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Biden’s Gestapo, Putting Ukraine First, DEI Or DIE

Biden’s Gestapo


Cultural Chaos, Middle East Meddling, Open Borders Nightmare

Cultural Chaos


The chaos in Congress is dominating the headlines today, and I’ll address that issue in a moment.  But there are far more damaging things happening in America that we should be focused on. 


The Republic will survive the temporary chaos caused by a sudden change of leadership in the House of Representatives.  We won’t survive the collapse of norms and values that have defined this country and Western Civilization for centuries.


Targeting Trump, Preparing For The Worst, Impeachment Watch

Targeting Trump


The left’s campaign to persecute Donald Trump relentlessly marches on.  Right now, New York progressives are attempting to destroy the Trump Organization, potentially bankrupting the former president and his family. 


In doing so, they are taking America down the dark and dangerous path of Soviet-era Stalinism, where the state prosecutes its political opponents.


Shutdown Averted, Kennedy's Big Announcement, Newsom's Choice

Shutdown Averted


Well, we narrowly averted a government shutdown this weekend.  After days of contentious wrangling, Congress finally approved a short-term continuing resolution to fund the government for 45 days – no thanks to Rep. Jamaal Bowman, who did his best to derail the whole process by pulling a fire alarm. 


What a mess! 


The Real Threat, Impeachment Watch, Debate Debacle

The Real Threat


President Joe Biden delivered a speech in Arizona yesterday to honor the late Senator John McCain.  (As I’ve noted before, in the minds of progressives the only acceptable Republicans are dead Republicans.) 


Debate Disaster, The Best Line, Christie The Critic

Debate Disaster


Biden’s Iranian Spies, Biden’s China Cash, Philly Erupts

Biden’s Iranian Spies


Biden’s Alien Invasion, More Abortion Lies, The Blind

Biden’s Alien Invasion


The past 48 hours have been a humiliating time for America. Yesterday, it was outrageous to see foreign aliens plant the Venezuelan flag on U.S. soil as they illegally crossed into our country. 


Biden’s Collapse, Newsom Makes His Move, Schumer’s Shabby Senate

Biden’s Collapse


No, the president didn’t fall down again. But if the latest Washington Post / ABC News poll is any indication, Biden is collapsing in the polls.


White House aides were no doubt reaching for the Maalox this weekend given the poll’s shocking results. Biden’s approval is down to just 37%, and Donald Trump leads Joe Biden by 10 points – 52% to 42%. 


Biden’s Big Lie, Biden’s Police State, Biden’s Obstruction

Biden’s Big Lie


In the closing years of my mother’s life, when she was living with Carol and me, she suffered from a form of dementia or perhaps Alzheimer’s. One of the indications there was something wrong was that she would say something to us and just a minute or two later, she would bring up exactly the same subject and repeat exactly what she had just said.