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Anti-Semitism Abounds, ICE Abolished, CRT Strikes Again

Anti-Semitism Abounds


CDC To The Rescue, About That Energy Crisis, Stop Appeasing Iran

CDC To The Rescue?


The CDC is finally starting to follow the science. That's not just my opinion. Even the New York Times is saying it. Consider these excerpts:


Biden's Open Borders, Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes, The Left vs. Israel

Biden's Open Borders


After 500,000 illegal aliens crossed our southern border this year, some media outlets yesterday reported that the Biden Administration had "seen the light" and would begin construction of a small portion of border wall. 


I was skeptical when I saw the report, and I was right to be skeptical. The administration rushed to reassure its radical left-wing base that it is only reinforcing a levee. There will be no additional border wall construction. 


Carter's Second Term, Israel Under Siege, Centers For Declining Credibility

Carter's Second Term


A Tale Of Two Pipelines, Biden's Open Borders Agenda, Palestinian Violence Escalates

A Tale Of Two Pipelines


Government Sponsored Unemployment, A word of caution, Cyber Terrorism

Government Sponsored Unemployment


When the coronavirus pandemic hit last year, many liberal governors mercilessly shut down their states and forced all kinds of small businesses to close in the name of fighting COVID-19. 


But now as more and more Americans are getting vaccinated and attempting to return to normal, small businesses are being forced to compete with the federal government for potential workers. 


Whoops, Personnel Is Policy, One Nation Under



Biden's New Low, Facebook's Foreign Censors, It's Time For A Change

Biden's New Low


Free Speech Under Siege, Trump Responds, Speaking Of Joe Biden

Free Speech Under Siege


If we needed more evidence of the threat America faces from the totalitarian left, we got it this morning. 


As you may recall, Facebook banned President Trump from its platforms on January 7th. Facebook swallowed hook, line and sinker the left's lie that Trump was a dangerous dictator.


CIA Goes SNL, Speaking Of Weakness, Biden's Border Crisis