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Celebrating Independence Day
Celebrating Independence Day
Great News, Anti-Semitism On The March, Clueless In The Senate
Great News!
Defending Our History, Getting Serious In Seattle, Confronting Communist China
Defending Our History
The Left’s Agenda, The Smear Continues, A Big Win
The Left's Agenda
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The Times Lies Again
Still Standing, Media Bias, CUFI's Virtual Summit
Still Standing
Burn It Down, Taking Action, Restoring Order In The Courts
Burn It Down?
Trump vs. The Mob, Left-wing Insanity, Good News

Trump vs. The Mob

Last night, President Trump addressed the Turning Point USA convention. Perhaps they should have called it the "Tipping Point USA" convention because our country is at a tipping point. 

President Trump issued a clarion call to conservatives, to men and women of faith, to believers in free markets and even to genuine liberals who believe in true tolerance. Here's a brief excerpt of his remarks:

The Anti-American Mob Returns, Trump Gets Tough, Putting America First

The Anti-American Mob Returns

There was chaos in Washington, D.C., again last night. There was no police shooting or provocation, but we're back to mobs in the streets just outside the White House. 

It started when a group of men appeared on the streets wearing helmets and carrying black shields. Some also had baseball bats. They moved in formation into Lafayette Square. This was not a spontaneous demonstration against police brutality or a protest against racism.  

Shocking Shooting Spree, More Monuments Attacked, Dividing America
Shocking Shooting Spree