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A Recycled Smear Campaign, The Cover-up Continues, Better Late Than Never

A Recycled Smear Campaign
Yesterday marked the anniversary of the Senate vote confirming Brett Kavanaugh as a justice of the Supreme Court.  The left still hasn't gotten over that loss.  There were protests at the Supreme Court yesterday.

Ten Hours Of Testimony, Pelosi's Charade, Going Strong

Ten Hours Of Testimony
Kurt Volker, the former U.S. envoy to Ukraine, testified on Capitol Hill yesterday for nearly 10 hours.  He was one of the first witnesses deposed in the House impeachment inquiry.  (More on that below.) 

Shifty Schiff, Suspended Rights, Focus On Faith

"Shifty Schiff"
As we noted yesterday, the New York Times reported that the Deep State operative, which the media falsely call a "whistleblower," went to the Democrat staff on the House Intelligence Committee in advance and got their advice on filing his complaint.  This is a blatant violation of the whistleblower law.

BREAKING NEWS, Pompeo Pushes Back, Bring Your Bible To School

The New York Times is reporting that the Deep State operative, who the media refer to as a "whistleblower," met with members of Rep. Adam Schiff's staff about his complaint regarding the president's call with the Ukrainian leader before the complaint was filed and made public. 

The Fake Impeachment Continues, More Deception, Communist China's Celebration

The Fake Impeachment Continues
Yesterday the New York Times and the Washington Post broke stories that they treated as huge developments but they were nothing. 

He Is Not A Whistleblower, The Real Whistleblower, Because He’s Fighting For You

He Is Not A Whistleblower
The individual, reportedly a CIA employee, who filed a complaint based on hearsay against President Trump is routinely and inaccurately referred to as a “whistleblower.” In fact, he is a Deep State operative who is playing a key role in the latest attempt to execute a political coup to reverse the 2016 election and nullify the votes of 63 million Americans.

Blumenthal's Bluster, Where We Stand, Keeping Our Streets Safe

Blumenthal's Bluster
As the impeachment of President Trump begins, the battle lines are hardening.  Senator Lindsey Graham dismissed the allegations against the president as "a nothing burger."  Senator Richard Blumenthal had a visceral reaction to Graham's quip, saying:

Media Malpractice, The DNI Testifies, Schiff's Skit

Media Malpractice
For the past 24 hours, the liberal media have engaged in tremendous journalistic malpractice.  Virtually every outlet has represented President Trump's phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenksy as a call exclusively about the former vice president. 
For example, here's how NPR and most media outlets presented the details of the call:

What Happened, A Ukraine Primer, The Transcript

What Happened
You know what happened in Washington yesterday.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi's impeachment press conference dominated the evening news.  But what you may not know is what President Trump did yesterday. 
In his speech before the United Nations General Assembly, Trump challenged the global elites and he made it clear that America will not be taken advantage of anymore.

Impeachment Mania, Trump At The U.N., Defending Life

Impeachment Mania
More and more progressives have jumped on the impeachment bandwagon in response to the media hysteria over President Trump's call to the Ukrainian leader.  There are reports that Speaker Nancy Pelosi will announce formal impeachment proceedings within hours.
There is also breaking news that the president has ordered the transcript of his call to be made public tomorrow.