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The Left's Cultural Genocide, Biden's Big Lie, Quid Pro Joe

The Left's Cultural Genocide


Paul vs. Fauci, The Pro-Abortion Left, Biden's Extremism Exposed

Paul vs. Fauci


Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci, America's top infectious disease expert, clashed again in a Senate hearing yesterday. Senator Paul is right and Dr. Fauci is wrong. Here's the dispute.


At the beginning of the pandemic, Dr. Fauci led the charge in claiming that COVID-19 originated naturally and likely jumped from bats to humans. He provided no evidence to support his theory. 


No God? No Peace & No Justice, Left-wing Lies, Coddling Communist China

No God? No Peace & No Justice


Biden's Censorship, The Left's Misinformation, The Left's Double Standard

Biden's Censorship


Misinformation & Misdirection, Biden's Terrorist Nominee, The Marxist Threat

Misinformation & Misdirection


Biden's Betrays America, Investigate Cuba, BLM Backs Communist Brutality

Biden's Betrays America


Did you see the news? 


With human rights violations taking place all over the world, the Biden Administration has requested that the United Nations send international inspectors to investigate America's human rights record. Not the abuses in Cuba or the genocide taking place in communist China, but here in the United States.


Biden's Segregation Slanders, Cubans Not Welcome, Confronting Communist China

Biden's Segregation Slanders


President Joe Biden went to Constitution Hall in Philadelphia yesterday, supposedly to talk about voting rights. Instead, he desecrated that sacred place by engaging in raw race baiting and labeling his opponents as "bigots" and "domestic enemies." 


It won't be long before the Chinese communists are quoting President Biden to defame America. Biden denounced efforts to secure the integrity of our elections as Jim Crow laws. Just consider these excerpts:


Kids Wave U.S. Flag In Cuba, Leftists Flee Texas, Killer Camps'

Kids Wave U.S. Flag . . . In Cuba


As reported, anti-communist demonstrations erupted all over Cuba this weekend. Within hours, the communist regime had taken down the social media platforms that had promoted the demonstrations. 


Faith Under Siege, Fighting For Freedom, Spy On Your Family

Faith Under Siege


Over the years, many elected officials, including some in the GOP establishment, have argued that while they don't like abortion, it's not the biggest problem facing the country today. Well, I suggest it certainly symbolizes the biggest problem America faces today. 


Are we still one nation under God? I hope so, because that's how we obtain God's blessings. But if we still desire God's blessings, we cannot continue to treat innocent unborn children like Styrofoam cups to be disposed of at whim. 


Not My Idea, What’s Beijing Up To, Reagan Was Right

"Not My Idea"