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Harris vs. History, Leftist Demagoguery, Biden’s Business

Harris vs. History


The Big Guy’s Big Role, Progressives In Denial, Kirby Goes Crazy

The Big Guy’s Big Role


America At Risk, Deep State Censorship, Deep State Lies

America At Risk


BREAKING NEWS, The Hunter Hearing, The Intolerant Totalitarian Left

BREAKING NEWS: Countdown To Impeachment


Biden’s Corruption Exposed, Biden’s Banana Republic, Countercultural Movements

Biden’s Corruption Exposed


Two IRS whistleblowers, who worked extensively on the Hunter Biden investigation, testified before Congress today. Their testimony should headline the evening news, driving calls for major reforms and resignations. But I’m not holding my breath.


The Persecution Continues, Standing With Israel, The Real Cause

The Persecution Continues


Communist China Advances, Sound Of Freedom Surges, What Pence Actually Said

Communist China Advances


The Left’s War On America, The Culture War Is Real, House Passes Defense Bill

The Left’s War On America


Hunter’s Ultimate Purpose, The Deep States Strikes Back, Musk vs. The Left

Hunter’s Ultimate Purpose


House Republicans this week released another round of damning messages related to Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. And, yet again, Joe Biden is implicated in Hunter’s schemes.


Unfit For Office, Wrestling With Wray, Curious Changes

Unfit For Office