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A COVID Correction, Follow The Science, Rigged

Aside from whatever corruption happened in the 2020 election (see below), most analysts agree (here, here and here) that COVID put Donald Trump on defense and was thoroughly exploited by Joe Biden and his left-wing media allies. Based on the obscene ads the Biden campaign ran, you'd would have thought that COVID originated in Mar-a-Lago rather than a Wuhan lab.

When Joe Biden occupied the Oval Office, he enjoyed sky-high approval ratings, hitting 63% in one poll. But in less than a year, he has methodically frittered it all away.

Biden Lied & People Died, Preparing For War, Targeting The Troops

Joe Biden said repeatedly throughout 2020 that he had a plan to "shut down the virus." But according to the CDC, nearly 427,000 Americans died from COVID this year. What happened to Biden's plan? It's been "quarantined."

In a call with the nation's governors yesterday discussing the Omicron variant, Biden made a stunning admission when he said, "Look, there is no federal solution. This gets solved at the state level."

How's that for passing the buck?!

The Genocide Olympics, Speaking of Tyrants, Biden & Brandon

The 2022 Winter Olympics are scheduled to begin just a little over a month from now. The Olympic Games should be a time of celebration and competition. Instead, these games are an atrocity. They are a celebration of communist genocide.

Hope & Blessings

The battle continues in Washington as it does every day. 2021 has been an extremely challenging year in our nation's capital and throughout much of the country. We have struggled through another year of pandemic panic, economic malaise, partisan recriminations and all kinds of unfortunate records – record crime, record illegal immigration, record inflation, record spending, record drug overdoses, etc., etc.

But through all the acrimonious debates, as important as they are, no headline can turn our hearts away from the child whose birth we celebrate tomorrow.

Pray For Persecuted Christians

For Christians this is a joyous time of year. We celebrate the birth of Christ with our families in relative peace and safety in a free country.

But the latest news of nearly 50 Nigerian Christians being slaughtered by Islamists was a stark reminder that our peace and safety is not the norm for many Christians around the world. Yes, they look forward to the season with joy, but also with fear. Persecution against believers often accelerates during Christmas.

Biden's COVID Reckoning, Biden's Crime Crisis, Biden's Polling Crisis

Biden's COVID Reckoning


Columnist Byron York writes that Joe Biden is facing "a day of reckoning" for his mishandling of the pandemic. Biden's White House address yesterday suggests that he knows that day is upon him.


Manchin Cracks The Door, Left-wing Lunacy, Three More Bow Out

Manchin Cracks The Door


BBB DOA, The Panic Pandemic, Losing Our Freedom



Christmas Is Coming Early, Holding Children Hostage, The Pro-Abortion Left

Christmas Is Coming Early


Joe Biden must have been naughty this year because he's getting nothing but coal in his stocking. The administration is suffering defeat after defeat. 


Biden's COVID Crisis, Manchin v. Biden, The Anti-Semitic Left

Biden's COVID Crisis


Earlier this week, the United States reached a grim milestone – 800,000 Americans have died as a result of complications from COVID-19. This news comes just as the latest variant – Omicron – begins to spread throughout the country.