Baby Saved After Mom Regrets Taking the First Part of Abortion Drug


Monday, December 16, 2013

by Steven Ertelt | San Jose, CA | | 12/13/13 

For some women, the regret of having an abortion may comes months or even years after the fact. But for a young mother named Emily, the regret was instantaneous. Immediately after she took the first part of the RU 486 abortion drug, she regretted her decision.

Fortunately, as the California Catholic newspaper reports, a pro-life physician was able to reverse the abortion drug and save her baby’s life.

The day before Thanksgiving Day, we received much anticipated news that our young mother, Emily, met her baby for the first time in an ultrasound. She measured at six  weeks and the mother was ecstatic to hear her baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Almost two weeks ago, she was at PP at the Alameda for her abortion pill and regretted it almost immediately. The “nurse” told her it was too late, but undaunted, Emily and her sister googled the RU486 reversal and called the hotline; the hotline called Juan Diego.

We had just gotten a supply of progesterone for such an emergency just days before.

Emily remembers seeing “protesters” outside the mill when she went in to PP to make her appointment. They were the 40 Days for Life people faithfully praying for the women. I told her she could have approached any of those wonderful people that were there to help mothers like her. A doctor and two nurses stepped forward to start the protocol before she was able to start her prenatal care. God is so good.

There is a large loving family waiting to meet the baby. Her mother and father were very supportive and were just as anxious as Emily to find out if the baby would survive. They were thrilled with the news.

Emily also discovered a large, loving family in the pro-life movement and has volunteered to talk to any mother that may not have the courage to choose life.

It’s not commonly known that the RU 486 abortion drug process can be reversed if a mother changes her mind about the abortion in time.

However, a protocol has already been developed for helping women who changed their minds about going through with a multi-day second-trimester abortion after it’s been started. The process, which involves reversing a second trimester abortions by removing the laminaria, can be used as long as the abortion practitioner has not yet done the lethal injection that destroys the life of the unborn baby.

The protocol for these sorts of abortion drug reversals was created back in 2007Click here for a story about the creator of the process and how he helped a young woman named Ashley give birth after she changed her mind about abortion.