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Biden Emboldened, McCarthy’s Moment, Liz Cheney’s Awful Election Night

What’s Next?


Republicans haven’t yet nailed down the House, and we won’t know the final outcome in the Senate until after the Georgia runoff election next month. 


But we do know this: In a matter of days, the lame duck Congress will return to Capitol Hill, and we’re facing major dangers.


Before adjourning in September for the campaign season, Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer declared that he had “an extremely busy agenda” planned for the lame duck session of Congress. 


Killing The Economy, Smearing Trump, Biden’s Radical Appointees

Killing The Economy


As you know, there are growing concerns about President Biden’s mental acuity.  There are fears he could be suffering from age-related issues.  The latest Harvard/Harris poll finds that 68% of Americans believe Biden is “too old” to be president and 55% have doubts about his fitness for the job.


The War On Cops, The War On Faith, Don’t Buy The Spin

The War On Cops


It’s been a very bad week for the Thin Blue Line. Twelve police officers have been shot across the country so far this week. Six were killed. I haven’t heard a word about it from President Biden, Vice President Harris or Attorney General Garland.


When we hear the shocking news that a dozen police officers have been shot, what immediately comes to mind is that we need tougher laws. 


Bidenflation Strikes Again, Biden’s Quid Pro Quo, The Unhinged Left

Bidenflation Strikes Again


This morning’s report on the consumer price index showed inflation is running at a very hot rate of 8.2%, which was worse than economists had predicted. 


The Danchenko Trial, More COVID Concerns, Planned Parenthood Exposed Again

The Danchenko Trial


The trial of Igor Danchenko for lying to the FBI began this week. As you may recall, Danchecko, a former employee at the left-wing Brookings Institution, was the primary source for Christopher Steele’s infamous “Trump/Russia collusion dossier.” 


Special Counsel John Durham didn’t waste any time getting straight to the heart of the matter – the FBI’s credibility.


Religious Liberty Under Siege, Smearing Conservatives, Election Integrity Matters

Religious Liberty Under Siege


Happy Columbus Day, Crime Hits Home

Happy Columbus Day! 


Today is Columbus Day – a day we celebrate a great explorer whose daring voyages across the Atlantic ignited the Age of Discovery.  But the left hates this national holiday, and it has been attacking Christopher Columbus for many years now.  It is sad and astonishing how we have deconstructed and denigrated Christopher Columbus. 


Biden’s Nuclear Armageddon, Second Thoughts, Biden’s Buzz

Biden’s Nuclear Armageddon


I have been warning for months that Joe Biden and the left would love some sort of emergency leading up to the election that could unite the country around the incumbent president and his party, perhaps making voters hesitant to “change horses in midstream.”


Or, even more sinister, they would love a crisis they could exploit to declare an emergency, providing them with an excuse to implement additional extraordinary voting protocols, as the left did during the pandemic. 


Planned Parenthood’s FBI, Biden’s Energy Insanity, Government Censorship

Planned Parenthood’s FBI


Biden’s Priority, Biden’s Chaotic World, Silencing Dissent

Biden’s Priority


President Joe Biden went to Florida today to survey the wreckage of Hurricane Ian and to offer whatever assistance the federal government can provide in the wake of this emergency. According to the New York Times, “Mr. Biden has promised to put differences aside when he meets with Gov. Ron DeSantis.”