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Be Thankful

Be Thankful
I love Thanksgiving.  It's not just a day off work.  It's not a day devoted to parades and football.  It's not even about turkeys and pumpkin pies. As the name makes clear, it is a day devoted to giving thanks to God for the blessings we enjoy.

A Tale Of Two Presidents, Nadler's Next, Who's In A Cult

A Tale Of Two Presidents
There are a lot of controversies in Washington that make headlines for a couple of days.  But after a while, we realize they were just sideshows that didn't matter much in the big picture. 
I'd like to share two controversies here, one from the Obama Administration and one from the Trump Administration.  Both are incredibly meaningful for how they demonstrate each president's understanding of the war over the meaning of America.

S.O.S. -- Save Our SEALs, What Really Matters, Chinese Communists Get Crushed

S.O.S. -- Save Our SEALs
I have tremendous respect for our war fighters, particularly those in the trenches.  The men and women who risk their lives defending our country deserve our utmost admiration. 
It is disappointing that our politically correct military establishment here in Washington, D.C., has been so outraged by President Trump's recent efforts to support our heroes on the front lines.  

The Lawyer Leak, Making His Case, Good News

The Lawyer Leak
Last evening, news broke alleging that a former FBI lawyer is currently under criminal investigation for altering documents related to the application for a FISA warrant to surveil Trump campaign associate Carter Page.  This revelation is based on the findings of Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, whose report will be released on December 9th.

Day Five Trump Survives, Sondland Smears Pence Too, Congress Confronts China

Day Five, Trump Survives
It's Day Five of the House impeachment circus and Donald Trump is still president of the United States.  In spite of the media's breathless reporting, these hearings have been largely devoid of substance, and the headlines have been devoid of facts. 
Yesterday's hearing with Ambassador Gordon Sondland provided excellent examples of what's wrong with this process and with the press.

Day Four Still A Bore, The Deep State On Display, Debate Night

Day Four, Still A Bore
Today it was Gordon Sondland's turn in the impeachment sham spotlight.  Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, suggested there was a "potential quid pro quo" between the Trump Administration and Ukraine.  But his remarks also undercut the Democrats' primary line of attack.

Day 3 Nothing To See, A More Important Hearing, Settlements Are Not The Obstacle

Day 3, Nothing To See
The House Intelligence Committee resumed its sham impeachment hearings today. A parade of witnesses will pass through the committee this week.  I predict that just like last week, there will be nothing new to see, no major bombshells or revelations. 

Trump Stands With Our Troops, Barr Blasts The Left, The Pigskin Prima Donna

Trump Stands With Our Troops
Late Friday afternoon, the White House announced that President Trump had intervened in the cases of three U.S. military personnel -- Army Lt. Clint Lorance, Army Green Beret Maj. Matt Golsteyn and Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher -- who were convicted of various crimes related to their service in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Trump issued full pardons to Lorance and Golsteyn while restoring Gallagher's rank and pay.

Day Two Nothing New, It's Bribery Now, Good News From The Courts

Day Two, Nothing New
Marie Yovanovitch, the former ambassador to Ukraine, testified today before Adam Schiff's sham impeachment committee.  President Trump recalled Ambassador Yovanovitch in April.  It's clear from her testimony that "Hell hath no fury like a diplomat scorned."  Here are some observations.

Ukraine First, The Hearsay Hearings, Taking On Russia

Ukraine First?
As I thought more last night about yesterday's testimony during the House impeachment hearing, I found myself getting angry.  Let me explain why.
The two key witnesses selected by the House majority to kickoff this high-profile spectacle, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent and Ambassador William Taylor, are experts on Ukraine. 
It was clear from their remarks that they both have a real heart for Ukraine.  They really want to help Ukraine and are very concerned about President Trump's views and policies.