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Migrants For Biden, Trump Responds, The Crisis Is A Strategy
Migrants For Biden
Eating Joe's Lunch, What Didn't Come Up, Killer Instincts
Eating Joe's Lunch
The Left's Big Plan, The Left's PR Crisis, McConnell's Warning

The Left's Big Plan


Big Business Goes Left , Biden's Bad Messaging, Fuming Over The Filibuster'

Big Business Goes Left


The media and our universities have been dominated by the radical left for decades. But have you noticed that big business now increasingly sides with the left? Sometimes I wonder whether they even realize they are American companies. 


For years, we watched in horror as iconic American corporations moved their factories overseas, often to communist China. Their actions devastated American families and communities, and the companies became apologists for communist China. 


Biden's Border Crisis , The Left vs. America, Media Malfeasance

Biden's Border Crisis


Liberal Lies , Fighting Back, The Pentagon vs. The Pundit

Liberal Lies


I'm sure you've heard this old joke: How can you tell if a politician is lying? His lips are moving. Well, a lot of politicians went on the Sunday talk shows yesterday and claimed that the crisis at the southern border was caused by Donald Trump.  That's breathtaking in its dishonesty.


Biden's Address , Lockdowns vs. Freedom, Extremism On Display

Biden's Address


President Biden addressed the nation last night on the first anniversary of the pandemic lockdowns. His remarks were meant to be optimistic and soothing. You could be forgiven if you missed the fact that it was a viciously partisan speech.


For whatever reason, Joe Biden just can't acknowledge Donald Trump's success in producing the COVID vaccines. The only reason Biden could offer any hope at all is because Donald Trump produced the vaccines in record time, which many experts said was impossible. 


One Year Ago, Biden's Border Crisis, Cuomo's Crisis

One Year Ago


The long, national nightmare known as the pandemic lockdowns began a year ago today. Predictably, the left shamefully politicized it. 


Progressive politicians and their left-wing media allies constantly berated President Trump and second-guessed him. They demanded the shutdowns, which Trump resisted, and liberal governors and mayors were all too eager to enforce them. 


Trump Responds, Confronting Communist China, U.S. Admiral Sounds The Alarm

Trump Responds


Biden's Super Spreader Policy, Not Helpful, You Read It Here First

Biden's Super Spreader Policy


The Biden Administration, liberal governors and the left-wing media have taken virtually every aspect of American life that people yearn for and labeled those activities as "super spreader events."


For example, they have kept the schools closed because they said they would be super spreader places. That was completely contrary to the science, yet in many big cities they still won't open our schools.