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BREAKING NEWS , A Second Test, Assaulting Freedom



The Supreme Court announced today that it will hear two challenges to Texas's pro-life heartbeat law on an expedited basis with oral arguments taking place on November 1st. 


The court again refused requests to temporarily block enforcement of the law while the cases are heard. So, it remains in effect for now, saving the lives of innocent unborn babies.


TRUTH Social, Time For Honesty, Left-wing Anti-Semitism

TRUTH Social


Biden's Department Of Injustice, Speaking Of Injustice, What's The Plan

Biden's Department Of Injustice


I drove by the Justice Department the other night, and the lawyers of the Biden revolution were burning the midnight oil. More than 10,000 lawyers work for the Justice Department. They're graduates of our "best" law schools, meaning our most "woke" law schools. 


In a normal America, we would feel good when the lights are on late at the Justice Department. They would probably be going after drug traffickers, organized crime or Chinese spies stealing our technology. But not these days.


Stop The Mandate Madness, Manchin's Meetings, Speaking Of Virginia

Stop The Mandate Madness!


As you know, I am adamantly opposed to the left's effort to penalize people over their vaccine status. Good people, including many frontline heroes, are being threatened with losing their jobs and homes by left-wing politicians who are on a massive power trip. 


In many cases, these individuals have already had the virus, meaning they have antibodies or "natural immunity." That's science! In a free country, people should be able to bank on that science without risking their livelihoods. 


We Are The Frog, Surprised Again

We Are The Frog


I got up this morning and I was angrier than ever, and you should be too! 


Joe Biden has unleashed the power of the FBI and our anti-terrorist laws to go after not jihadists, not communist Chinese spies, not organized crime or drug cartels, but moms and dads!


Congratulations Clarence, Another D.C. Insurrection, Couric Censored The News

Congratulations, Clarence!


Biden's Latest Crisis, It's A Bad Bill, Aid Or Ransom

Biden's Latest Crisis


Ever since Joe Biden took office, America has been lurching from one crisis to the next. If it's not COVID, it's the border. If it's not the border, it's Afghanistan. (See below). And if it's not Afghanistan, it's the economy. 


Now we're in a crisis of frozen supply chains. It's been going on during the entire Biden presidency, and like so many other crises, the Biden team has largely ignored it. But facing the prospect of a Christmas with no gifts under the tree, now they're jumping into action.


Victims Of Progressivism, Biden Family Corruption

Victims Of Progressivism


Loudoun County, Virginia, has become ground zero in America's culture war. Concerned parents have been battling radical school board members and their outrageous left-wing policies for quite some time. There's a recall effort against most of the school board members and new demands for the superintendent of schools to resign.


Will Biden Ruin Christmas, Holes In The Wall, Storm Clouds

Will Biden Ruin Christmas?


A few weeks ago, King Fauci announced he wasn't able to give us permission to celebrate Christmas with our families because of COVID. After a fierce backlash, Fauci reversed himself, saying he was planning to celebrate Christmas with his family.


But don't think this Christmas is going to be anything close to normal. There's a good chance that Christmas for many people will be ruined by Joe Biden's disastrous policies.


Happy Columbus Day, Flying With Biden

Happy Columbus Day! 


It is sad and astonishing how quickly we have deconstructed Christopher Columbus as a great man. This attack on Columbus was going on years ago, even during the Reagan Administration. 


But the Gipper unapologetically defended Columbus, calling him, "a brilliant navigator, a fearless man of action, a visionary who opened the eyes of an older world to an entirely new one." Reagan added that Columbus, "personifies a view of the world . . . not merely optimistic, but scornful of the very notion of despair."