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Don't Mess With Texas, Who's Going To War, The Saga Continues

Don't Mess With Texas


Texas Governor Greg Abbott made an announcement yesterday that sent the open borders crowd into a total meltdown.


As you know, more than 150,000 illegal aliens are crossing our southern border every month. Experts fear that could jump dramatically to 500,000 every month when Joe Biden ends Title 42 enforcement in May. 


Where's The Special Counsel, America First, Elon Takes On Twitter

Where's The Special Counsel?


No, I'm not talking about Special Counsel John Durham. I'm talking about the special counsel appointed to investigate the Biden family's corrupt foreign connections. 


Attorney General Merrick Garland hasn't appointed one yet. But with every passing day, it becomes more apparent that the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the president is more than warranted.


Fox Under Fire, Romney Goes Rogue, Media Malfeasance

Fox Under Fire


Open Borders Biden, Jackson's Disqualifying Response, A Media Reckoning

Open Borders Biden


More than two million people have entered the country illegally since Joe Biden took office. Most were apprehended, but many of them are then released into the country with court dates they will never show up for. But the disaster at the border is far worse than even that. 

How American Oligarchs Stole 2020, Biden's Energy Insanity, Biden's Cultural Insanity

How American Oligarchs Stole 2020


Whenever discussions of election integrity come up in the media, the left's narrative is that no one has been able to prove cheating in the 2020 election. I disagree with that assertion, but we don't even have to get into allegations of rigged election machines. 


We just have to look at what we know to be true about the efforts of social media oligarchs and the left-wing media. 


Biden's Border Crisis, Biden's Energy Crisis, Biden's Gender Insanity

Biden's Border Crisis


We recently warned that the Biden/Harris humanitarian and national security crisis at our southern border was about to get a whole lot worse. Well, it's much worse than I imagined.


The White House announced that it is going to end enforcement of Title 42 on May 23rd. Title 42 is an emergency public health order invoked during the pandemic to seal the border. It allows the government to expedite deportations of illegal aliens caught crossing the southern border.


The Demise Of Disney, The Attack On Christians In America, Hunter's In Trouble

The Demise Of Disney


Few companies in America are as beloved and iconic as the Walt Disney Company. In many ways, Walt Disney and his rags to riches life is the personification of the American Dream, and Disney did much throughout his life to define "Americana."


But Walt would barely recognize the corporate conglomerate that Disney has become. Far from the wholesome, family-friendly company that Walt built, Disney today is attempting to dictate radical values that most Americans vehemently oppose.


Putting America Last, Put America First

Putting America Last


Yesterday, President Biden released his budget for fiscal year 2023. It's an ode to the bloated behemoth of Big Government. This headline says it all: "Biden Unveils $5.8 Trillion Budget Proposal With Tax Hikes, Spending Boosts." More socialism!


Loose Lips Sink Countries, Bad News For Biden, Dissing DeSantis
Loose Lips Sink Countries
Biden's Bluster, Biden's Bad Deal, Biden's Lies

Biden's Bluster


As you know, President Joe Biden traveled to Europe this week, hoping to rally our NATO allies amid the ongoing war in Ukraine. Not surprisingly, Biden said a lot of strange things during his European tour.