The Barbarians Among Us, Trump's Trials, Biden's Silver Bullet

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The Barbarians Among Us


Demonstrations erupted all over the United States yesterday. Protesters shut down the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. They shut down O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. They blocked IRS offices and burned American flags in New York City. They blocked streets in Philadelphia and major interstates in other cities.


Everywhere, it was the same group of radical Muslims and their radical neo-Marxist allies.


Just as we were shocked when these barbarians went into the streets protesting against Israel and cheering Hamas after the horrific October 7th massacre, they were celebrating Saturday night when Iran attacked Israel.


Now they’re back in the streets, furious that Israeli and American military forces were able to stop Tehran’s barrage of drones and missiles.


Yesterday’s protests were part of a coordinated effort to disrupt American society and major economic centers all over the world. They were organized by a group called “A15 Action.”


Not surprisingly, their website linked to a “bail fund” hosted by the left-wing fundraising platform Act Blue, just in case progressives wanted to help bail out these radical anti-Israel, anti-American protestors.


These are the people many liberal politicians are pandering to in order to get their votes. They are terrified of losing the election if Israel keeps fighting Hamas for much longer.


It is undeniable that the barbarians are now inside the United States. There is an organized movement that is anti-Semitic to its core. It hates Israel and it hates the United States. It is the same alliance we have seen throughout Europe of radical Islamists and neo-Marxists who despise Israel and Western Civilization.


These are the same people who attempted to make the Christmas season as miserable for as many people as possible.


These are the same people who recently stormed Capitol Hill and disrupted congressional proceedings – like the January 6th protestors. But these radicals get a slap on the wrist, and they’re out of jail in an hour.


I wonder if they are then put on the domestic terrorist FBI list as some parents were when they objected at school board meetings to LGBTQ propaganda in elementary schools.


Reacting to yesterday’s protests, former White House adviser Dan Senor said, “I find these images jarring. . . This is a wave of anti-Semitism I never thought I would see in my lifetime in the United States of America. . . These protesters and these protests have not been confronted, and they have just grown and grown and grown.”


He’s right. No one on the left will stand up to these thugs and bigots because they are a huge part of the left’s coalition here in America and in Europe.


The threats to Western Civilization, both internal and external, are growing every day. As I have noted many times before, our insane open borders immigration policies are literally importing hate into our country.


It’s the same in Europe, which is one reason why former British Prime Minister Liz Truss is endorsing Donald Trump.




Trump’s Trials


Former President Donald Trump’s trial in New York City began yesterday. Judge Juan Merchan told Trump that he must be in the courtroom every day – even if he misses his son’s graduation and can’t attend a Supreme Court hearing on his immunity case.


That should make it clear to everyone that Judge Merchan and District Attorney Alvin Bragg are left-wing operatives trying to break Donald Trump, keep him off the campaign trail, and put him in jail. They are the real threat to our constitutional Republic.


The trial should not be taking place at all. The Federal Election Commission dropped this case. The Justice Department refused to prosecute this case. Even Alvin Bragg once refused to prosecute this case.


Hillary Clinton did the same thing when she paid lawyers to obtain the fake Russia collusion dossier. She paid a fine. There were no charges. There was no trial.


But this trial really shouldn’t be taking place in New York City. Nearly 100 potential jurors were interviewed yesterday, and at least 50 of them had to be immediately dismissed because they said they couldn’t be fair and impartial to Trump. This is New York City, where Joe Biden got 76% of the vote in 2020.


The judge is a liberal. His daughter is a progressive activist who works for Rep. Adam Schiff and a left-wing superPAC. He should not be presiding over this case.


Judge Merchan warned Trump yesterday that if he misses a day in court, he will have Trump arrested and thrown in jail. Have you heard about any criminal in New York City being treated like this? New York City’s progressive politicians don’t do this to criminals, just the political enemies of their Marxist agenda.




Biden’s Silver Bullet


The Biden campaign recently told the Washington Post that every day from now until November 5th – Election Day – they’re going to hammer one issue: Abortion, Abortion, Abortion. They believe that the destruction of more innocent pre-born babies is their “silver bullet” to ensuring Joe Biden’s reelection.


They’re doing this while two issues are converging that put every American at risk.


Internationally, our enemies smell weakness. Tyrants everywhere believe Biden is a pushover, and they’re pushing us to the brink of a world war.


At the same time, the left’s open borders policies have allowed millions of illegal aliens to enter our country. A migrant crime wave is now sweeping America’s cities. Even worse, deadly drugs and terrorists are coming across the border, as well as America’s enemies.


There are now enemy terror cells all over the country waiting for orders to attack. We don’t know how many, but every intelligence agency knows they’re here. The death and destruction they could unleash is unimaginable. Most of us remember what 19 jihadists did to us on September 11, 2001.


Of course, progressives want the election to be only about abortion. Polling shows that if pro-abortion liberals can convince enough voters that conservatives are extremists on abortion, they win. (See next item.)


But if the election is instead about keeping America safe from our enemies externally and safe from the enemies who have infiltrated our country internally, the left loses.




Speaking Of Polls. . .


A new survey finds that 65% of registered voters in key battleground states say Biden’s presidency has been a “failure.” By a 14-point margin, they blame Biden’s policies for runaway inflation, and 59% blame Biden for the disaster at the border.


A new Associated Press poll found that 60% of those surveyed said Biden’s policies have “hurt” them economically.


The latest New York Times poll finds that many Americans don’t believe they are better off today than they were four years ago. Only 25% of Americans say Biden’s presidency has been “good” for the country, compared to 42% who said Trump’s presidency was “good” for America. Voters also favored Trump over Biden on the economy (+30), immigration (+18), and crime (+9).


Finally, the Heritage Foundation surveyed the priorities of voters in six swing states. A majority of those surveyed (54%) were self-identified independents. Here’s what the poll found:


  • By 50% to 11%, voters said securing the border was more important than sending more money to Ukraine.
  • 56% believe the $113 billion we have already given Ukraine is “too much.”
  • 75% opposed plans to send more money to Ukraine without any funding to secure the border.




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