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Monday, April 19, 2021

Fanning The Flames

Everyone knows this is a very troubling time for our country. Many people thought Donald Trump was causing the divisions in America. He wasn't. And it's clear that things haven't gotten any better over the last 90 days.

But the worst thing anyone can do is pour gasoline on the fire, particularly when the unrest is related to charges of racism. What we need right now is calm. Sadly, multiple leftists are fanning the flames of division in our country.  

The Left's Agenda, Another Russia Hoax Exposed, Silencing The Truth

The Left's Agenda


The left and its media allies spent four years haranguing Donald Trump as a dictator and a threat to our norms and values. Joe Biden campaigned as a uniter, promising a return to normalcy. 


As usual, the left's narrative was completely wrong and the exact opposite of the truth. We're about three months into the Biden/Harris Administration, and these first few months tell us a lot if we are discerning and connecting the dots. 


A Dangerous Power Grab, The Left's Extreme Agenda, Fighting For America First

A Dangerous Power Grab


Most of you reading this report aren't lawyers. But you don't have to be a lawyer to appreciate the importance of the Supreme Court. 


The justices are the final word on everything from our freedom of speech, our Second Amendment rights, the right to life, and even our freedom of religion. We just won an important case on religious liberty last week, but it was a very close 5 to 4 decision. 


More Minnesota Riots, A Disturbing Disconnect, Storm Clouds On The Horizon

More Minnesota Riots


The War On Cops, The Left's Toxic Atmosphere, The Vultures Circle

The War On Cops


Liberal Lies, Liberal Lies, Mansions For Marxists

Liberal Lies


A central element of the left's strategy seems to be lying to the American people. I don't mean run-of-the-mill exaggerations, which all politicians do. I'm talking about fundamental lies about our country. The media almost never call out these lies, which are often intended to stoke racial tensions.  


For example:


Biden Targets The Second Amendment, Biden's Boondoggle, Joe vs. Joe

Biden Targets The Second Amendment


iden's Border Crisis, Left-wing Priorities, Major League Blowback

Biden's Border Crisis


The crisis at the border gets worse with each passing day. More than 20,000 migrant children are currently in custody. 


Punished For Compromise, Georgia vs. H.R. 1, Stop The Panic


Punished For Compromise


Georgia & Hong Kong, Major League Hypocrisy, Fighting Back

Georgia & Hong Kong