Beijing Eileen, Biden Blew It, Pelosi's KGB

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Beijing Eileen


Remember the name Eileen Gu.  She just won the gold medal for the communist Chinese team in the women's big air event at the Beijing "Genocide Games".  Now she's a celebrity in communist China and an international sensation. 


Google her name and there's more than 39 million hits.  The American media are fawning all over her.  But here's the odd thing:  Gu was born in San Francisco. 


When asked yesterday whether she was still American citizen, Gu got evasive.  Instead of offering a simple "yes" or "no" answer, she said:


"I definitely feel as though I'm just as American as I am Chinese. I am American when I am in the U.S.  I am Chinese when I am in China. I've been outspoken about my gratitude to both the U.S. and China for making me the person I am." 


I'll take that as a "no."  Her other responses to repeated questions about her citizenship were even more absurd. 


But she has a lot say when it comes to criticizing America.  Gu describes herself as an outspoken feminist and "ally" of the Black Lives Matter movement.   


In that case, I'm sure Miss Gu has no problem speaking out against the pervasive racism in Chinese society.  (Here and here.)  No doubt she has strongly condemned the forced sterilization of Uighur women in communist China. 


Well, actually, I can't find any record of her commenting on those issues.  But she has made millions in endorsements from Chinese companies.  And she's been on the cover of elite fashion magazines in China.


Several reporters have looked into her background and it's a disturbing story.  One week after a surprising, upset first-place finish in the 2019 World Cup finals in Italy, Gu was in Beijing meeting with China's communist dictator Xi Jinping.  Six months later, Gu announced she would play for communist China in the Olympics – not the United States which invested in her.


What exactly happened at that meeting?  Did Xi buy her off?  Did he threaten members of her family still in communist China?  Either explanation is plausible and just as likely.


But this much is certain:  Eileen Gu is major propaganda coup for communist China.   Corporate America, which has already sold out to the Chinese Communist Party, will pay millions to feature Gu in their advertising campaigns. 


Her star will continue to rise, and she will likely become the "softer, gentler face" of the Chinese Communist Party in America in the years ahead.




Biden Blew It


A newly released 2,000-page Army report on the fall of Afghanistan is a damning indictment of President Joe Biden's failed leadership. 


Against the advice of his top military commanders, Biden made the decision to withdraw all U.S. forces from Afghanistan.  But he failed to adequately plan for the mission.  And once it was underway, the Biden White House and State Department ignored urgent warnings from the military that the situation was rapidly deteriorating.


Here's how the left-wing Washington Post summarized the Army's report:


"Senior White House and State Department officials failed to grasp the Taliban's steady advance on Afghanistan's capital and resisted efforts by U.S. military leaders to prepare the evacuation of embassy personnel and Afghan allies weeks before Kabul's fall, placing American troops ordered to carry out the withdrawal in greater danger."


Thirteen of America's heroes died as a result of Biden's failure to "grasp" the situation. 


Reacting to the report, Sen. Tom Cotton blasted the Biden Administration's "catastrophic failure" in Afghanistan.  He accused President Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken of lying to the American people in order to "cover up their gross mismanagement of that crisis."




Pelosi's KGB?


When Donald Trump first suggested that elements of the FBI and other intelligence agencies were spying on him, he was mocked for spouting "Deep State conspiracy theories." 


Well, we now know Trump was right.  Elements of the FBI were spying on him, as well as members of his campaign and administration.


And that wasn't the first time our intelligence agencies had spied on other branches of the government.  The Obama/Biden CIA and NSA spied on Congress.  (Here and here.)


But in the aftermath of the breach of the Capitol on January 6th, it appears that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has turned the Capitol Hill Police into her own personal KGB.  The department's intelligence division has reportedly been spying on members of Congress, their staff and the people they meet with.


For example, Florida Senator Rick Scott recently held a fundraiser at a private residence.  According to Politico, the Capitol Hill Police researched the social media accounts of the homeowners and other event attendees.  Evidently, the Capitol Hill police were also "tasked with sifting through tax and real estate records."


Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) is accusing Capitol Hill Police officers of photographing legislative documents in his office. Days later, three plain-clothed officers returned to question staffers about the documents and what had been drawn on the office whiteboard.


For all the left's hysteria about "Russia! Russia! Russia!," these Stalinist, police-state tactics are outrageous!  The Capitol Hill Police are supposed to protect members of Congress, not to spy on them, their staff or us!


But it's really not surprising coming from the same leftist movement that ordered the FBI to spy on concerned parents at school board meetings.


Let me repeat this warning again:  The real threat to our democratic process and to our constitutional Republic does not come from the right, but from the increasingly intolerant and totalitarian Big Government left.




Resisting The Return To Normal


As we reported yesterday, some students are resisting absurd mask mandates.  But in liberal parts of the country, students have walked out in protest demanding even more onerous restrictions to stop the virus. 


In Loudoun County, Virginia, there are students and parents who not only objected to masks, they also objected to critical race theory and transgender absurdity being forced into the classroom.  But there are parents and students who support masks and all the other far-left nonsense. 


Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci have done incredible damage by regularly demonizing decent people who have questioned the questionable science.  And as more blue states begin to transition out of the pandemic, don't be surprised if we see disorder and violence in the schools fueled by fearful students resisting the return to normal. 


Any outbreaks of violence should be laid at the feet of the leftist leadership at every level -- from the White House to the local school board.  Liberal politicians have spent more time demonizing Americans than blaming communist China for the disease it unleashed on us.