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The “Balloonacy” Continues, More NORAD Nonsense, Another Sign Of Decline

The “Balloonacy” Continues


The official lunacy surrounding the Chinese communist spy balloon that violated U.S. airspace continues unabated. 


Biden’s Bad Week, Communist China Responds, Jordan Issues Subpoenas

Biden’s Bad Week


Last week was a terrible week for Joe Biden and a disastrous week for America as a communist Chinese spy balloon traveled across our country. And it continued to be a disaster over the weekend. 


Spy In The Sky, A Little History, Faith Under Siege

Spy In The Sky


Hunter Claims His Laptop, National Security Concerns, Take The Gloves Off!

Hunter Claims His Laptop


Biden Goes Nuclear, Empowering Communist China, The Cover-up Continues

Biden Goes Nuclear


Pro-Abortion Extremism, Draining The Swamp

Pro-Abortion Extremism


Warnings Of War, Biden’s Word

Warnings Of War


Late last week, Air Force General Mike Minihan, head of the Air Mobility Command, sent a memo to his officers telling them to be ready for war with communist China by 2025. Consider this excerpt:

Biden Brags, Biden Lies, Never Again

Biden Brags


Free Speech Under Siege, The Car-a-Lago Cover-up

Free Speech Under Siege


Car-a-Lago Grows, Dangerously Close, Finally Some Accountability

Car-a-Lago Grows


I’m sure you’ve heard the news that former Vice President Mike Pence recently discovered classified documents at his Indiana home. The National Archives was immediately informed of their existence, and the FBI quickly retrieved them.