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Drunk On Wokeism, Remove Omar Now, Bipartisanship Gone Bad

Drunk On Wokeism


Almost everybody has an embarrassing story of a drunk relative who ruined a family gathering or holiday get-together. That's what the American left did this weekend during America's 245th birthday party. It showed up drunk on wokeism. 


Nothing was spared. No sacred icon or historical figure from our noble past was off limits. No table was left unturned by not one but a whole drunk family of leftist malcontents. Here are some of the worst incidents.


What the Fourth of July Means to Me

As many of you know, I had the honor of serving all eight years in the Reagan Administration, as Under Secretary of Education and as the president's Chief Domestic Policy Adviser in the White House. Ronald Reagan was all about putting America first, and he helped to restore our nation's pride after years of strife, scandal and malaise.

In his first year as president, Reagan wrote an essay entitled "What the Fourth of July Means To Me." As we prepare to celebrate the 245th anniversary of our Declaration of Independence, I'd like to share some excerpts of Reagan's thoughts about American patriotism.

A Good Day, Communist China Celebrates, Losing Faith

A Good Day


We won two big victories at the Supreme Court today, and both have big implications for the future.


Trump To The Border, The Left vs. The American Dream, The Lying Left

Trump To The Border


President Trump went to the southern border today. Unlike the vice president, Trump went to the Rio Grande Valley, the epicenter of the illegal immigration crisis. I can only imagine what he was feeling today. 


For four years, Trump fought tooth and nail to secure our border. Liberal Democrats, and even some weak Republicans, did everything they could to stop him. But he kept pushing forward. 


The Big Lie, Criminal Sanctuaries, Defund The Deep State

The Big Lie


The Biden White House and congressional liberals are engaged in a massive lie, attempting to "gaslight" the whole nation. They're claiming that Republicans are really the ones defunding the police. It's beyond absurd, but Big Media is echoing the claim as if it were fact. 


CEOs For Communism, One Sour Berry, Archives Attacks America

CEOs For Communism?


If 50 years from now the whole world is taking its marching orders from communist China, one reason will be that love for America withered among our elites. 


Deal Or No Deal, Harris Hits The Border, A Better CRT

Deal Or No Deal


Crime Surges & Biden Wants Your Gun, The Left Owns This, Another Big Problem

Crime Surges & Biden Wants Your Gun


Children At Risk, Freedom Won For Now, Kamala Caves

Children At Risk


America's leftist elites have declared war on our children. That's the only way I can explain what's being done to our kids – a war is being waged against them. 


Biden's Crime Problem, The Unhinged Left, Election Integrity At Stake

Biden's Crime Problem