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Biden’s Hill To Climb, Harris’s Laugh Stuns Europe, Not Your Father’s Pledge of Allegiance

Biden’s Hill To Climb


The Biden Administration is doing everything they can to exploit the Russia/Ukraine war for political gain. Every problem created by their failed policies is being blamed on Putin, the war, or America’s energy industry. Biden would much rather run this November against Putin and “big oil” than run against conservatives. 


Kissinger's Column, Biden's Inflation Crisis, Disney's Radical Demands

Kissinger's Column


Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is once again making headlines. It's not for anything he said recently, but for something he wrote eight years ago. In a 2014 column in the Washington Post, Kissinger warned against exactly the very scenario we are witnessing in Ukraine today. 


Children At Risk, A Clean Conscience, Biden v. Trump

Children At Risk


As many of you know, Dr. James Dobson and I co-wrote "Children At Risk, Winning the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Your Children" more than 30 years ago. One of the dangers we warned about in the book was the public policy goals of the radical gay rights movement. 


Of course, conservatives have been mocked over the years for suggesting there was a "gay agenda" aimed at children. "That's a bunch of homophobic fearmongering," we were told. 


Pain IS Their Plan, Biden Attacks, Speaking Of Iran

Pain IS Their Plan


A devastating report came out yesterday. The average family will spend $2,000 more this year to put gasoline in their car. But that's not all. Groceries will cost us an extra $1,000. This is a terrible blow to middle-class families. 


So, what was the reaction of the Biden Administration? 


Biden's Energy Crisis, Time To Get Serious, Exposing The Radical Left

Biden's Energy Crisis


I'm sure you've noticed that gas prices are going up – way up. In fact, they're going up at a record rate. A barrel of oil jumped $5.00 last night on the global market. Gas prices are up 40 cents in the past week, and they're quickly headed to record highs. 


Exploiting Ukraine, Don't Forget China, Busting The Bidens

Exploiting Ukraine


We all know how Joe Biden and the socialist left exploited the COVID pandemic and used it as an excuse to restrict our liberties. They also used it as a bludgeon against conservatives. But if we can lose our liberties during a time of crisis, the left will always make sure we're in a crisis. 


Well, just as we seem to be turning the corner on COVID, we find ourselves in another crisis with Russia's invasion of Ukraine.


Canceling Russia, Meanwhile In Vienna, Takeaways From Texas

What If. . .


With all the terrible scenes of suffering coming out of Ukraine, it's hard to imagine that anything good could possibly result from this tragedy. But. . . 


What if naive Europeans, who bought into the idea that sovereignty no longer mattered and that war was a relic of the past, suddenly realize that peace comes through strength and start to provide for their own defense with serious investments, as Trump urged them to do?


All Muddle No Middle, Fright Night, Random Observations

All Muddle No Middle


Last night's State of the Union Address was a perfect opportunity for Joe Biden to tack back to the middle and present a slightly left-of-center agenda, something in the Bill Clinton mold of the old Democrat Party, which many Americans thought Joe Biden represented. 


Biden's War, The Left's Reaction, Abortion Bill Defeated
Biden's War
A Modern Day Churchill, Peace Talks, War Is Hell

A Modern Day Churchill


Every historic moment produces quotes that live on in memory. Patrick Henry's famous exhortation, "Give me liberty or give me death," is one example. 


Winston Churchill's speech on the eve of War World II rallying the British people to resist Hitler by declaring, "Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be," comes to mind.


Ronald Reagan's call at the Brandenburg Gate, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall," is a more recent example.