A Bad Border Bill, The Blame Game, Actions Matter

Monday, February 5, 2024

A Bad Border Bill


Last night, the senators who have been secretly negotiating a so-called “border security bill” for several months finally released the text of their legislation. 


I’m not going to summarize the entirety of this 370-page monstrosity. But several things jumped out immediately, any one of which should doom this deal.  For example:


  • Contrary to everything Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) said about “internet rumors” misrepresenting the legislation, it does in fact normalize Biden’s open border scandal by only “shutting down the border” after illegal entries average 5,000 a day for seven straight days.  Remember that Obama’s secretary of homeland security said that 1,000 illegal border crossings a day was a “bad number” and 4,000 was a “crisis.


  • There are caps on the number of days this “emergency shut down” provision can be enforced.


  • There is no limit in this deal on “parole migration,” which is supposed to be handled on a case-by-case basis.  In the past, it has been used to bring in about 15,000 migrants a year. Biden has abused “parole migration” to bring in 1,000,000 migrants!


  • The legislation limits judicial review of the proposed new law to the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, which is packed with left-wing judges.


  • If this bad deal actually passed, it would become binding law, effectively limiting Donald Trump’s authority should he win this November. Some speculate that is why Democrats are pushing this deal – to lock in open borders policies.




Supporters & Opponents


Everything you need to know is revealed by who supports this deal and who opposes it. 


“Open Borders” Biden is for it.  Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer is for it. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, who does not care about homeland security, supports it.


By the way, Mayorkas is a lawyer known for his ability to manipulate words so they mean nothing.  He was one of the key figures who negotiated the deal on behalf of the Biden White House.


Here’s another “tell.” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), one of the Democrat negotiators, is trying to make sure the progressive left is on board with the deal.  He’s assuring them that “The border never closes” and the deal includes “more legal immigration,” including 250,000 more visas.


“Build The Wall” Trump is against it.  Speaker of the House Mike Johnson is against it. In fact, Johnson warned, “This bill is even worse than we expected.”


Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT), one of Mitch McConnell’s top lieutenants, is against it. And Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who has in the past shown some openness to such deals, mocked it as a “parody of an actual border security bill.”


Finally, Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters, “I have never worked more closely with Leader McConnell on any piece of legislation as we did on this” border deal.


If that’s true, and this is the best McConnell could deliver, that argues for new leadership among Senate Republicans.




The Blame Game


I want to address one argument that has already become a talking point among establishment Republicans. 


They are saying, “We finally have a bipartisan deal. It’s not perfect, but if Republicans are responsible for defeating it, Joe Biden will blame us for the scandal at the border.”


He’s already doing that, as is everyone else (here and here) in his administration. It has accelerated in recent weeks, like when he had the gall to go before cameras and say, “I’ve done all I can do. Just give me the power.” That is a lie. Joe Biden has the same power that Donald Trump had.


If this bill passes, what is Joe Biden going to say then?


I fully expect he will launch a minor crackdown for the next nine months.  Then his political ads will say, “After three years of begging Republicans in Congress to act, they finally did what I asked for. And look at what we were able to do!”


In other words, he’s going to blame Republicans, whether they go along with this terrible deal or not.


Meanwhile, one of the most ludicrous arguments being made is that Senate Republican negotiators drew the line and there’s no mass amnesty in the bill, which progressives desperately wanted. 


They must think we all have IQs of three. 


An open amnesty in a bipartisan deal by the “Uniparty” would result in any Republican who voted for it being defeated in their next reelection campaign.


The sad reality is that the left’s open borders policies are a de facto amnesty.  Thousands of illegal aliens get amnesty every day as they cross our border and just melt into American society. 


And you could see the left pro-amnesty worldview in operation last week when most House liberals overwhelmingly voted against multiple bills to deport criminal illegal aliens.




Actions Matter


When Eric Adams won the race to become mayor of New York City, some suggested that conservatives might be able to work with him. “He’s not like the woke left,” they said. “He’s a former police captain.”


When it comes to illegal immigration, Adams has said a lot of good things. But don’t look at what he says. Look at what he’s doing. He’s following the same Biden-inspired policies that put migrants before American citizens.


Migrants in New York City are getting better treatment than America’s homeless veterans. They are getting better treatment than the kids in failing New York City schools. In fact, Adams is putting migrants in New York City’s schools and kicking the kids out.


Now it’s just been announced that he’s giving migrants up to $1,000 a month.  Supposedly, they have to promise that they will only spend it on food and baby supplies.


Seriously, do you need to know anything else? Today’s left is all in on open borders.




A Shocking Poll


The latest NBC News poll is sending shockwaves throughout the left.  It’s always important to keep in mind that any poll is just a snapshot in time, and the election is nine months away. But here’s what NBC News found at the time it conducted this poll:


  • Biden’s approval rating is just 37%.  His disapproval rating is 60%.
  • His approval ratings on the economy and foreign policy are worse – 36% and 34%, respectively.
  • On border security and immigration, voters prefer Trump over Biden 57% to 22%.
  • On the economy, voters prefer Trump over Biden 55% to 33%.
  • On crime, voters prefer Trump over Biden 50% to 29%.
  • On being “competent and effective,” voters prefer Trump over Biden 48% to 32%.
  • Looking ahead to the November election, Trump beats Biden 47% to 42%.


Here’s more.  In the NBC poll, Trump leads Biden among independents by 19 points. And among young voters (ages 18-34) he’s tied with Biden at 42%.  Trump lost young voters by 24 points in 2020.




Haley’s Comedy Routine


Last night, Nikki Haley posted on social media, “‘I see dead people.’ That’s exactly what voters will think if this race is between Trump and Biden this fall.”


She followed that up by mocking Trump, writing that her surprise appearance on “Saturday Night Live” was “past Donald’s bedtime.”


I can personally attest that Trump gets by on about four hours of sleep a night. He was the first person at work at the White House virtually every morning and the last person to leave.