier, striking two Capitol Hill police officers in the process. The driver then jumped out of the car, armed with a knife, and lunged at the officers. The attacker was shot and killed.


The Good News

The Good News

There has been plenty of disheartening and worrisome news lately. The southern border is wide open. China and Iran just signed a huge trade deal. North Korea is firing missiles again. Congressional progressives are plotting tax hikes, more spending and even bigger government.


But today, on Good Friday, we focus on the perfect Lamb, the truth of scripture and exactly what it is that we as Christians are celebrating. (And it's not chocolate bunnies, spiral hams or marshmallow chicks!)


The Totalitarian Left, Baseball & The Border, Biden's Boondoggle

The Totalitarian Left


The Photo Nobody Sees, Ignoring Root Causes, Killing King's Dream

The Photo Nobody Sees


COVID Passports, Gloom & Doom, Illegal Immigrants First
COVID Passports?
Red China Hits Back At USCIRF, Biden's Border Cover-up, Baseball vs. The Ballot
Red China Hits Back At USCIRF
So Much For Mr. Nice Guy, Ready For The Transformation, The Border Crisis Is Real
So Much For Mr. Nice Guy