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Not Guilty, Build Back Broke, Not Normal

Not Guilty


Mandate Madness, How Low Can He Go, The Real Threat

Mandate Madness


As we reported yesterday, OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, announced it has suspended enforcement of Joe Biden's vaccine mandate pending the outcome of further legal challenges. 


OSHA's retreat came in the wake of a blistering opinion and nationwide injunction issued by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. Now here's an update on the status of the pending legal challenges.


Soccer Moms Are ISIS, Guilty No Matter What, Blocked For Now

Is A Big Vacancy Coming?


Earlier this week we reported on the increasing tensions between the Biden and Harris camps within the White House. There's more. Washington insiders are hearing whispers that the House of Representatives may be facing a big confirmation fight soon. 


How can that be? Confirmations are done by the United States Senate . . . unless the vacancy being filled is the vice presidency of the United States. 


There are a couple of possibilities here. 


Summit Sell Out, Communist China Bipartisanship, Biden Celebrates

Summit Sell Out


Biden's Collapse Continues, GOP Circular Firing Squad, Bannon's Battle

Biden's Collapse Continues


The Rittenhouse Trial, Climate Craziness, Biden Betrays Israel

Here's my take on the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He's charged with murder and the case is headed to the jury. The verdict could have a big impact on the battle to save America from America's Marxists.

Last year, America suffered through a summer of riots. More accurately, we suffered through a summer of insurrections. There were decent Americans who legitimately demonstrated for social justice. But in city after city, left-wing thugs, radicals, communists, criminals and the stormtroopers of the left engaged in widespread violence – looting businesses, committing arson and beating people in the streets.

Honoring Our Heroes, The Unknown Soldier, Bidenflation Bites

Today is Veterans Day. The day originally began as Armistice Day to mark the 11:00 AM ceasefire on November 11, 1918, that ended World War I. In 1954 Congress renamed Armistice Day as Veterans Day to honor the veterans of all our wars.

Biden's Chutzpah, Don't Be Fooled, Our Woke Military

Joe Biden addressed the Democrat National Committee yesterday. You better sit down for this. He told the DNC members, "I'm hoping we can get back to the place where there's more civility in politics. I really mean it."

Talk about chutzpah! No, he doesn't really mean it.

They're Not Dumb, Biden's Bad Deal, Left-wing Racism

Yesterday, we reported on the latest USA Today poll that had Joe Biden's approval rating down to 38%. It had another interesting finding: 46% of Americans, including 16% of those who voted for him, said Biden was doing a worse job as president than they expected. By a 7-to-1 margin, independent voters were particularly shocked by Biden's poor job performance.

Infrastructure Insanity, Mandate Stopped For Now, Durham's On Track

Infrastructure Insanity


Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats worked late into the night Friday, scrambling to pass Joe Biden's $1.2 trillion physical infrastructure bill. After last week's shellacking at the polls, Democrats desperately needed a win. And they got it, thanks to an assist from 13 weak-kneed House Republicans.