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Pelosi Ups Unemployment, A Disturbing Alliance, Did China & The WHO "Attack" Us Again
Pelosi Ups Unemployment 
Trump Warns Iran, Trump Takes On Harvard, Putting Americans First

Trump Warns Iran

The Left Celebrates, A Bold Move, More Testing
The Left Celebrates
Good News, Pelosi Fiddles While Businesses Burn, Days Of Remembrance
Good News
The Plan To Reopen, Amazing Response, Return To Normal
The Plan To Reopen
Communist Lies, Progressive Ignorance, Opening Soon
Communist Lies
Reopening & Reviving America, Pushback From The Left, Trump vs. The WHO
Reopening & Reviving America
Setting The Record Straight, Signs Of Hope, Biden's Endorsements
Setting The Record Straight
The Covid Panic, Fighting For Faith, Fighting For Life
The Covid Panic
The Good News

The Good News

There has been plenty of disheartening and worrisome news lately. Sixteen thousand Americans have died from Covid-19. Sixteen million Americans have lost their jobs in the past three weeks. Easter festivities have been canceled in churches across the country.