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Biden’s Abortion “Emergency”, Pro-Abortion Kabuki Theater, The Climate Emergency

Biden’s Abortion “Emergency”


Communist China “Down On The Farm”, The Authoritarian Left, Illegalities & Irregularities

Communist China “Down On The Farm”


If the COVID-19 pandemic proved anything, it proved that the United States is far too dependent on communist China for just about everything. 


The Globalist Attack On America, America Last, The Fist Bump Follies

The Globalist Attack On America


Trump Ready To Run, Biden’s Failed Foreign Policy, Centers For Demented Confusion

Trump Ready To Run


Former President Donald Trump offered the clearest signal yet that he intends to run for president in 2024. In an interview with New York Magazine, Trump said this:


Great News, The Left’s War On Normalcy, The Dystopian

Great News


Bidenflation Strikes Again, Biden Of Arabia, Mocking America

Bidenflation Strikes Again


Today’s inflation report shocked many economists, and no doubt had the “economic experts” inside the Biden White House reaching for the Maalox. Not surprisingly, Joe Biden got on a plane last night and left the country. (More on that below.)


Back To Bizarro World, Biden Talks Tacos, Biden Is A Security Risk

Back To Bizarro World


The Left’s War On The Court, The Pro-Abortion Left, The Mess Of Monticello

The Left’s War On The Court


The Biden Administration and the radical left continue to stoke hatred against the Supreme Court and, more specifically, the five justices who correctly decided that there never was a right to abort babies hidden in the U.S. Constitution. 


Biden’s Abortion Action, Biden’s Betrayal, Two Systems Of Justice

Biden’s Abortion Order


Earlier this week, we noted how obsessed the left is with killing babies and ensuring abortion on demand. Well, we just got more proof.


In a world full of turmoil, President Biden, once again, has signaled that his most important issue is abortion. It’s more important than the economy. It’s more important than inflation. It’s clearly more important than the energy crisis. 


The Left’s Attack On America, Warren’s War

The Left’s Attack On America


The attack in Highland Park, Illinois, this week wasn’t just a random act of violence. It was a deliberate attack on America on the Fourth of July by a nihilist inspired by the left’s false narrative of “evil America.” 


My certainty that the killer is a product of the left is based on the fact that the liberal media have virtually no interest in his motives. Nevertheless, we are learning more as the investigation proceeds.