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Biden v. Brown, More Threats, Trump Exposes The Left

As you know, Joe Biden has promised to appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court. The American people have serious reservations about Biden's "identity politics."

Remember His Name, Release The Transcript, Truth That Transforms

As New York City is about to get pounded by a strong winter storm, thousands lined the streets around St. Patrick's Cathedral as they city buries one of their finest today. A service was held this morning to honor Officer Jason Rivera.

Dissing Breyer, Impeach Biden, Never Again

The left has treated Justice Stephen Breyer terribly. Progressive "dark money" groups have barraged him with messages to resign so that a much younger, far-left justice can take his seat for the next 40 years.

Breyer To Retire, A COVID Coverup, Appeasing Iran

Justice Stephen Breyer, who is 83 years old, will retire this summer at the end of the Supreme Court's current term. A heated Supreme Court confirmation battle in the middle of the heated midterm elections will put both parties in a bind.

Blue Lives Matter, Not Very Nice, Biden's Ukraine Crisis

2022 is not off to a good start for America. There are growing threats abroad (see below), growing supply chain problems, soaring inflation and COVID still persists. But most heartbreaking of all is that five police officers have already been killed in the line of duty this year protecting us.

The War On Cops, Caught Red-Handed, America At Risk

During his marathon press conference last week, Joe Biden didn't get one question on crime, even though polling shows he and the left are in deep trouble on the issue.

March For Life, Pro-Life America, Exposing Foreign Collusion

Today is one of the highlights of my year. It's the annual March for Life. Hundreds of thousands of people, including many young women, came to Washington, D.C., braving the bitter winter cold, to defend innocent preborn babies.

Foggy & Meandering, A Total Train Wreck, RINO Hunting

Apparently, the White House was so worried about the perception that Joe Biden isn't up to the job that they decided it would be a good idea for him to hold the longest press conference on record. It didn't go well.

Biden Speaks, Manchin vs. Schumer, Not So Woke

President Biden held a rare press conference today. He seldom engages with reporters even though most are his liberal cheerleaders. If you think I'm being unfair or overly critical, the left-wing Washington Post even conceded, "Today's news conference is a rare event for Biden."

Embracing Extremism, Breaking The Senate, Another FBI Disgrace

I have warned for years that threats to our liberty come from the left, not the right. Those threats were obvious from the beginning of the pandemic. In the name of public health, liberal politicians embraced the most extreme measures, while conservative mayors and governors did their best to balance freedom and public health.