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Ukraine Update, CDC Secrecy, More Weakness

Ukraine Update


Do you think we're living under failed leadership?  According to the polls, most Americans believe we are.  But just consider the frontpage of today's Washington Post.


To Hill & Back, The Intolerant Left, The War On Cops

"To Hill And Back"


That's the frontpage headline of today's New York PostWe've been warning for months that Hillary Clinton is delusional enough to make another go at it. She still seems to believe that she is destined to be the first female president of the United States. 


A Year Without Rush, Biden v. Putin, Trudeau's Chutzpah

A Year Without Rush


One year ago on this day, Rush Limbaugh died after a valiant battle against lung cancer. I'm sure millions of Americans miss him just as much as I do. 


Rush was the epitome of an American patriot who loved our country. He knew we were in great danger from enemies abroad and from decay within. Every day, he showed how we can and should fight to rescue the things we hold dear. 


Our PC Pentagon, The GOP's Fed Fight, Psaki Goes Full AOC

Our PC Pentagon


Our PC Pentagon, The GOP's Fed Fight, Psaki Goes Full AOC

Our PC Pentagon


The Crazy Left, The Authoritarian Left, The Culture Of Death

The Crazy Left


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a leading voice of the left who often says bizarre things. It's easy to laugh off her bizarre remarks, but that's a mistake. She is representative of the progressive movement, and her millions of social media followers give her tremendous power and influence on Capitol Hill.


Durham's Latest Bombshell, The Clinton Campaign & Big Tech, Election Integrity Matters

Durham's Latest Bombshell


The left and their media allies spent much of the 2016 campaign and most of Donald Trump's presidency harping on Russia! Russia! Russia! It turns out that Russia had nothing to do with it. It was Corruption! Corruption! Corruption!


The American Values Agenda

Here are ten issues where most Americans find broad agreement. I call them "The American Values Agenda." Use this platform in discussions with friends and family members. Share it with local activists and officials in your community. Urge them to take action on issues that unite us around our shared values.

Biden v. Holt, Another Warning, Concerned Consumers

President Joe Biden recently sat down for an extended interview with Lester Holt of NBC News. Inflation hit a record high this week, so Holt reminded Biden that he said months ago inflation would be temporary. He then said to the president, "I think a lot of Americans are wondering what your definition of temporary is."

Biden wasn't amused.

The Totalitarian Left, Undermining Trust, Sowing Discord

Yesterday, we told you about the Soviet-style KGB tactics of the Capitol Hill Police. They've gone from protecting members of Congress, their staff and Capitol Hill visitors to investigating members of Congress, their staff and anyone they meet with.

Well, here's the latest example of the left's ongoing effort to weaponize big government against normal Americans.