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DC Reset, A Tale Of Two Tapes, Speaking Of Phone Calls

CDC Reset


Bye Bye Liz, Biden’s Massive Climate Bill, Alaska Results

Bye, Bye Liz


Liz Cheney’s political career went down in flames last night. The extent of her utter defeat in the Wyoming Republican primary is absolutely stunning! 


She lost by 37 points to Trump-endorsed conservative Harriett Hageman – 66% to 29%. As an incumbent officeholder, it’s shocking that Cheney couldn’t even break 30%! 


Liberty Under Siege, Recall Fail, Remember Afghanistan

Liberty Under Siege


Last week amid intense pressure, Attorney General Merrick Garland made a big display of going before the cameras to tell us that the Justice Department was asking a court to make public the details justifying the FBI raid on Trump’s home. 


Trump Urges Calm, Garland’s Gaslighting, Biden Negotiates With Terrorists

Trump Urges Calm


Former President Donald Trump responded over the weekend and again today to the simmering controversy involving the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago home. 


Stuck On Stupid, Silencing Dissent, Garland’s Garbage

Stuck On Stupid


The House of Representatives is expected to pass Joe Biden’s latest inflation-inducing, massive spending bill sometime this afternoon. It’s a huge disaster. It’s jammed full of tax hikes and green boondoggles. 


Fight For America, Wray’s Wrath, Playing The Hate Card

Fight For America


Wake Up, America, He Did It Again, Election Meddling

 Wake Up, America!


Here’s a little thought exercise. Imagine you’re getting ready to take a walk in a new neighborhood because you were curious about it. But someone comes running up to you, yelling, “Stop! Don’t do it! There are bad things there!”


How would you react? I think most of us would certainly think twice about taking another step.


Well, this is actually happening to us right now. Many people are yelling to us, “Stop! Don’t go down this road!”


Who is trying to warn us? 


A Dark Day, The Criminalization Of Politics, Biden’s Bluster

A Dark Day


The raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home yesterday may be one of the most consequential attacks on our constitutional Republic in modern times. To fully appreciate the seriousness of the situation, consider these facts: 


  • This was the home of a former president. 
  • The raid was ordered by the attorney general who answers to the current president. 
  • The former president is preparing to run against the current president. 


That’s all you need to know. 


Biden’s IRS Act, Biden’s China Bailout Bill, Left-wing Extremism

Biden’s IRS Act


Yesterday, Senate Democrats passed yet another massive spending bill on a party-line vote of 50 to 50 with Vice President Harris casting the tie-breaking vote. There’s a lot of really bad things in the bill. But let’s start with the name. Progressives are calling this the “Inflation Reduction Act” or IRA Act. That’s a big lie. 


The Cheney’s Go Full Out “Jihad” Against Trump

The Cheney’s Go Full Out “Jihad” Against Trump


If things don’t go as well as expected for the GOP in November, the once proudly conservative Cheney family will bear a lot of the blame.


Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) yesterday said that if President Biden’s “Justice” Department doesn’t prosecute Donald Trump, it will “call into question whether the U.S. can be called a nation of laws.”