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Israel-Hating Official Directs U.S. Intelligence, The American Taliban, 2024 Update

Israel-Hating Official Directs U.S. Intelligence


There is an old adage in Washington: “Personnel is policy.” The meaning is obvious enough: The people appointed to top positions make policy through their daily actions, and those actions and policies are often influenced by their own agendas, biases, and ideologies.


Diversity Disinformation, Economic Insanity, Biden Betrays Israel

Diversity Disinformation


I saw this disturbing photo this morning. It looks like a typical anti-Israel protest in Tehran or Damascus.




But when I checked the caption to find out in which Islamic hellhole this picture was taken, I was surprised to learn that it was Chicago.


Further west, the sanctuary city of Denver has welcomed illegal aliens and provides them with food and rental assistance for six months. Not surprisingly, many illegal aliens are heading to Denver.


Mixed Messages, Liberating GWU, Trump's Trials'

Mixed Messages


The Biden White House continues to send mixed messages about its support for our ally Israel as it fights the Islamic supremacists of Hamas. Joe Biden has made it clear that he does not want Israel to crush the last Hamas stronghold in Rafah. He is even blocking weapons shipments to Israel as it moves to finish the job.


Behind The Protests, Biden Speaks, The Intolerant Left'

Behind The Protests


Attacking America, A Dangerous Movement, A Clear Threat

Attacking America


Biden's Prayer Proclamation, Leading From Behind, Hope vs. Hate

Biden’s Prayer Proclamation


The Left's America, Stand Your Ground, Children At Risk

The Left’s America


The latest Economist poll asked a very interesting question: “Do you feel that things in this country these days are under control or out of control?” Nearly 70% of Americans said our country is “out of control.” They’re right.


Everywhere we look, things are out of control.


Boys claiming to be girls are invading our daughters’ locker rooms and bathrooms.


Millions of people from all over the world are invading our country across our wide-open borders.


Signs Of Hope, The Speaker Fights Anti-Semitism, The Mar-a-Lago Setup

Signs Of Hope


Watching the disgusting outbursts of anti-Semitism on our college campuses lately has been deeply disturbing. Even worse has been the cowardice of too many university presidents and the silence from the president of the United States.


Columbia Chaos Continues, Root Causes, The White House Responds

Columbia Chaos Continues


Another deadline for campus protesters at Columbia University to disperse expired yesterday afternoon. When the university warned that the remaining students at the “Gaza Solidary Encampment” faced suspension, the student radicals took note and moved.


They forcibly occupied Hamilton Hall, which is a historic building.


A Failure To Plain, The Barbarians Inside The Gates, Our History

A Failure To Plan


I have been reading recently how radical Islamists set out to capture American universities over the past few decades. (Here and here.) They saw “higher education” as a way to influence debate and policy and a way they could “win” over the long term.