The Battle Of Del Rio, Biden's Shell Game, Transforming America

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Battle Of Del Rio


News broke yesterday that a group of Haitian migrants hijacked a bus that was taking them from the encampment under the Del Rio bridge, otherwise known as "Bidenville," to local airports for deportation flights. According to whistleblowers, this has happened multiple times.


Another group of illegal Haitian migrants attacked an airline crew and ICE agents after they landed in Port-au-Prince Haiti.


I did not hear one Biden Administration official or one liberal leader in Congress condemn these attacks by people who illegally entered our country. Not one word.


Instead and predictably, "Border Czar" Kamala Harris, Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer and multiple left-wing members of Congress attacked the Border Patrol after photos emerged of agents on horseback attempting to prevent illegal aliens from crossing into America. 


Of course, the "lamestream media" did its best to whip the public into a frenzy, and engaged in its favorite activity of demonizing law enforcement while playing the race card.  Schumer even demanded that Biden stop all deportations.


This is a typical Marxist tactic of creating a false narrative to subvert the truth. Why are the leftists doing this? 


Because it is to their political advantage, and helps them stay in power. They are willing to further divide America and further demoralize the 9,000 courageous employees of the Border Patrol just so they can continue their "fundamental transformation of America."


Too many people on our side still don't understand what's going on. This isn't just a political disagreement. This isn't even about immigration policy. The left is motivated by a radical ideology that will sacrifice everything in its quest for power.


The "Battle of Del Rio" is a battle for the truth. It is a battle for the rule of law. It is a battle for the future of America.


That's why I have been so urgently asking you to invest whatever you can in our work.  


We are using our expertise and resources to help allies in Congress and in the states fight back against the left's demagoguery and its attempts to "fundamentally transform America."


We need your support now!




Biden's Shell Game


Night and day thousands of people are pouring across the border. More than 6,000 people EVERY DAY are crossing illegally into the United States. The Biden Administration and its media allies are doing everything they can to make sure Middle America does not fully comprehend what this "shell game" is all about. 


Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas is flat-out lying to us. He keeps saying, "The border is closed." 


He must think we're idiots.


Two hundred thousand people walked across the border last month! Six thousand more walked across the border yesterday! 


The border is not closed. It's wide open!


But the Biden Administration isn't just playing word games. It takes a small group of these people -- usually single men -- and they engage in a "deke" -- a decoy or a feint. That's what these deportation flights are.


When questioned, Mayorkas will say "We flew three plane loads of people back to Haiti yesterday" or "We bused 100 people back to Mexico." 


But 6,000 more are coming EVERY SINGLE DAY.


Yes, there's an occasional plane flying out or bus going someplace out of the country. But buses and planes are also going into the interior of the United States, dropping off thousands of illegal aliens in communities – your communities! – all over the country.


In what has to be the biggest shell game in history, many of these illegal aliens are told to report to an immigration office to get a court date a few years from now when we will finally adjudicate their cases.  They must be laughing their heads off at this charade!


Let me give you an update on the humanitarian crisis under the bridge in Del Rio, aka "Bidenville." What's essentially happening is that Biden and his administration have defunded the police in "Bidenville." They handcuffed the Border Patrol and they created this crisis.


Right now, there are more than 300 pregnant women under the "Bidenville" bridge in Del Rio. Each child born under that bridge will essentially become your child. 


You, the American taxpayer, will be responsible for their healthcare and education. Never mind that you may be having a hard time providing healthcare and a decent education to your own children.




Transforming America


If 6,000 communist Chinese started walking across the border every day, would the Biden Administration do anything differently? On what grounds would they do anything differently? What about a caravan of 15,000 or even 50,000? 


WWJD? What would Joe do?


Most of us have not been to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It's not a big tourist destination. About the only thing most of us know about Mogadishu, Somalia, is that some really bad people dragged dead U.S. troops through the streets in 1993. And, of course, we're all familiar with the chaos in Kabul, Afghanistan.


It's rational for you not to go to Port-au-Prince. You make a good decision not going to Mogadishu. And we're still trying to get Americans out of Kabul. 


So, why is the left so determined to bring Port-au-Prince, Mogadishu and Kabul to you? 


They are allowing people from those countries to come in virtually unvetted. More importantly, there's no evidence that the migrants believe in the central values of the United States. If those countries were full of people who believe what we believe, those countries wouldn't be the failures they are today.


By the way, my question above isn't just purely hypothetical. NBC News reports that 20,000 Haitians are getting ready to come to the United States.


"Border Czar" Harris said, "The whole point is that we have to understand Haiti. I mean, talk about a country that has just experienced so much tragedy."


Well, they're not coming from Haiti. 


Many Haitians have been living in other Latin America countries for years. According to NBC News, they're coming from Colombia.  But they heard that Biden was giving Haitians amnesty. So, now they're coming as fast as they can from wherever they are to get here.


This massive movement of people isn't cheap. There are reports that some are being dropped off near the border by the busload. Who is paying for this? 


If some group was trying to smuggle drugs or young girls for sex trafficking or terrorists, the best way to do it would be to create chaos at the border. We are transferring hundreds of agents to Del Rio right now, leaving other border sectors exposed.




Abandoning Israel


While we're justifiably focused on the crisis at the border, something horrible happened last night in the House of Representatives. 


House Democrats had to pass a continuing resolution to keep the government open through early December. Speaker Nancy Pelosi needed every vote, but the radical "progs" in her party, the so-called "progressives," demanded something in return. 


Their price, predictably, was Israel. 


In order to keep the government open, House progressives demanded that funding for Israel's Iron Dome system be cut from the bill.


Iron Dome is a purely defensive system. It keeps thousands of Palestinian and Iranian rockets from hitting Israeli homes, schools and hospitals. 


So, the very leftists who insist they aren't anti-Semitic insisted on defunding a defensive weapons system. The obvious result will be more dead Jews, as innocent civilians all across Israel are left to the tender mercies of Hamas and Hezbollah. 


Christians United for Israel Action Fund blasted the betrayal of our ally, Israel. 


"There is no spin, no Washingtonian explanation, no excuse whatsoever that merits opposition to Israel's missile defense system," CUFI Action Fund Chairwoman Sandra Parker said. "The simplest explanation is the accurate one: There are fringe members of Congress who despise Israel's existence, and today, their party's congressional leadership buckled to their blatant, vile hatred."


That's disgusting. But it's also very revealing about the far-left, which is increasingly calling the shots in Pelosi's House.