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New American Moment

New American Moment

McCabe & The Memo, Pro-Abortion Progressives, Tune In Tonight

McCabe & The Memo 

State Of The Union, Virus Outbreaks, Grammys Get Political

State Of The Union

Donald In Davos, Good News, Deal Or No Deal?, Never Again

Donald In Davos

Reinforcing The Rule Of Law, Defending Religious Freedom, Richards Steps Down


According to Fox News the Justice Department inspector general has informed congressional investigators that his office has located missing text messages belonging to FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

Another Revelation, NFL Disses Vets, Gratitude To God

Another Revelation

Secret Society, Trump Wins Again, Pence Visits Israel

"Secret Society"

Schumer's Shutdown, Polling Problems, Kudos To Cotton & Meadows

Schumer's Shutdown

March For Life, Pro-Life America, Exciting News

March For Life

Fake News Awards, Shutdown Showdown, Defending Religious Freedom

Fake News Awards