Angry & Fed Up, Betraying American Girls, Big Government Strikes Back

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Betraying American Girls


American Girl is an iconic American company that has sold millions of dolls and books to little girls over the years.  Sadly, it has now joined the radical forces attacking normalcy and undermining parents.  It is spreading confusion and evil in the minds of little children. 


American Girl, which is owned by Mattel, has published a book telling young girls that if they feel like they are in the wrong body, they can respect themselves by taking action to delay puberty.  And if their parents don’t understand, there are other adults they can turn to.  This insanity is being marketed to children as young as three years old!


Once again, this is a bizarre fringe position that most Americans adamantly oppose.  

But the radical left is determined to seduce our children. 


The left has no tolerance for your faith-based values.  The left has no respect for your rights as a parent.  The left does not believe in “live and let live.”  It intends to force you to kneel.


Many of you often write to ask, “How can we fight back?  What can we do to save our country, our families and our liberties?”


A few weeks ago, we urged you to get your kids off Tik Tok.  Like so much of social media, the negative influences are often overwhelming.  Plus, communist China is literally stealing all your child’s personal information. 


Here’s another action item:  Do not buy another American Girl doll! 


No matter how much your daughter or granddaughter may want one, DON’T DO IT!


Don’t subsidize a company that has declared war on you and your values.  Don’t support a company that is willing to deceive your daughter and destroy her body by turning her into a boy!


And if you would like to share your thoughts on this issue with American Girl, you can find contact information here.




Big Government Strikes Back


We have observed in recent weeks how extraordinarily disturbing it is to see very powerful forces in America – including academia, Big Business, Big Government and Big Media – doing everything they can to destroy Elon Musk. 


Why are they all united against him?  Because he is totally committed to free speech on Twitter and in America generally.  But the left can’t stand free speech and the open exchange of ideas. 


The right to speak freely and to question those in power is one of our founding principles.  But a man from South Africa evidently understands America’s founding better than all these powerful so-called “Americans” arrayed against him.


Now comes word that the San Francisco city government is launching an investigation into Musk.  It seems that some of Twitter’s employees have been sleeping in the building, choosing to stay there while they were working late.  So, Musk converted some of the freed-up space from firing so many useless employees into bedrooms. 


Now the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection is looking for zoning violations.  The department issued a statement, saying:


"There are different building code requirements for residential buildings, including those being used for short-term stays. These codes make sure people are using spaces safely. Everyone in San Francisco deserves a safe place to live, work, play and sleep and no one is above the law."


Have city officials taken a walk lately on San Francisco’s dystopian streets?


We’ve all seen the videos and read the headlines.  San Francisco is far from safe, and the city is doing little to nothing about all the people living, sleeping and doing far worse (here and here) in the streets! 


But we’re supposed to believe that they’re really concerned about people sleeping in the Twitter headquarters. 


Given this latest harassment, I expect Musk to announce any day now that Twitter is moving to Texas.  I’m sure he’s got some free space at his Tesla headquarters.


All joking aside, what is happening in our country is incredibly dark and dangerous. 


Government is supposed to protect us and defend our rights. But it is increasingly being used to destroy those who stand against the neo-Marxist mob.


This is a critical moment for freedom in America.  We cannot give up and back down. 


We must fight back!




The Left’s Hostility To Faith


As we noted above, the radical left in America is hostile to men and women of faith.  Evidently, the Biden Administration is now extending that hostility beyond our borders. 


Earlier this year, House Republicans discovered that the State Department was awarding grants to spread atheism and humanism abroad, primarily in Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. 


But the State Department has refused repeated requests to provide information about the grants.  Now Rep. Jim Banks, a stalwart conservative, is threatening to subpoena the information as soon as House Republicans assume the majority next year.


I believe history will record that this country did more to secure freedom, including religious freedom, and to spread the Good News around the world than any country in history. 


But it’s hard to think of anything more damaging to American interests and more likely to stoke hatred of America than attacking the deeply held religious beliefs of other people around the world. 


Remember how George W. Bush bent over backwards to reassure the Muslim world that the “war on terror” was not a “war on Islam”?  Well, Biden’s overt promotion of atheism will be seen as a “war on Islam,” as well as Christianity.


Some of these countries that the Biden State Department is targeting with these “atheism grants” already believe that we are the “Great Satan.”  Biden seems intent on proving it by spreading atheism in their countries with your tax dollars!


By the way, atheism and humanism are exactly what communist China wants to see spread around the world.




Biden’s Trade


You’ve probably heard the news by now that WNBA star Brittney Griner was released from Russia in a prisoner swap negotiated by the White House.  Many headlines reported that the we got Griner back in exchange for “The Merchant of Death.” 


For a moment, I thought we traded her for Joe Biden!  He’s got the blood of a million preborn babies on his hands, not to mention record drug overdoses from his deadly open borders policy.


Evidently, the “Merchant of Death” is Viktor Bout, a notorious arms dealer.  So, Biden gave Putin the “Merchant of Death” in exchange for a WNBA player, while leaving behind U.S. Marine veteran Paul Whelan.


Why would he do that?  The White House explained, “Brittney is . . . an inspiration to millions of Americans, particularly the LGBTQ Americans and women of color.”


Well, at least the Biden White House is being honest for a change.