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Never Forget, Harris Embraces Infanticide, Biden’s China Conundrum

Never Forget


Biden’s Weakness, Biden’s Tough Sell, Biden Funds Neo-Nazi Hate

Biden’s Weakness


The Next Indictment, Helping The Working Man, Crazy In California

The Next Indictment


Back To School, Finishing The Race, RICO Done Right

Back To School


Putting Americans Last, China Infiltrating U.S. Bases, Fighting For Freedom

Putting Americans Last


Bidenomics Is A Bust, Putting America Last, Join Me In D.C.
Biden’s Border Lies, More Election Interference, A Sad Day

Biden’s Border Lies


Climate Change Hysteria, Save Our Schools, Desperately Seeking Answers

Climate Change Hysteria


A Sad Observation, Back To Biden, The Fear Mongering Left


A Sad Observation


I apologize for missing the fact that yesterday marked the 60th anniversary of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic speech at the Lincoln Memorial. This is a late but important observation about that anniversary, which got very little attention. 


Crazy In Chicago, Manipulating Maui

Crazy In Chicago