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Here We Go Again, A Revealing Pattern, The Growing Resistance'
Here We Go Again
Trump vs. The WHO, Hard Truths, Abortion Is Not Essential

Trump vs. The WHO


President Trump yesterday slammed the World Health Organization for "missing the call" on the coronavirus, and he blasted the organization for its "very China-centric" approach. Trump also said he would "strongly consider" cutting off U.S. funding, more than half a billion dollars a year, to the global body.


Signs Of Hope, Media Malfeasance

Signs Of Hope

There are many "green shoots" in the battle being waged against the coronavirus. All over the country, hospitalizations and deaths are well below what multiple experts and their models had predicted even a week ago. Don't get me wrong – we're not out of the woods yet. 

But consider these developments:

The President Ask For Prayer, Policies Vindicated, A New Test & A New Model
The President Asks For Prayer
America First, More Mistakes, What's Essential

America First

Other Threats, What To Know, What We Can Learn

Other Threats

While the coronavirus remains our primary domestic threat, the world remains a very dangerous place, and America's enemies have not stopped plotting against us.

At yesterday's White House press briefing, President Trump was joined by Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, Attorney General William Barr and General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 

A Somber Day, February's Warning, We're Back

A Somber Day

Thank You, Blame China, Keep Calm & Carry On

Thank You!

Trump Extends Guidelines, Reassuring Our Children, Clinton's Carping

Trump Extends Guidelines

Hope vs. Despair, Return To Normal, More Viral Threats

Hope vs.